Forever Floral

I hope everyone had a great weekend. If you didn’t, then I’m not sure you know what weekends are. Let’s talk and I can walk you through naps, brunch, Netflix, not doing laundry even though you need to and other random activities that are weekend fundamentals. Not to brag, but I’m very good at lazy weekends. There has never been a nap I’ve not taken. 
The sun is out and it’s warm again, hallelujah! I decided to bust out my Easter dress a little bit early. I mean today just felt like the day. I’ve been waiting for the sun all week and florals and stripes mix perfectly with sunshine. It’s also my favorite go-to for spring, if you can’t tell. Ahem as in last weeks post of florals and stripes. This might just become a new Monday tradition. Floral Friday and Mixed Up Monday, what do you say? 🙂
past Kate Spade purse / Similar here!

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  1. This outfit! Girl, you're killing it. You look absolutely adorable in that dress.

    Thank goodness for warm weather!

    03.16.15 · Reply
  2. kendall says:

    adore this look- love the contrast! x

    dipped in yellow

    03.16.15 · Reply
  3. Gabriela Grębska says:
    03.16.15 · Reply
  4. Mel says:

    Totally swooning over this dreamy dress

    03.16.15 · Reply
  5. Jackie says:

    Completely in love with this whole look!!

    Girl, I'm basically a pro at having the perfect lazy weekend. I'm all about those!


    Something About That

    03.16.15 · Reply
  6. Dressed With Soul says:

    A wonderful idea to mix the floral dress with the stripes!

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

    03.16.15 · Reply
  7. This is such a sweet look! Love the stripes paired with the floral. And that bag is darling!

    03.16.15 · Reply
  8. Stephanie says:

    This outfit is the epitome of spring fashion! Beautiful!


    03.16.15 · Reply
  9. Anita says:

    Yes to everything floral! I'm with you. 🙂

    Always, Anita

    03.16.15 · Reply
  10. Love the dress and jacket!! ❤

    03.16.15 · Reply
  11. Jessica S says:

    I love this dress! It's so cute with the striped coat too


    03.16.15 · Reply
  12. Loving the florals/stripes combo!!

    Kristina does the Internets

    03.16.15 · Reply
  13. Kelsey Wilburn says:

    this is so girly! i LOVE it! the color and patterns are perfection! 🙂

    ladies in navy

    03.16.15 · Reply
  14. Absolutely gorgeous. The bold stripes with the fun spring print are a match made in heaven. I love this look.

    :] // ▲ ▲

    03.16.15 · Reply
  15. Floral and stripes, fave pattern mix! 😉

    xo Jenny

    03.16.15 · Reply
  16. Elizabeth Hawn says:

    love the mixing of prints!

    03.16.15 · Reply
  17. Basures says:

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    03.16.15 · Reply
  18. MARTA says:

    Wonderful combination! Really love this look!

    03.16.15 · Reply
  19. Natali says:

    Kendi, I swear that with each outfit you look more and more amazing!
    This look is so inspiring! Love this dress too!


    03.16.15 · Reply
  20. Absolutely ADORE this outfit! Even though I'm pretty adverse to patterns, I'm lusting super hard over this dress. Don't blame you at all for breaking it out a bit earlier than Easter 😉 Also, are those POCKETS?!?! Dream dress, for sure!


    03.16.15 · Reply
  21. Kate says:

    Well this is just darling & springy! I love it! Floral & stripes is just the very best combo.

    03.16.15 · Reply
  22. Alyssa Thomas says:

    Gorgeous outfit! It's the perfect spring look!

    03.16.15 · Reply
  23. What a great look on you!

    Liz @

    03.16.15 · Reply
  24. Sasa Zoe says:

    Beautiful floral<3

    Shall We Sasa

    03.16.15 · Reply
  25. Rach says:

    I love the florals and stripes combo. Super cute Easter outfit!

    03.16.15 · Reply
  26. nuriel shechtman says:
    03.16.15 · Reply
  27. Chioma says:

    i love that jacket! 🙂


    C's Evolution of Style

    03.16.15 · Reply
  28. Nomaqhawe says:

    This outfit is gorgeous. Love how you've matched the prints they work so well together.

    03.16.15 · Reply
  29. Trou Vang says:

    Love the mix of prints here! So gorgeous!

    03.16.15 · Reply
  30. I love this combination! Very spring!

    03.16.15 · Reply
  31. Eden Mint says:

    Love your coat paired with the floral dress!

    03.16.15 · Reply
  32. Freckles Olives says:

    I love this combo…both are so bold and yet they both work together!!

    03.16.15 · Reply
  33. Rebecca Harnden says:

    I have a floral dress coming in the mail this week. Will have to bust out my black & white striped cardi to go with it! Love this look.

    03.16.15 · Reply
  34. hahaha I love weekends! although my weekends are sometimes during the week because I work on the weekends!

    Anyway, I love how you paired florals with stripes. pretty.

    Xo, Belen

    Please visit my blog! A Hint of Life

    03.16.15 · Reply
  35. Cute!!!! Love the floral dress paired with stripes! & I too am great at lazy weekends, they're great to have once in a while! This weekend was spend hanging out by the pool and suntanning… gotta love California!

    03.16.15 · Reply
  36. Coco says:

    Cute! Love the stripes with the florals!


    03.17.15 · Reply
  37. Dana Mannarino says:

    This screams Spring! Love it.

    Pink Champagne Problems

    03.17.15 · Reply
  38. rachel says:

    This combo is absolutely beautiful together!! So springy! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

    03.17.15 · Reply
  39. lavieenliz says:

    love the print mix

    Music Festival Season Giveaway on my Blog!

    03.17.15 · Reply
  40. Sarah H. says:

    I know only the bag is Kate Spade, but this whole outfit looks like you jumped out of a Kate Spade ad! (In the best possible way.)

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

    03.17.15 · Reply
  41. Vera Sawicki says:

    You look beautiful! I love the color of your bag!

    03.17.15 · Reply
  42. Absolutely beautiful and ladylike look! I adore the vibrant floral prints!

    Red Reticule | Three Faces of a Woman

    03.17.15 · Reply
  43. Kathleen Harper says:

    You look so chic and stylish. I adore this combo and you did a fantastic job styling. I especially love your striped topper!

    03.17.15 · Reply
  44. kforkarli says:

    Between this and that floral Chic Wish skirt, you have me online shopping like nobody's business. Kendi, could you please let us know how true to size the coat and dress are? Thanks so much. Stunning and interesting outfits as always x

    03.17.15 · Reply
  45. Beautiful look! Love the bag 🙂


    03.17.15 · Reply
  46. I love Eliza J! She's a bit on the pricey side but I bought a dress of hers for a friends wedding (pictures @ As excited as I was for my friends wedding, looking at the gorgeous blue polka dot+lace dress for nearly two months drove me to insanity; finally getting to wear it was a dream! And PS, I'm a huge fan of your stripes + floral combo!

    03.17.15 · Reply
  47. Anna D Kart says:

    You look like you stepped off Kate Spade catalog and it's best of yours I've ever seen! Gorgeous!!!!!!

    Happy Medley Blog

    03.17.15 · Reply
  48. You look so cute!!
    || D I A N A ||

    03.17.15 · Reply
  49. I need to inject some florals into my wardrobe so I can sport this combo! Such a gorgeous look and that dress is so perfect for Easter!

    03.17.15 · Reply
  50. Abby says:

    I adore the contrast of the stripes and the bright florals!

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

    03.17.15 · Reply
  51. Gorgeous combination & I love your dress 🙂

    03.17.15 · Reply
  52. Loonia Ali says:

    Amazing outfit. Love it!


    03.17.15 · Reply
  53. Brazen Brunette says:

    Absolutely love the floral print paired with that striped coat! And the nude pumps add such a classic touch. May have to steal this look for Easter this year, you have such great style girl!

    xoxo Nicole

    03.17.15 · Reply
  54. Erika says:

    Gorgeous Spring look you're wearing here! Love it!


    03.17.15 · Reply
  55. Melanie says:

    I love it! The length of the coat against the dress seems to make the contrast pop even more exciting.

    03.17.15 · Reply
  56. Preeti says:

    this look is to die for! love the stripes and floral!

    xoxo, Preeti

    03.17.15 · Reply
  57. Irene says:

    love the outfit! so feminine!so spring like!


    03.17.15 · Reply
  58. Lindsay Truax says:

    Love the floral dress! Perfect look for spring!

    03.17.15 · Reply
  59. Done. You need to be the next Kate Spade model.

    03.17.15 · Reply
  60. I love this look- so girly and fun! I just purchased a stripped coat [finally!] and can't wait to have a little fun with it!

    03.17.15 · Reply
  61. LOVE the combination of the stripes and the florals!

    -Alex ///

    03.17.15 · Reply
  62. Paige Cassandra Flamm says:

    That striped jacket with the floral print dress is absolutely gorgeous!


    03.17.15 · Reply
  63. Jen K says:

    Now I offically can't wait for spring. The dress is gorgeous and love it with the stripes!

    03.17.15 · Reply
  64. Nikki says:

    that dress is gorgeous!

    xx nikki

    03.17.15 · Reply
  65. Heidi D. says:

    This is the perfect spring combo! Totally obsessed with this striped jacket!


    03.17.15 · Reply
  66. Jealeyni says:

    Absolutely love this combo! It has spring all over it! Gorgeous!

    xo, J

    03.17.15 · Reply
  67. I love all the floral patterns that are coming out for spring!

    03.18.15 · Reply
  68. Living In Colors says:

    What an amazing outfit combination. So beautiful!!


    03.18.15 · Reply
  69. Lori says:

    I know you don't normally do "how-to-dress" posts, but I would love a "how-to" on mixing florals and stripes. You do it so effortlessly. I am certain if I tried this I would look as though my 3 year old dressed me!!

    03.19.15 · Reply
  70. Lorena Lorena says:

    With these pics, you've made me believe we all need a striped coat. Great.

    03.19.15 · Reply
  71. Florals and stripes are a favorite pairing of mine. This looks like its from a fashion mag spread. Well done.

    03.20.15 · Reply
  72. This outfit is absolutely amazing! The dress looks so much bright and happy….and that coat! Perfect.

    03.22.15 · Reply
  73. Excuse me while I clean up the drool that came out of my mouth by looking at this outfit. Holy crap, could it be more perfect?!

    -Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

    03.22.15 · Reply
  74. Man oh man, this is the most gorgeous spring outfit I've come across yet !

    03.24.15 · Reply
  75. Rebecca says:

    Hi Kendi! This outfit inspired me so much that I recreated it with pieces that I already had in my closet & blogged about it. I linked to your blog and this post in my own post. Hopefully I can send some readers your way! Thank you for styling amazing outfits & inspiring others.
    -Rebecca from

    03.27.15 · Reply