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Capes have been quietly creeping up over the past few seasons. It’s caped crusader of outerwear. (I won’t apologize for that word play. I mean how could I not? But yeah, it’s probably not the Bathman of coats.) I have this one from last year and couldn’t wait to pull it out again when the temperature dropped. Why? Because I instantly feel classic. I feel like I’m going somewhere important even though I’m going to the grocery store, looking fabulous no doubt. My only caveat for a cape is that you probably want to wear it on a more mild winter day. 6 feet of snow may not approve of your bare arms. 
My case for capes below:
Ah, the classic cape. I love the structure of the cape, in general but there is just something about neutral colors that make it so wearable but at the same time not. It’s one of those pieces that you feel like you need to be that kind of girl to wear — but trust me you don’t. It’s an easy piece to add to your outfit to polish it off. (Remember, for instant class just add a cape.)
// A Few Classic Capes // 

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Blanket capes or scarves as capes or whatever you prefer to call it has been all over this fall. Personally, I like it. Essentially it’s a blanket that is not only socially acceptable to wear but stylish, too. I like the look of an oversized scarf anyways so this option gives you two ways to wear it — as a cape over the shoulders or as a huge scarf that doubles as a blanket when you’re cold at your desk. That’s a win-win situation here. 
// Shop Blanket Capes // 

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And of course with every great style or trend there are the over-achievers. You think wearing a cape is taking it to the next level sure, but what about a plaid or leopard print cape? Bonus points for life. (I personally love the one on Brooklyn Blonde — it’s like a cape vest combo and it’s perfect.) 
// Shop Eclectic Capes // 

Your thoughts on this outerwear trend? Is this something you’d wear or try out? I’m kind of hoping that it stays for a while, it’s classic and quirky and while not completely practical, let’s be real: neither are heels. So capes — yay or nay for you? 

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  1. Alysa says:

    yay for capes. it's something i'd definitely try out, it's so chic! they look really warm as well lol


    11.20.14 · Reply
  2. I love the classic cape designs!

    Liz @ ShoppingMyCloset.com

    11.20.14 · Reply
  3. Diana says:

    I'm in love with capes!!



    11.20.14 · Reply
  4. I love the blanket cape look but it is not something I could wear in Chicago, it would just blow away.

    Kristina does the Internets

    11.20.14 · Reply
  5. GapToothedGirl says:

    I love the Olivia Palermo ones!
    XOX, Gap.


    11.20.14 · Reply
  6. Great inspiration. It's no doubt the outerwear trend. Looks very cozy.


    11.20.14 · Reply
  7. 11.20.14 · Reply
  8. lavieenliz says:

    I love capes!!

    giveaway on my blog!


    11.20.14 · Reply
  9. Lisa Griffin says:

    I LOVE capes! I have a classic one with a faux fur color that I adore and of course my husband hates. I'm also digging these sweater cape combos from Nasty Gal, so fun!

    In Dramatic Fashion

    11.20.14 · Reply
  10. Joules says:

    I just got a cape and I'm totally in love with it. It's like a wearable blanket! 🙂

    Style by Joules

    11.20.14 · Reply
  11. Molly says:

    Total yay! I bought one four or five years ago from Zara that I still love and have already whipped out a couple times this winter for mildly cold days. It's actually very practical for Texas weather which can be 30 in the AM by 60 by afternoon.

    I've gotten several compliments on mine every time I've worn it. And here's prove it's not a one season piece.


    11.20.14 · Reply
  12. Gabriela Grębska says:

    WOW! Amazing looks.


    11.20.14 · Reply
  13. loving ALLLL of these. I've been toying with the idea of trying it out. my favorite is the black and white one in the "bold & ecclectic" bunch. Thanks for sharing!!

    xoxo, Elena Michelle

    11.20.14 · Reply
  14. Nico says:

    I really love the cape!

    F/W PASSEPARTOUT on http://www.lowbudget-lowcost.blogspot.it

    11.20.14 · Reply
  15. Cynthia says:

    Hi Kendi!
    I've been noticing capes a lot lately, and after reading this post, I am even more persuaded to try one!
    And by the way, I LOVE the selection of items you have online at West & Lou! You have such amazing, stylish taste that is reflected in the items you have in your shop. If I ever make it to Texas, I have got to stop by! Until then, I'm grateful you have your shop online too 🙂
    Warmest Regards,
    Cynthia at http://styleneverstops.com

    11.20.14 · Reply
  16. Kai-Li says:

    Love the cape moment!


    11.20.14 · Reply
  17. I like some capes, I really love the camel colored one on the bottom, SO CUTE!

    11.20.14 · Reply
  18. capes can be awesome. Looking for the right one. I think it's hard to find, but no problem waiting for the perfect one!

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

    11.20.14 · Reply
  19. Miss J. says:

    So cool and inspirational!Great outfit inspo!



    11.20.14 · Reply
  20. Berty Morales says:

    Great post and soooo inspirational. Thanks for sharing!
    #MadForFashionForLess Follow/Visit Me on Facebook!

    11.20.14 · Reply
  21. Melisa A. says:

    When I see it on these inspiration picks and those stunning ladies, definitely YAY…. but not sure if they are flattering to all body types 🙂 As you said, I would love this trend to stick for a while, so I will have a chance to find the perfect one 🙂 Mel http://www.livingoncloude9.com

    11.21.14 · Reply
  22. Ohh I love capes! I have a classic black wool cape but I would love to expand my cape collection! I am on the hunt for a camel coat, but might have to consider a camel cape after seeing the gorg options above! And I'm loving the look of the sweater capes too but wondering if you can pull the off when you aren't model height. I might have to give it a try!

    11.21.14 · Reply
  23. I'm seeing these everywhere, and I'm always a bit scared to wear one! I feel like I'd look really weird. I think it's a matter of finding the perfect one. I usually prefer the ones with a simple cut and print, although the plaid ones are also really cool!


    11.21.14 · Reply
  24. Chantele Cross-Jones says:

    oh i do love a cape, shall be wearing my tartan one looks again this winter!!

    Two Hearts One Roof

    11.22.14 · Reply
  25. Love this look! Perfect winter looks.

    Indya xx

    11.22.14 · Reply
  26. lilychen says:

    i love plaid cape,but i really what to know where can i get one?


    11.24.14 · Reply
  27. Liza says:

    Yes, yes, yes!

    12.08.14 · Reply