The Classics


I mean could I get any more classic than this outfit? I’ve been on a classics kick lately since I have packing on the brain. It’s always best to pack the most neutral pieces I’ve learned. The more classic and timeless, the better as these are the styles that typically translate well anywhere. You pack one too many crazy rainbow tops that don’t match anything and this is the lesson you learn. Stay safe, stay neutral.


I needed a new pair of jeans for our Europe trip (which by the way, we leave tomorrow for three weeks and I haven’t packed. Should I be worried?). Here is my criteria for denim: just the right amount of stretch for comfort and the ability to keep their shape after long wears. That’s all I ask for; I’m a simple girl. But I’ve been putting this off for weeks because I kind of hate jean shopping. (It’s second only to swimsuit shopping, amiright?) Honestly the reason I hate it is because it’s a lot of work and I’ve become a lazy internet shopper. But I was lucky this time, it literally took me 5 minutes in the dressing room with this pair and this pair. A tale of two denims, if you will, and it turns out that the high waist pair has won me over. As I was talking to the salesperson it turns out that no one even goes near the high waist styles which means that I’m a freak of nature because that’s what I’m drawn to. Apparently I have the world’s longest torso as these don’t even come up to my belly button. As we chatted through the checkout, she shook her head at the rack of all high-waisted denim and sighed ‘people are just too afraid.’ 
Friends, colleagues, long distance family members I haven’t seen in quite some time: don’t be afraid of the high waist. Try it on, you might like it. In my experience with high waist jeans you can easily size down. That’s a false ego boost that I will gladly take. 
Two things to know about this pair: they are very soft and have a good amount of stretch that helps them keep their shape. And second, I didn’t size down in these as they fit very true to size. If you are looking to try a high-waist pair of denim, these are a good basic pair.  Especially if you aren’t looking for a retro looking high waisted pair and if you are tall or have a long torso. (On a side note, I’m new to Hudson denim and now a big fan.  I’ve got my eye on this pair and I liked the cuff this pair but sized up for a better fit. ) 
Somehow this ‘classics’ post turned into a post about denim. Which I guess is technically one of the most basically classic pieces you can own. Oh I see what I did there.

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  1. jesshett says:

    long time reader, occasional commenter, one-time winner of a stylemint giveaway c/o you: so excited for you to take a European vacation! you absolutely deserve it. good luck packing and have an amazing trip πŸ™‚

    05.01.14 · Reply
  2. Kendi Lea says:

    one time winner.. love it. Thank you dear!! Here's hoping I get packed in time.

    05.01.14 · Reply
  3. AAB says:

    WHERE did you get that honeycomb bracelet?!?! Love it!!

    05.01.14 · Reply
  4. I agree,neutrals are the best, they go with everything. I also hate jeans shopping and I adore high waist jeans, the are perfect for tucking in the little pregnancy tummy I get after eating lol.

    05.01.14 · Reply
  5. Hey – don't worry about packing. I'm pretty sure there is some killer shopping to be done over there πŸ™‚ Have fun!

    05.01.14 · Reply
  6. nikki says:

    great jeans! love the fit


    05.01.14 · Reply
  7. leslieann says:

    Big fan of the classics and super helpful review – I've been on the hunt for a good pair of higher waisted denim…just say no to crack! Where did you find your perfect tortoise bracelet? All of the ones I've scoped don't have the gold edge like yours! And always remember – if you stay in the same hotel for longer than 3 (ish) days, laundry service is always an option πŸ™‚ Good luck with your packing!!

    05.01.14 · Reply
  8. Fiona says:

    I've been on the hunt for "the" white shirt now for quite a while, and you managed to find it, AND "the" trench coat, all in one outfit?! Lucky you!! Have a great time in Europe, that's so exciting since you've never been, I'm sure you'll love it πŸ™‚


    05.01.14 · Reply
  9. Lovin the tote!!

    xo Jenny

    05.01.14 · Reply
  10. Beautiful classic look. And you're looking very classy.
    Your hair looks ombrΓ© here..very pretty!


    05.01.14 · Reply
  11. beautiful staples

    from – The Lion's Den

    05.01.14 · Reply
  12. Kelly Jo says:

    I will always be a classics kind of gal and you wear them so well! They won't let you down on your European travels that's for sure. Enjoy your vacation!

    05.01.14 · Reply
  13. Lilli says:

    Internet high five for being a member of the "long torso so nothing fits right" committee. I was just recently introduced to by a friend. Check them out. they are amazing!!!

    05.01.14 · Reply
  14. Jessica says:

    "Stay safe, stay neutral." I feel like this is my everyday life, but I'm learning to branch out πŸ˜‰

    05.01.14 · Reply
  15. Rebecca says:

    This outfit is indeed ridiculously classy and elegant. I love that you stuck with neutrals and essentials, it turned out beautifully. I love your trench coat!

    05.01.14 · Reply
  16. Supal says:

    Im loving this outfit. It's such a classic ensemble and I love how you modernized it with the open toe bootie. And I think you should pack all neutrals with a few pop pieces like a bright sheer/silk scarf, ballet flat and earrings.

    05.01.14 · Reply
  17. Elizabeth Hawn says:
    05.01.14 · Reply
  18. Irene Laura says:
    05.01.14 · Reply
  19. I LOVE High-waisted denim! They I find they are easier to keep up, I don't feel like I'm constantly pulling them up! This long torso girl is happy to hear you say that! πŸ™‚

    05.01.14 · Reply
  20. JessicaSJacobs says:

    It's such a classic ensemble and I love how you modernized it with the open toe bootie. And I think you should pack all neutrals with a few pop pieces like a bright sheer/silk scarf, ballet flat and earrings.

    05.01.14 · Reply
  21. Chloe says:

    Obsessing over your peep toe booties!!
    xx Chloe

    05.01.14 · Reply
  22. Great look, I love your booties! I never go for high-waisted jeans, I have such a short torso that sometimes low rise jeans come up to my belly button!

    Kristina does the Internets

    05.01.14 · Reply
  23. It's funny you say this! I was at the shoe store the other day and I was debating over these crazy multi colored heels (that I'll probably only wear once) or some basic black pointed heels. I really wish I got the heels I don't know what I was thinking! Literally been thinking about them nonstop aha! Anyways you look great as always. I hope you enjoy your little holiday x

    05.01.14 · Reply
  24. brett says:

    I looove high waisted denim! I also have a long torso, so they usually don't reach my belly button, either. But now it's just about all I wear. Beware, you will get addicted. πŸ™‚

    05.01.14 · Reply
  25. Haley Valerie says:

    Love this look!


    05.01.14 · Reply
  26. Jennifer says:

    Love those booties Kendi!

    xo Jennifer

    05.01.14 · Reply
  27. Francisca says:

    WHAT?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! People run away from high waisted jeans?!? HELL no. Those are alllll I wear. High waist or bust! I'm short enough without having jeans cut me off near my bum, thank you very much. Christ. Yes, I'm angry. HA! You look lovely as always, Kendi.


    05.01.14 · Reply
  28. leeda says:

    that hunt for jeans is always a tough one. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! sigh.

    at this volume

    05.02.14 · Reply
  29. Makayla McAfee says:

    You are totally rocking that jacket + heels! Love love love this look on you!! Fab.


    05.02.14 · Reply
  30. Wren says:

    So, that bag and those shoes. Can I has? πŸ˜€

    05.02.14 · Reply
  31. Daisy Daniels says:

    I love the simplicity of this outfit! Love those boots!

    05.02.14 · Reply
  32. amy says:

    Haha, I own like 3 pairs of jeans and am happy. How many pairs of jeans do you own, like 4,000? Lol

    05.02.14 · Reply
  33. This is an amazing tote! Love your look!!

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue

    05.02.14 · Reply
  34. Sarah H. says:

    High waist is where it's at. None of that hiking up the pants every time you stand up.

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

    05.02.14 · Reply
  35. Nothing wrong with classic pieces – jeans, included. Looking good!

    Liz @

    05.02.14 · Reply
  36. Fashion Pas says:

    You're not alone on that high waist! I'm tired of those jeans I have to pull up every time I stand up! Very annoying and not sure why we ever thought that was a good idea!!!

    05.02.14 · Reply
  37. Mica says:

    Such a lovely outfit! The classic pieces worn together always look good! πŸ™‚

    Away From Blue

    05.02.14 · Reply
  38. Shannon says:

    I absolutely love Hudson denim. I've only bought there brand for about 3 years now and it was one of the best fashion decisions that I've made. They are high quality, and great for tall girls like myself since jeans always wind up being unintentionally cropped! So glad that you have discovered them now too!

    05.02.14 · Reply
  39. Agi says:

    I love classics. You can't go wrong with classics.


    05.02.14 · Reply
  40. Melanie says:

    Work it out. Have fun in Europe! Hubby and I were planning a trip this summer, but we've put it off for a year (or so…). I can't wait to read about all the things you see and do.

    I'm with you on the higher-rise pants myself recently. I have a pair from Old Navy that are the best pair of jeans on the planet. Need to buy more…

    Melanie | UnraveledThreads

    05.02.14 · Reply
  41. sage says:

    I'm with you- I love high rise jeans. I also have a long torso, which makes a mid rise fit me more like a low rise jean in most cases. I'll have to check out hudson jeans! Thanks!

    05.02.14 · Reply
  42. Ila says:

    beautiful outfit but most i love love love the shoes *_*

    ila x

    05.04.14 · Reply
  43. the egg says:

    ugh, white jean shopping is THE WORST

    05.04.14 · Reply
  44. Kendi! Classics are such for a reason. This is FAB. I am loving the leather tote, its a whole life bag. Perfect for a busy summer.

    05.08.14 · Reply
  45. Heidi says:

    Love the neutral lip color. What is it?

    05.09.14 · Reply
  46. Smart Dresser says:

    Love it! You look very chic πŸ™‚


    05.14.14 · Reply
  47. Always love a classic look! Obsessed with those shoes!


    05.23.14 · Reply