Motherhood at 6 Months

Gemma is 6 months old and I’m answering all the questions you’ve asked! Let’s get started. But first — look at this adorable face. Can you even?

Fourteen is my new favorite number. You see, last year we decided to announce my pregnancy on February 14th, Valentine’s Day. Little did I know at that time that exactly 6 months later she would make her arrival into this world on August 14th after 41 very long weeks of pregnancy. Flashback to last November when I was making her 6-month doctor’s appointment, the nurse set the appointment on February 14th, exactly on her 6-month mark. It hit me — her half birthday is Valentine’s day. If that is not the best holiday to have your half birthday fall on, then I don’t know what is.

I wanted to set up her 6-month photos and of course, we had to do Valentine’s theme! (Thanks to Cassie Lorree Photography for running with this idea!) She is such a big girl in these photos, sitting up and everything. Makes me tear up just looking at them.

After this photoshoot, I looked at Bryan and said ‘thank you for letting me the mom I want to be.” AKA THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME BE EXTRA. He just smiled. I think he always knew this is how I was going to be.  I think we all knew this is how I was going to be.


So I went back and read my sleep update at 4 months and you know what? We actually have made progress since then! Sometimes you gotta go back to see that you are moving forward. Gemma has made friends with her crib and her room. It’s really her sleep den right now as she doesn’t really see it in daylight. (We play in the sunroom where all her toys now live. #thingsIsaidIwouldn’tdoIamdoing) So to her, the room means business and that business is sleep. She takes her naps in her room and she starts her nights off in the crib. She’s doing really good! She is moving her naps to be longer and fewer ones during the day. She still feeds around 10 pm and 2 am most nights but besides that 6-month sleep regression where she was awake for like an hour in the middle of the night (GOOD GRIEF) she goes right back to sleep after not much bottle at all. I think before we know it those feedings will go away soon. She still ends up in the bed with me after the last feeding, but I will take half a night in the crib. Remember ABT — always be touching is this girl’s motto. But we are all sleeping much better so I will take it!

Oh and thank you for your book recs last time! Always keep them coming!


Well, well, well. Guess who hated rice cereal? And I mean gagging hate. Look, I tried it and it was gross so I get it. But I’ve found some oatmeal cereal she likes, but I’m serious if you want to make a baby enemy you just try to give her that rice cereal. She does not forget. She checks the spoon to make sure it isn’t rice cereal every time. Bless.

She really likes bananas and she is starting to like sweet potatoes as well. Kind of. It’s a process. For some reason, I thought she would just devour food, but it’s a slow process. We are going to try carrots next week. Big plans! We have figured out that if B and I both watch her, she will eat a lot more than if it’s just one of us. And if my parents are around, she’d probably eat the whole pouch or jar if I let her. We’ve got a performer on our hands, my friends. Also when she finally started taking solids I almost cried out of pride. I told her “Gemma, if I’m this proud of you for doing normal baby things, just wait till you do something extraordinary.” #iamthatmom

I’ve linked our favorite feeding assistants below! If you’re interested. We LOVE these bibs — SO easy to clean up and I, of course, love the colors. And I’ve gone through a few different spoons but these are the most effective with Gemma so far! And this week her high chair gets here! We chose the Nuna ZAAZ highchair after reading a million reviews and finally settled on this one. I’ll let you know how we like it!

Crowdsourcing, please! So the solids backed up her system like whoa at first and that’s just about the saddest thing in the world. If you’ve got any remedies for baby gas/constipation, send them my way!


Somewhere around her maybe 4 months mark I was thinking to myself when is she going to play with her toys? Well, about 5.5 months she really started to play because…she started to sit up on her own. That my friends was the missing piece; she needed to be able to sit to be able to play. So now we sit on a blanket and play with stacking cups that she knocks over, squishy blocks that she can grab and chew, and she loves what I call ‘crunchy’ books. There’s just no other way to describe them. They are books and they are crunchy. Oh and I now know why all kids books like 80 years old. She chewed the edges off one of them the other day and it went from brand new to looking like I found it at a garage sale back in ’95.

You know what else Gemma loves? Everything that is not a toy. In no particular order of preference:

the remote, the Aquaphor tube, my Starbucks drink, a sleep mask, the smallest, most beige and boring basket you’ve ever seen, my iPhone, his iPhone, your iPhone, the sharp corners of the baby wipes package. If I gave her a choice between her bright red toy and a remote, the remote would win every time. I digress.

Oh and the other favorite thing on Gemma’s list? The dogs. Her love for them has come alive in the past month. I’m writing a whole post on this but she loves them and they…something her. Whatever they feel for her, they feel it at least 8 feet away.

Gemma loves to be swung by B and I onto the bed, she loves to be held upside down (for a few seconds of course), she loves to be tickled, I mean she just loves to be played with in general. Sometimes she looks at us like ‘do it — make me laugh.’ And we do. Challenge accepted.

A few of her favorite toys lately!


I know that you will probably not even believe this BUT. Gemma says hi. Ya’ll she says it at the right time,too. She says it when we facetime family or are on the phone or when we go see her grandparents. Sometimes when I get in the car after putting her in the car seat I’ll go Hi! and she will make that sound right back. You don’t have to believe but we’ve got a social little baby on our hands. She is currently obssessed with blowing bubbles and making sounds that we mock. I, of course, am constantly saying ‘mama’ to her because I need that validation in my life. Come on, Gemma! Say Mama first!

Oh and how could I forget this milestone?! Gemma has her first tooth!! It’s one of the pairs on the bottom. I’m not a dentist, I don’t know what those are called. The cute ones in the front on the bottom. Yeah, you know. That’s the one. It was a BEAST to cut. Teething sucks, if I can be frank. I honestly can’t even tell you how many times I questioned why we even need teeth. But alas, she won’t remember and eventually, she will get to eat chips and queso with a mouth full of teeth. So all is good.

Gemma is still loving Itsy Bitsy Spider — I mean it gives her LIFE. If she is happy, it makes her happier. If she is sad, it makes her happy. It’s literally the best cure-all I’ve found.


I am finally moving miss Gemma out of her sleepers 24/7 to actual outfits! I know this sounds weird but those first few months it just felt wasteful to change her out of her sleepers to a complicated outfit for her to just sleep. She didn’t love being changed and so I just stocked up on sleepers and not really many outfits. But just this last month she has grown so much and is now where 6-9 month clothing so it’s really fun to get her dressed. I put her in a lot of solid or striped leggings and more neutral tops. And by neutral you know that I mean Gemma pink. Her whole closet is pink, grey and navy. I’m aware of my obsession with pink and it will not change. Oh and we’ve also decided — if the sleeper doesn’t have a zipper, I don’t want it. Snaps can get on out of here.

I find 70% of everything she wears at Zara. I freaking love Zara, baby but as always with Zara things move so quickly it’s hard to get anything specific linked here. But I do recommend Zara for cute but not over the top cutesy items. It’s the right amount of cutesy, you know what I mean? I say this as I put my baby in a pig print onesie. I also like to shop at Old Navy, Freshly Picked for shoes and of course we love Kickee Pants sleepers. The love for those silly prints is strong. I just tried this brand, Owlivia from Amazon and really like the quality! It’s cotton instead of the stretchy bamboo but it’s still so soft! Oh and a zipper. FTW! PS — I just picked up these rompers for Gemma and I can not WAIT for spring. Can you imagine those with a baby denim jacket?! DEAD.

I’ve linked a few favorites below!

I had a friend who said that at 6 months the game changes. It really starts to be fun. I couldn’t agree more. She is the biggest joy every single day. Happy 6 months, Gemma Rose!

Editor's Notes:

Special thanks to Cassie Lorree Photography for the photos and the set-up!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Zipper sleepers are a parenting win. We give them to all parents-to-be. No one can mess with 15 buttons in the middle of the night.

    02.22.18 · Reply
  2. Mireia says:

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

    02.22.18 · Reply
  3. Cory says:

    Are you kidding me with how dang cute she is?!?!?!

    02.22.18 · Reply
  4. EvaNadine says:

    advice for constipation, now that shes taking some solids: prunes and pears.
    they may not sound super-scrumptious to US, but they are fairly sweet, so most babies will take to them, and WHOA NELLY to they get the system moving!

    as for gas, i often laid Kieran on his back + moved his legs in big slow circles, like he was riding a bicycle (complete with mama singing Queen’s “Bicycle” — because i am THAT mom!).

    02.22.18 · Reply
  5. Shaunna says:

    She is adorable! Thanks for the update. Our little guy is 7.5 months old and I love following along with your posts. I agree that 6 months was a game-changer, he’s so fun now! He’s obsessed with our dog and bursts into giggles every time he watches the dog play with squeaky toys, it’s the cutest thing.

    I 2nd the recommendation for pears and prunes to help with the constipation. Our pediatrician even said some water or white grape juice will help but I can’t get him to drink yet. It’s apparently all about the balance in the fluid to solid ratio.

    02.22.18 · Reply
  6. monica says:

    So sorry to hear she’s having tummy troubles! Try laying off the bananas for a while as they can be very constipating for babies (mine included).

    02.22.18 · Reply
  7. Amanda says:

    Our babies are practically twins, except my Sienna was born on September 14th. She can’t sit up yet, but it’s fun to watch her try to grab her toys while laying on her tummy. She wants to crawl so bad! Our dogs and cat also keep their distance because baby girl is a grabber. It’s hard being a baby.

    For sleeping, check out Taking Cara Babies – we took her sleep class in person which is far from you, but she has a blog with lots of information and online courses. My baby has slept through the night since 12 weeks so it definitely helped! I don’t know how you function waking up every night.

    02.22.18 · Reply
  8. Mary ann says:

    For constipation, I was told all the “p” foods will help – prunes, peaches, pears, peas. Good little memory tool. You can also try to give her a little water. Put an ounce or two in a bottle, or you could even try to start sippy cups! And avoid bananas when she’s backed up.

    02.22.18 · Reply
  9. Misha says:

    Constipation relief is prunes and pears for sure! There is a great purée recipe for this on

    02.22.18 · Reply
  10. Gillian says:

    Agreed on the prunes and pears. Also, the baby cereal is usually iron fortified and has no fibre and can tend to back things up. If you cut back to cereal once a day for a while and just fruits and veggies at the other meals, that helped when my little guy was starting solids. Good luck! She is so precious!

    02.22.18 · Reply
  11. Natalie says:

    She’s precious! Thanks for sharing!

    02.22.18 · Reply
  12. Christina says:

    Yes to all of the zippers! Also I have seen some that have a “magnetic” closure but they tend to be on the pricier side. Thanks so much for sharing! Those pictures are priceless!

    02.23.18 · Reply
  13. Kristian says:

    6 months is a game changer for sure. Tip for being backed up- try pureed prunes as the next food Sounds weird, but it REALLY helped our guy. Also, weirdly, he really liked the taste. I thought they looked gross. Just goes to show that you should introduce food without preconception, I guess.

    Also, our little dude loved being upside down too, lol.

    02.23.18 · Reply
  14. Mrs.M in MI says:

    My daughter really struggled with the constipation, but she LOVED prunes, so we put pureed prunes in everything and mixed prune juice with water so she would drink it.

    The other thing our pediatrician had us do was add water to her bottles. We’d do the 2 scoops + 4 oz water, then add an extra oz of water.

    02.23.18 · Reply
  15. Shubana says:

    I give my almost 7 month old a small glass of water after every solid meal. My doctor said it’ll help thangs along and I saw vast improvements (first time he suffered constipation, it was past midnight and our first night in Honduras… FRIGHTENING!). I like giving it to him in a glass because it’ll get him used to using one, he thinks it’s fun and it’s super cute but get ready for the water to be EVERYWHERE

    02.24.18 · Reply
  16. Annie says:

    The best thing for baby backups is prunes!! But go easy bc they really do the trick. I always kept a jar or packet on hand and would give a few bites at the end of a meal or as needed. Also mixes easily into oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce or whatever else baby is into. She is just darling!!

    02.24.18 · Reply
  17. Gemma is just toooo cute!! My ovaries are literally on fire right now!

    Aïchatou Bella

    02.24.18 · Reply
  18. I’m not a mom but I LOVE these posts!

    Yay Baby Gemma!

    02.25.18 · Reply
  19. Awe so is so cute! I’m the complete opposite I love snaps!! I find zipper sleepers ride up too much and I can’t stand how they bunch up around the neck.

    04.11.18 · Reply
  20. Katie Linn says:

    I just want to say that I have an almost 6 month old who is currently teething and going through a daytime sleep regression and I NEEDED this blog post and your humor. I literally laughed out loud at least 5 times. It gets better right?

    06.20.18 · Reply