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I told you earlier this week I was teaming up with Nordstrom for summer dresses. While I took a very  everyday approach (if I do say so myself) to the first dress — I mean how can you go wrong with a little white dress in the summer — I decided to go a bit more fancy with this second post. So let’s talk weddings. I’m always on the fence of what to wear to a wedding — is it fancy? is it casual? AKA the ultimate uncertainty of being over or under dressed. My motto is to be slightly overdressed for events like this. (I’m not talking about that rogue, distant family member that shows up in a glitzy pageant dress. That’s too far.) But for most weddings that I go to there is always a nice range of dresses. I like to aim for high middle; that’s not just for getting dressed but for my life in general. 
I was immediately drawn to this maxi because it looks like nothing I have or actually nothing that I’d buy on a regular basis. Statement pieces, as I call them, are meant for an event. Luckily I have many weddings to attend this summer / early fall so I get to invest in a statement dress. But back to (over) dressing for weddings. To me a maxi can mean an instant dressed up look and since I can work that angle with a few more or less accessories, I decided to go with that length. But I think cocktail length is a great choice for summer weddings as well. Maybe even for Black Tie weddings? Someone who goes to black tie weddings will have to answer this below. This is where my expertise ends. 
Kelly Wynne Clutch / This option is cute, too!

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*This post was sponsored by Nordstrom. All opinions and thoughts expressed about summer weddings and the art of dressing to the middle is mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.

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  1. Heidi says:

    Gorgeous dress! I think cocktail length dresses are fine for black tie events as long as the dress itself is formal and the accessories are not understated!

    07.03.14 · Reply
  2. Elizabeth Hawn says:

    what great wedding attire!

    07.03.14 · Reply
  3. Carlee says:

    Love this dress and perfect for a wedding!


    07.03.14 · Reply
  4. The print and colors are so amazing on this dress! It would make a great dress for wedding or if you're just feeling fancy;)
    xo Adri

    07.03.14 · Reply
  5. Sarah Howard says:

    GREAT dress! Have a happy 4th!

    – Sarah

    07.03.14 · Reply
  6. So lovely! Such a beautiful pattern! Love that it's both a dress for a wedding and a great dress for a date night!

    07.03.14 · Reply
  7. kipling573 says:

    Clicked on this post and my instant reaction was "ooooo! babe!" haha

    07.03.14 · Reply
  8. I adore this vibrant floral graphic. The flowers are so huge & pretty! :] // ☼

    07.03.14 · Reply
  9. You look stunning, I love you hair in a bun and the dress is lovely.The colours and pattern look stunning on you.

    07.03.14 · Reply
  10. Katrina M. Omar says:

    love your dress!

    07.03.14 · Reply
  11. footnotes and finds says:

    love the bold colours of this dress, and yes i think it makes a perfect wedding dress!

    07.03.14 · Reply
  12. Annika Benitz says:

    I'll be that person in the comments section who knows about wedding reception attire. I'm a recent bride and I also work as an assistant wedding planner, so I like to think I've got this correct. You're right, Kendi. Shorter lengths totally work for a black tie affair, so long as it's not inappropriately too short, and that the rest of your ensemble is very dressed up. Think statement jewelry, a full face of make up, and perhaps an up do or professional blow out.

    I think the most important thing to know about wedding dressing is do not wear white or black, unless specifically requested by the couple. Please please please, people, stop wearing these colors to weddings! White is reserved for the bride, and black is reserved for funerals.

    Hope that helps!

    07.03.14 · Reply
  13. I love the dress and I also really like the garden!

    07.03.14 · Reply
  14. Caroline says:

    This dress is perfect on you and I ALWAYS love your hair like that! You totally rock a bun, whereas I look like I sweated for 4 hours and didn't have time to take shower. I love the bun!

    xo Caroline

    07.03.14 · Reply
  15. Oof this looks incredible on you and I'm especially loving the clutch you posted as a section option! I'm going to buy it now 🙂 x

    xo, S. | chevrons & éclairs

    07.03.14 · Reply
  16. Natali says:

    Woooah!! What a perfect maxi dress!? Stunning piece for summertime and wedding season 🙂

    07.03.14 · Reply
  17. So beautiful. It's a stunning dress bad great for weddings in indoors or outdoors.

    07.03.14 · Reply
  18. Such a beautiful dress, I love the mix of corals and pinks!


    07.03.14 · Reply
  19. Beautiful look! Love your dress 🙂


    07.03.14 · Reply
  20. ClosetFloorFinds says:

    The key to this dress is that it falls somewhere between "summer maxi" and "floor-length gown." SO perfect to accessorize up or down. AND THE COLORS! I love it for a summer wedding!

    07.03.14 · Reply
  21. Kelsey Wilburn says:

    eliza j maxis are seriously my favorite! i wanted my bridesmaids to potentially wear one but landed on a solid. gorgeous. well done nordies!

    07.03.14 · Reply
  22. fashionforgiants says:

    That is a gorgeous dress. The scale and colors of the print are beautiful on you. Have a Happy Fourth, Kendi!

    07.03.14 · Reply
  23. Maxis are definitely perf for summer weddings. The length makes it classy/ dressy and the flowiness makes it more summertime casual.
    P.S. you look AMAZING Kendi!

    -Emily |

    07.03.14 · Reply
  24. Ahka Vintage says:
    07.04.14 · Reply
  25. Love floral prints! This dress is so cute on you! 🙂

    07.04.14 · Reply
  26. Oh Hey Blog // Megan says:

    As pretty as a peach!

    07.04.14 · Reply
  27. smo.trevor says:

    you are looking so nice in this dress Sierra
    Trading Post Coupon

    07.04.14 · Reply
  28. gina says:

    I'm obsessed with this dress now. I don't really have an occasion for it, but I really think I need it.
    you look stunning, Kendi.
    XO, Gina

    07.04.14 · Reply
  29. Agi says:

    Gorgeous dress!!!!!


    07.04.14 · Reply
  30. no_more_frump says:

    You look gorgeous in this dress. The styling is perfect. I wish I were taller so I could look good in maxi dresses!

    07.04.14 · Reply
  31. Melanie says:

    That dress is gorgeous. I'm wearing a maxi dress to an outdoor wedding this fall!

    Melanie | UnraveledThreads

    07.04.14 · Reply
  32. Steph says:

    So beautiful.

    07.04.14 · Reply
  33. Jessica Reed says:

    looks like a painting! so gorgeous!


    07.04.14 · Reply
  34. Lola says:

    Aaah that dress is amazing!

    Absolutely love your blog by the way.

    x Lola

    07.05.14 · Reply
  35. Jess says:

    Wow Kendi I am loving this floral dress on you! Summer perfection!

    07.07.14 · Reply
  36. Very beautiful dress! Love floral motives 🙂

    House cleaners Forest Hill

    07.07.14 · Reply
  37. Kendi Lea says:

    Thank you! Sometimes I get a little loopy when linking. I *think* I fixed it now! Thanks for letting me know 🙂

    07.07.14 · Reply
  38. Kendi Lea says:

    I just had this discussion with someone the other day — maxi dresses are hard in general to wear. I'm 5'9" and sometimes wish I were taller for maxi dresses! I guess it's just finding the right one for you…or maybe just sticking with short dresses 😉

    07.07.14 · Reply
  39. Kendi Lea says:

    I'm glad you said that! I'm wearing it to one in a few weeks and was a bit nervous it was a little too much 🙂

    07.07.14 · Reply
  40. Kendi Lea says:

    The colors are what sold me, too! Thanks dear 🙂

    07.07.14 · Reply
  41. Berty Morales says:

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    07.08.14 · Reply
  42. no_more_frump says:

    Thank you for replying back to me.
    You are definitely tall enough for maxi dresses, no doubt! I am only 5'3.5", so a little above the knee is best for me. (I am "of a certain age", as Clinton Kelly says.)

    07.09.14 · Reply
  43. rebbyA says:

    M-ai lasat fara cuvinte ! M-am indragosit de geanta din aceste fotografii. Si rochia este superba, dar geanta este absolut senzationala. Frumoase fotografii si tinute vestimentare ! Felicitari !

    07.11.14 · Reply
  44. This is so gorgeous, I looooove this dress on you. The print is perfect.

    Kristina does the Internets

    07.11.14 · Reply