What’s in My Hospital Bag

I have reached the point of full nesting. I’ve had my hospital baby bag packed for weeks now, her nursery has been done since early June. You guys, I’ve moved onto organizing my pantry like a mad woman who is actually an organized person. I don’t know who I am any more — I literally buy these plastic container things at 3 am off of Amazon. But I will say, my dry pasta collection has never looked better. I can’t say that I hate this part of pregnancy — it makes me feel like I’m a better version of myself. So when we were unpacking my bag to shoot it, I got all sorts of nervous but also excited. I kept thinking — how ironic would it be that I go into labor while the contents of my hospital bag is completely thrown about? I actually left it out overnight in hope of igniting that irony to send me to the hospital. (No such luck 😉)  The bag is packed yet again.

A lot of expectant mommas have asked me what I’m packing in my hospital bag and I’m more than happy to share! I started googling like crazy what to pack in my bag and quickly realized that it’s basically a few things for baby and the things that bring you comfort, so there really is no right or wrong way to pack your bag, just preference. Then I texted my mama friends and they gave me their best advice. So this is an overview of what’s in my bag but if you’ve done this before and you’ve got some great suggestions for us expectant momma’s then please feel free to share!

  1. Robe and slippers: This one seemed like the most popular choice out there — must bring robe and socks or slippers. Apparently after giving birth they make you do normal things like walk around and shower and if you’re gonna make me do physical activity, then you better believe I’m gonna look fabulous while doing it. I picked this robe up from Nordstrom back in the spring, but this is the same robe, just different patterns! I also love this one that’s on Anniversary sale! As far as slippers go, it’s probably too late to ship these now but I wish I would have bought these for the hospital stay. I’m also packing this Barefoot Dreams cardigan I’m wearing in this post! It’s SO soft and it gives me a bit more warmth if I need it. You can find the cardigan here.
  2. Nursing friendly gowns / pajamas: I’ve realized that most of my pajamas are nursing friendly, which I thank my past self for. This one above is from Target and is easily accessible. I also love the button down pajamas like these as well. I’m packing two pairs because I have no idea what to expect!
  3. Chargers: We always tend to forget our chargers when we travel so this is definitely something that’s on the top of our list! We don’t want to run out of battery when this little jewel is born. There are pictures to be taken and calls and texts to be made! (Someone mentioned finding an extra long charger because hospital rooms aren’t exactly set up for your bedside phone plug in convenience! I thought that was great advice!)
  4. Receiving blanket: It’s August here so obviously she won’t be cold but just in case, I’ve thrown in this pretty pink blanket. Better to have than to not have. (But if it was winter, I’d pack a few other things to keep her warm!) Plus, this blanket will come in handy as she is being held / loved by family. Side note: Aden + Anais is SO soft. I was afraid after I washed this it wouldn’t be as soft, but it’s so buttery! I want one in king size, please.
  5. Toiletries: Most of the things I am bringing aren’t pictured because they just aren’t that interesting, ha! But I am more than happy to tell you what I’m taking! I am particular about shampoo, conditioner, face and body wash, so those are already in my toiletry bag. I’ve also included makeup wipes, toothbrush, deodorant, and my makeup. Not my full routine of makeup, but enough to look alive if cameras are present — you know what I mean? Since I plan on nursing, I’ve also tucked in my bag some nipple cream and nursing pads! I’ve also packed a hair dryer and curling iron. Better safe than sorry 😉
  6. Swaddle: Our hospital may also provide a swaddle but I wanted to include one just to have for her and to get some good swaddling practice in during those first few days! This one is Little Unicorn, so soft — a lot like Aden + Anais.
  7. Hospital Gownie: Yes, this is a pink polka dot hospital gown. Yes I really am that extra.  This one has buttons down the back and also in the front that allows for skin to skin after birth and easier nursing access. Plus almost 5 star on Amazon. Was this a 3 am sleepless night purchase? Most definitely, but it’s pink and I am here for it. (Also don’t size up. It’s huge.)
  8. Electronics: I feel like we will just run out of the house and leave all of our comforts at home — AKA my phone. I’ve received a few suggestions that music helps with a long labor or just having something calming going on in your ears and many suggested headphones! They are easy to pack, so no problem in throwing them in, even if we never get around to using them. So I say whatever brings you comfort — your phone, iPad, a camera to snap those first few moments, etc.
  9. Baby onesies / hats / bows: I’ve probably packed too many onesies but since her size is really a mystery until she gets here I have a few different sized onesies. They are so small, I didn’t mind packing a few. She’s also got quite the bow collection already, so I’m throwing in a few that match her onesies. (These are from Little Poppy Co!) Or a hat! I’m more of a bow girl, but I tossed in a hat for good measure. 😉
  10. Coming home outfit for baby: The minute I saw this little onesie at a shop in Dallas, I knew it was her coming home outfit. I also envisioned in a shadow box and me telling her when she is 18 and could care less that I brought her home in this. This montage escalated fast for me in the store.
  11. Nursing bra: I picked up this easy one from Nordstrom because it looked soft and simple for the first few days. (I’ve heard of the pain. I am not prepared.) I’ve given it a few trial wears and it fits really well and is easy to sleep in. Eventually I want to try the nursing bras from Third Love! I’m so excited they came out with some.
  12. Sleep mask + ear plugs: I’m a light sleeper and light and noises bother me. So I packed my trusty eye mask and ear plugs, for me or for B. It can never hurt to have a few things on hand.
  13. Nursing pillow: This is completely optional, especially if you don’t have the room. But it was mentioned a few times in our nursing class to bring your nursing pillow so that the lactation specialist can help you figure out your best methods with what you have.
  14. Bag: This is a bag I’ve used as carry on and it perfectly fits my stuff and hers and is easy to grab and carry. It’s sitting by our back door ready to be grabbed!
  15. Towels (not pictured): A good friend of mine suggested a few dark towels and washcloths to take with you to the hospital. Just a few comforts from home that you may need after the birth and for that first shower.
  16. Snacks (not pictured): Another suggestion was to bring snacks to the hospital! I’ve packed a few of my favorite protein bars and granola bars for me and B.
  17. Your own pillow (not pictured): If I can remember, I’ll try to grab my pillow on the way out! Many people suggested this as to have something from home and — I mean who doesn’t love an extra pillow?? It was also suggested to have a different pillow case other than white so that it doesn’t get mixed up with hospital linens.
  18. My Coming Home Outfit (not pictured…or picked out yet for that matter.) This category is empty. I may be coming home in that polka dot gown 😉

If you’re thinking — diapers, Kendi! Diapers! Our hospital provides them (I checked) and also other essentials for post-natal mommas. But you should definitely check with your hospital to see what you can expect to receive or what you’ll need to bring. In my experience, someone was always very happy and willing to answer all my questions. Okay now everyone send your baby dust this way — let’s have this baby soon!

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  1. Van Orians says:

    A shirt and pants/shorts because their umbilical cord is still attached and a onesie would cover the cord and is tight around the tummy. I don’t know how realistic this issue is because I delivered a preemie.

    08.01.17 · Reply
  2. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Oh the days are getting closer … pretty soon you’ll get to wrap your arms around a little Angel 😇… good luck and stay strong. 🙂

    🌸🍃LA BIJOUX BELLA 🌸🍃| By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    08.01.17 · Reply
  3. Shana says:

    I wore the Cake nursing bras and LOVED them, great choice! Get these gel pads and place them in the fridge and they will help immensely with the pain in the beginning – https://www.amazon.com/Lansinoh-Soothies-Breastfeeding-Mothers-Count/dp/B002KGHUL4
    I would also recommend this kit https://www.amazon.com/Earth-Mama-Postpartum-Recovery-Essentials/dp/B00KPETWUK/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_3_s_it?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1501615788&sr=1-3-fkmr0&keywords=earth+momma+angel+baby+postpartum+kit – especially their “bottom spray” life saver for me! and their nipple balm as an alternative to the lanolin.

    08.01.17 · Reply
    • Steph says:

      Second the soothies. My first girl was pre-amazon prime. This was one of the first “outings” (pretty involved with a newborn) after we came home from the hospital. ❤️

      08.02.17 · Reply
  4. M says:

    Hi Kendi! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! I am a mom of 3 and wanted to just put in a plug to also pack a pair of pants for yourself – not just gowns. The hospital provides mesh undies (which hold the massive pads and ice packs), and that whole thing is much better managed when you also have a pair of pants over them. Not necessarily for the first day or so when the nurses are still frequently checking your bleeding levels, etc., but for days 2-3 and for coming home, you may want to give yourself pants as an option. Good luck!

    08.01.17 · Reply
    • Laurie says:

      This is very good advice. Also make sure those pants are nice and stretchy with a comfortable waistband. You will not immediately fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes.

      Even if you end up having to undergo a c-section, you will still have post-partum bleeding.

      08.02.17 · Reply
  5. Emily Gambino says:

    Definitely take your own pillow, and a pretty pillow case for photos – white hospital linens are great for if you’re taking birth photos, but once everyone has had a nap and a scrub, it’s nice to have a pretty backdrop for pictures. Also pack a water bottle with a straw. The cup and water pitchers are usually small, and you’ll want to stay hydrated without having to ask staff for a refill or have someone run to get it for you. And just a tip that worked for me – I used washable cotton nursing pads and kept an extra one tucked in my bra for wiping milk/ spit from baby’s face. They’re so much easier to use on tiny faces. <3

    08.01.17 · Reply
  6. Mireia says:

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

    08.01.17 · Reply
  7. Misha says:

    This is a great list! My recommendation (which is obviously completely optional) is to wait to use your own hospital gown until after the baby is born. And maybe that’s already your plan? I brought a similar one (probably the same one) to the hospital with my oldest daughter and it didn’t cross my mind to change into once we got to the hospital, because, labor, but I am glad it slipped my mind! Sending lots of good thoughts and labor vibes! Xx

    08.01.17 · Reply
  8. I would also second the recommendation to wait to wear the nice gown until after the birth when you are cleaned up and have the giant hospital diaper catching all the messy stuff.

    Some things I had to get unexpectedly that I did not plan for: I ended up induced with a nonmoving distressed baby and they loaded liter after liter of fluid in me. I was so fluid overloaded that I could not fit int the maternity jeans I brought to wear home. My sister had to bring her giant “fat pants”for me to wear until I lost some of that fluid a few days later. I wish I brought my largest stretchiest maternity leggings just in case.

    08.01.17 · Reply
  9. Kritsida says:

    Congratulations! Everything looks so cute!!
    x. kritsida

    08.01.17 · Reply
  10. Molly says:

    I would suggest a brightly colored pillowcase for your pillow. With everything you have to take home it’s easy to forget your pillow. A bright pillowcase makes it hard to miss. I also took an envelope type file folder for all of the medical paperwork and instructions they send home with you. Finally, an extra bag to pack up all the extra diapers etc. from your hospital bassanet – you get to take all that home with you – and presents you may receive at the hospital

    08.01.17 · Reply
  11. Rach says:

    Wow, I didn’t know hospitals may provide some stuff during the time of delivery! I hope you are doing well and can’t wait to meet your Little One!


    08.01.17 · Reply
  12. Marle-Eve says:

    Dry shampoo, don’t forget the dry shampoo ! You might not feel like washing your hair. And for the pillowcase on your pillow from home make it a super cute one. You will take lots of picture in that bed it will make the pictures so much cuter

    08.01.17 · Reply
  13. Kristen says:

    So exciting! I brought way more than I needed. Some things I would recommend:
    1. Shoes/outfit that allow for leg/feet swelling (my legs swelled MASSIVELY after pushing, I ended up with elephant legs after admiring the fact that my legs hasn’t swollen throughout my pregnancy). Only one person warned me about this but I’m so glad she did!
    2. Mints, lip balm
    3. I fell in love with Blanqi support leggings while I was pregnant and brought the maternity and the post partum versions with me to wear home. I ended up wearing the maternity ones home because well, belly stays. I wore the post partum ones pretty mush everyday after that for 3 months! They have a new nursing tank as well (wish they had it when I delivered). The Blanqi products I have are so supportive and so comfortable! They help smooth and really support the tummy. I am by no means affiliated, I just love them!! https://www.blanqi.com

    Now about that birthing gown. It is going to get wrecked. You are going to get blood on it, yours and your baby’s, there’s just no way around it. I grabbed my baby and held him all gooky and bloody all over my chest. I just couldn’t help holding him close to me and had no regard for getting things on me. I’d recommend maybe wearing your gown for a few pics early on, but changing into the hospital gown for active labour. Then you can change back into your nice gown for pictures later on – nobody will know the difference!! Xoxo

    08.01.17 · Reply
  14. Kristian says:

    Did you pack something to go home in? Pack something extremely comfortable!

    08.01.17 · Reply
  15. Abby N says:

    You may want to throw in another long sleeve outfit and swaddling blanket. It’s August, but she’ll stay bundled up. I’ll never forget when I had my August baby and we were waiting to be discharged. Griffin was just in a short sleeve onesie being held by my MIL, no blanket. The nurse was going over some last minute things and she looked at him and said- “you’ll need to be sure to keep him wrapped up in a blanket, he is too cold because they can’t regulate their body temperature yet.” I’m sure she wasn’t judging me at all, but as a first time mom, I already felt like I was failing! Ha.

    You might question your abilities many times in the weeks and months to come, but remember God chose you for this little girl! You and Bryan will make awesome parents! Can’t wait to see this sweet girl!

    08.01.17 · Reply
  16. Megan says:

    Sounds like you have everything pretty much covered! Wear the cute gown after you give birth, I had an unplanned c section and projectile threw up all over mine right before surgery 😂 Pack a loose comfy knit dress (old navy!) and sandals to go home in. I was SO swollen from the IV fluids my flip flops (old navy again lol) a size up barely fit.

    Pack your baby book and an ink pad to do the baby foot prints. Our hospital didn’t have an ink pad, they used some kind of pre inked paper for footprints. I ended up having an unplanned c section and stayed in the hospital 3 nights. I would suggest a lactation tea (and a mug!) for the hospital, I loved Pink Storks. I had my baby on a Wednesday and my milk didn’t come in until Sunday, and I do think the tea helped once I started drinking it. I also chugged smart water like a mad woman. Have lactation cookie mix (amazon or diy) ready at home and have your mom make them for you. It was so nice just to grab a few cookies that helped my supply those first couple of weeks.

    Also, not to scare you, but the best advice I got was from my OB. She told me the first 2 weeks are hell, but I would get through it. That advice really kept me going, and she was right! Things got drastically better after 2 weeks.

    Good luck Kendi, I can’t wait to see that precious little girl! 💗

    08.02.17 · Reply
  17. Sarah says:

    Don’t forget flip flops for your husband. You’ll be sending him to get water or talk to a nurse or to the cafeteria and he won’t want to put on shoes and socks. My baby was born on a weekend so the lactation consultant wasn’t there. A hand pump would have been nice since he had trouble latching and the nurse wanted me to hand express and I had a rough time with that. Also, we didn’t want to use pacifiers right off the bat but oh how plans change. Bring one in case of desperation! I also brought a fuzzy throw from home since hospital bedding is quite lacking. Also nice to have is a pack of depends and nursing pads.

    08.02.17 · Reply
  18. Sara says:

    Have you got any items to help you labour? Battery operated electric candles are brilliant as a focus during labor. I also loved my tens machine (I hired one). I highly recommend Juju Sundin’s “Birth Skills” as a great read for labour preparations and helpful props. Also, for post-labour and going home, some big black granny undies, that come up to your belly button – just in case of c/section wound. Not sure if these are available in the USA, but Hydrogel breast discs are amazing for nipple damage that happens to most new nursing mums.

    08.02.17 · Reply
  19. Lovely post hun! <3


    08.02.17 · Reply
  20. Ashley H says:

    You’ve got a great list here Kendi! Just like the other mommas, I’ve got a few suggestions.

    1 – I also had a beautiful gown that I bought for delivery, and forgot to put it on because we were in a hurry. In the end I was thankful, because as my son was making his way into the world, the nurses pretty much stripped my gown down and put him directly on my naked body then covered us both with the gown. When all was said and done, the gown was covered in blood, goo, and amniotic fluid. Same thing happened with my daughter. Both times, I ended up putting on my pretty gown for when guests came later that day.

    2 – IF you are delivering at Baylor McKinney, which I did the second time, they had AWESOME iPhone docks in the room so that you could play your own music during labor AND delivery. I made a play list of my favorite songs and literally sang as I labored, and my daughter was born to one of my most favorite songs! It was something sweet to add to her baby book.

    3 – Also the water cups they give you a Baylor McKinney are huge and the nurses will refill it often for you. I sure hope you deliver there, I had a great experience.

    4 – Whether you have to have an episitome, or have some tearing, or not, you’ll be super uncomfortable and Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Spray will save your life. The hospital will give you a spray that’s for scrapes and cuts, something you’d find in a first aid kit. It works to dull the pain, but Earth Mama Angel Baby spray has cucumber and essential oils that cool and ease the pain. It also has essential oils that aid in healing. I used it for weeks after my babies were born and it was awesome. They also make the best nipple balm and diaper balm. I just love that brand!

    5 – Last, if you have someone you are comfortable with (besides your husband) that can come in and take photos while you are delivering, do that. With both of my deliveries, I had my little sister (who is not a professional photographer but has a clue) take photos of the whole thing. It allowed my husband to not only be free from having to “work” but be in all of the photos. I just asked her to keep them mostly PG, and some of them had a little more graphic content, but they were just for us and are amazing. We shared the PG ones with friends and family.

    Sorry my comment is so long, but this is going to be one of the most amazing things you’ve done. I hope you’ll enjoy your experience as much as I did!

    08.02.17 · Reply
  21. Meg says:

    I second the big envelope for ALL the paperwork. With my first, they just kept handing me crap and I had nowhere to put it. Also, all the yesses to the “bottom” spray. I wore that same gown for my delivery a few months ago, so much cuter in the photos! But do wait until after you have her or that thing will be ruined! Good luck!

    08.02.17 · Reply
  22. Kate H says:

    I’m dying over the fact that you organized your pantry because…surprise surprise..I just did too! I’m seven months pregnant and got in way too deep on The Home Edit’s blog and decided the only way to deal was to organize my pantry. Your right…my pasta has never looked better!! Must be a symptom of pregnancy…prepare to push out a tiny human by organizing your flour and pasta.

    08.02.17 · Reply
  23. Sara says:

    Kendi! Congrats on your upcoming baby! Mine is 6 months and it goes by way too fast. Just some thoughts from one new mom to another…my brest friend is a great breastfeeding pillow if you’re planning on nursing. Take advantage of the free classes after you deliver that help with breastfeeding. If your hospital doesn’t have one you can go to Baylor Frisco. I brought pajamas that buttoned up the front and those were the best for feeding and getting in and out of. Your list of what to bring looks great! You’re going to do awesome!!

    08.02.17 · Reply
    • Sara says:

      Oh and I forgot to mention that no one tells you that you can get prescription nipple cream but you can request it from your OBGYN and its amazing. You have to go to a special pharmacy that does compounding but its totally worth it if you have breastfeeding issues.

      08.02.17 · Reply
  24. Brianne says:

    I totally second whoever said to bring Depends, although Always makes a less grandma version that I really liked. When you run out of mesh panties, these are really the best. I’ve bled for 6 weeks after both births. And my hospital managed to run out of pads after my first birth so I was glad I brought a few with me.

    I also recommend a stretchy nursing bra for sleeping and also during delivery. I wear them all the time still (baby is 10 months) and my L&D nurses thought it was great because they could run my epidural line through it easily. https://www.target.com/p/nursing-sleep-bra-2pk-gilligan-o-malley-153/-/A-16754657

    I brought WAY too many baby clothes the first time and had too many newborn size in general. We ended up keeping the baby in the hospital’s shirt and a diaper most of the time in the hospital and swaddling with their blanket. I switched to a Halo swaddle when I got home because my babies fight the swaddle really hard and I need velcro to keep it tight.

    Take any and all drugs they offer. It’ll probably just be ibuprofen and maybe some norco. Pushing a tiny human out of you will make you very sore. Don’t just sit around in the hospital room but don’t move around too much either. Just try not to stay in one place for too long.

    08.02.17 · Reply
  25. Annie says:

    Good list! In addition to snacks for you all, also bring snacks for the nurses! I literally didn’t pack my hospital bag until I was in labor ( not the best idea, although I magically didn’t forget anything!), but I had pre-packed a bag of snacks for nurses. Those women become your very best friends for a few days (and they see EVERYTHING) and they are there around the clock. A bag of oreos goes a loooong way with them. Also, pack some granny panties. Some people love the mesh panties the hospital provides, but I found I was fighting to keep them on and sent my mama out for some good ol’ cotton briefs that I didn’t mind throwing away eventually. Also, maxi pads. For real. Good luck! It’s been so fun to tag along on this journey with you. You’ll do great!

    08.03.17 · Reply
  26. Vee says:

    Things to pack in your hospital bag:

    ROBE, buy a nice new one that’s soft and warm. Those hospitals are COLD! Mine has a hoodie and I still use it. It was great when people came to visit the house too.. I just thre my robe on, combed my hair and I was ready.

    Soft, warm SOCKS.

    FLIP FLOPS – so you can take a shower in your hospital room if you want and your feet don’t have to touch the floor.

    Chapstick – they make some tinted chapstick so you can have some color on your lips. I think Wet & Wild makes it.

    Headbands and hair ties.

    Travel sized lotions, shampoo, conditioner. (Leave in conditioner is the best); The hospital room may have these, but I liked my own brand with the scents I preferred. Don’t worry about makeup. Just pressed powder if you feel you must have something on your face for the pictures and visitors.

    Some snacks: Granola bars, fruit snacks, trail mix.

    Some people bring games puzzles, mp3 players, DVDs, etc. I didn’t have time to for any of that. Remember, you’re going to have to pack all of it up and cart it to the car along with a baby!

    For baby, just bring the going home outfit & blanket. They will have diapers and everything else at the hospital.

    Be sure to install the carseat base and get to be an expert at the carseat installation and strapping baby into it. Just have it ready a couple weeks before and have it in the car ready to go. Use the latch system in your car. It’s the safest. The safest place for baby is in the middle of the backseat.

    Put your man in charge of the carting the camera, chargers, phone and phone charger.

    Stock up on garbage bags, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, paper towels, paper plates, and plastic utensils, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes. It’s nice to not have to worry about dishes the first couple weeks.

    Stock up on lots of spinach and steaks – these will help you get your iron levels back to where they should be after baby.

    08.03.17 · Reply
  27. Christine says:

    Socks or slippers for yourself!!

    08.03.17 · Reply
  28. karen w says:

    great list! pack LOTS of snacks! i was so hungry after delivery and the cafeteria wasn’t open all the time.

    08.05.17 · Reply
  29. Katy says:

    I think I spotted Lanolin above so just wanted to suggest you pick up some of this stuff: https://www.motherlove.com/product/nipple-cream
    There’s some debate about Lanolin’s safety for babies, but my big hangup with it is that it can stain your clothes! My doctor recommended the Mother Love, and you can pick it up at Sprouts! I also second those ladies who mentioned pants. I wore some simple black maternity yoga pants in the hospital, maybe from Old Navy? Comfortable and they hold those mesh undies a bit better.

    Also, I hated the Boppy with a passion and ended up getting the Brest Friend later on. Wished I had it at the hospital!

    08.05.17 · Reply
  30. Andrea says:

    I would recommend slip on slippers and ones that provide air flow. I did not know this, but after you’ve given birth you sweat. A lot. I had chunky knit slippers and my feet were CONSTANTLY sweaty! Also I had to use my hands to put them on, which, hospital/birthing center floors, kinda gross if you think about it too much, so next time I’ll bring slip-ons!

    08.05.17 · Reply
  31. Rosie says:

    No idea if any of this will help, but this lady has a BIG list:


    Looking forward to ‘meeting’ your princess xoxo

    08.06.17 · Reply
  32. Michelle says:

    Hi! Congratulations, Kendi! Sounds like you’ve got most things covered!
    I second someone’s suggestion for the Brest Friend nursing pillow. I almost gave up on nursing my first baby and then, I tried one of them and it was immediate love. Helps with back pain and making baby comfy while nursing.
    Also, flip flops! I had elephant feet when I left the hospital! They wouldn’t fit in anything else! They’ll also be great for slipping on for bathroom/shower visits and walking the halls.
    Good luck, and happy delivery!

    08.07.17 · Reply
  33. EK says:

    Consider a loose dress for going home outfit. It sounds prissy, but you may not want a waistband of any size for a few days. A dress is actually very practical. I also echo the many comments on wearing the hospitol provided gown until after your first shower. It feels so good to put on something comfy from home after that shower, and anything worn prior to then will get so gross. Also, I took two button down pajama gowns and they were fantastic! Only change I will make next time – keep them light and airy. I had a winter baby so i had flannel long sleeve ones. Super comfy, but no one had told me about the night sweats. I woke up soaked for the first week or so. Also – maybe ask doc or hospital what you should have on hand when you get home. We sent a friend to the pharmacy right away. Hemroid pillow, stool softner, motrin, huge pads, etc.

    08.11.17 · Reply