Big Chill

Yes, that is ice on the streets. No, I don’t want to talk about it. 
But I do want to talk about my purse, that is a MUCH happier topic. This spring I decided to really work on building my wardrobe piece by piece with items that will last (i.e. my ‘Worth It’ posts). First things first, I decided to expand my ‘accessories wall’, as Tim Gunn would call it, and I’ve started with purses. While shopping around the other night online while watching ‘House of Cards’ (which I’m unapologetically obsessed with) I realized after about an hour that my shopping cart was filled with about 10 purses and that I needed to narrow it down or rob a bank. I decided to (sadly) narrow it down and I went with this hot little red number just because it seems like it would go from season to season just fine. Red is the new black. (It’s not, don’t quote me on that. Let’s be real — black will always be the new black.)

I did find a new to me designer named Aimee Kestenberg who now has a collection at Nordstrom. It was her bags that I kept going back to in my cart when I was trying to decide which to keep and which to eliminate. The red crossbody won me over but I decided to give my other favorites receive honorable mention below:
Kenneth Cole Boots via Nordstrom

This post was sponsored by Nordstrom. Thank you for supporting the brands who support me and my two dogs. 

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  1. Paige Cassandra Flamm says:

    Loving how the red purse adds a great pop of color and breaks up the rest of this outfit!


    03.03.14 · Reply
  2. Elisa Taviti says:

    Really great looK!!

    My Fantabulous World

    03.03.14 · Reply
  3. jesscuellar says:
    03.03.14 · Reply
  4. I am lovin that jacket! Good luck staying warm!


    03.03.14 · Reply
  5. Melba says:

    I really love this edgy all black look! that leather jacket is flawless. Love your bag, keep it up!

    03.03.14 · Reply
  6. This jacket!!! It's fabulous and I life the way you styled it. This is such a rocker chic laid back look. Love it! The red bag is icing!!



    03.03.14 · Reply
  7. Androbel says:

    love the bag and also the leather jacket!



    03.03.14 · Reply
  8. LOVE the touch of red! actually, love this entire outfit!

    fromโ€“The Lion's Den

    03.03.14 · Reply
  9. That purse really does make the outfit! And that chain is so unique!
    xo Adri

    03.03.14 · Reply
  10. Annick says:

    Gorgeous! Loving the black and white jacket – and the gold zippers are perfect! What a great addition that little red bag is to this look!

    Bold Subtlety

    03.03.14 · Reply
  11. Jessica says:

    I'm a huge fan of crossbody bags! I'm usually not a fan of the color red, but this bag has me sold.

    26 and Not Counting

    03.03.14 · Reply
  12. Alex Nguyen says:

    Absolutely gorgeous outfit!
    -Alex of

    03.03.14 · Reply
  13. Natali says:

    That jacket is superb and you look so beautiful!

    03.03.14 · Reply
  14. Elena Drake-Knight says:

    Love the purse and the boots!!!

    xoxo, Elena

    03.03.14 · Reply
  15. Amanda says:

    Beautiful bag!

    03.03.14 · Reply
  16. Lena says:

    that jacket! love how you styled it ๐Ÿ™‚

    03.03.14 · Reply
  17. Classy Chic & Chardonnay says:

    I think you made the right choice with the red crossbody- definitely adds the right pop to your black and white look!

    Classy Chic & Chardonnay

    03.03.14 · Reply
  18. Rachel Emma says:

    I forgot what you looked like outside the color blue, lol! Looks great ๐Ÿ™‚

    03.03.14 · Reply
  19. Sasa Zoe says:

    wow Kendi, the red purse is soo adorable:) <3

    New on

    03.03.14 · Reply
  20. Carmen L. says:

    Love all the different textures while staying monochromatic. And that pop of red though!


    03.03.14 · Reply
  21. rhiannon says:
    03.03.14 · Reply
  22. swer-93 says:

    Never thought gap would sell such a beautiful dress. Into my nearest Gap store i go !! hehe… Thank you for posting your outfit is gorgeous and these pictures are just perfect.


    03.03.14 · Reply
  23. Grace Holt says:

    You're a braver girl than I, miss Kendi! I took one look outside, and decided it was 'stay in your pajamas day' in our house! You make this cold weather look good. And that red purse with the monochromatic color scheme? Perfect.

    If I were going to spring for one of those purses, the black/white one (the 4th one in the row) would have to be my favorite.

    03.03.14 · Reply
  24. Sara says:

    That jacket is amazing.

    03.03.14 · Reply
  25. Love this look, girly! That purse and those boots! Definitely fabulous!

    03.03.14 · Reply
  26. Ahka Vintage says:

    Awesome outfit. Great look! I love the pop of colour!



    03.03.14 · Reply
  27. Jen says:

    Red bags are always a winner. Gorgeous look!

    03.03.14 · Reply
  28. Q says:
    03.03.14 · Reply
  29. Auna says:

    Beautiful outfit! I love the black and white pairing…you look gorgeous =0)

    Auna xx

    03.04.14 · Reply
  30. Red is always in style though ๐Ÿ™‚ That purse is adorable!

    03.04.14 · Reply
  31. Olga Moskatova says:

    This skirt is so adorable! Love it! And love the red clutch!

    xoxo Olga Stassi M.

    03.04.14 · Reply
  32. Just saw this on Pinterest! – Absolutely love the black, white and red – you look amazing in this

    03.04.14 · Reply
  33. Alexandra Aimee says:

    I reached the same conclusion a few years ago– I've been unapologeticly splurging on high quality pieces every since. This bag is lovely, and I hope it will last you many years!

    — Alex

    03.04.14 · Reply
  34. Jenni Bee says:

    I love this look!

    03.04.14 · Reply
  35. Mica says:

    The little red bag is so cute with the black outfit! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I definitely think accessories are the pieces to splurge on and build a collection of. Although I may have a few too many bags now…haha

    Away From Blue

    03.04.14 · Reply
  36. Dress To Cook says:

    Such a nice outfit dear! Love the tiny red bag. makes it super!

    Dress To Cook

    03.04.14 · Reply
  37. Shalynn Mortensen says:

    This outfit is the perfect combination of class and edge. And that pop of red is stunning! I'm heading over to now to check out this Aimee Kestenberg designer. Gorgeous!


    03.04.14 · Reply
  38. This outfit is the perfect combination of class and edge. And that pop of red is stunning! I'm heading over to now to check out this Aimee Kestenberg designer. Gorgeous!



    03.04.14 · Reply
  39. pretty little things says:

    love the pop of color with that bag! xo

    03.04.14 · Reply
  40. Supal says:

    I'm loving the idea of doing a worth it post for purses. I need to work on my accessories as well and the purses are definitely really high on the list. I just can't spend so much on valentino and chanel, you know? Also LOVE the gap dress. How perfect! xx

    03.04.14 · Reply
  41. notarichgirl says:

    lol this is exactly how I feel about winter – I'm done and I don't want to talk about it. I'm loving your boots.

    03.04.14 · Reply
  42. kelly says:

    can't go wrong with a red bag. good decision!

    03.04.14 · Reply
  43. paige says:

    i just got one of her cross body bags, too. love.

    03.04.14 · Reply
  44. Shannon says:

    Loving the big pop of red from that purse!


    03.04.14 · Reply
  45. Felicia says:

    I love this look! I hate seeing girl's drowning in their winter coats when browsing cold-weather blog posts and you always seem to add shape to your looks. Love the purse btw! I have a red quilted cross-body bag and it has served me well for the last 2 years and it's still kicking!


    03.04.14 · Reply
  46. nikki says:

    love this! that red bag is amazing!



    03.04.14 · Reply
  47. Liz says:

    I was just searching for a new crossbody bag! I think I am going to go for one of your honorable mentions – last gal on the right. Perfecto!

    03.04.14 · Reply
  48. Natasha Atkerson says:

    Really love this look! The black and white simplicity with the awesome red purse-super cute!
    A modest fashion blog:

    03.05.14 · Reply
  49. Liz says:

    this look is adorable!

    xo, Liz

    03.05.14 · Reply
  50. Kristin Haus says:

    Love that little purse! I love the chain strap and basket weave detail on the front! Keeps it interesting without being over the top!

    03.05.14 · Reply
  51. Jennifer says:

    You look so flipping adorable!

    xo Jennifer

    03.08.14 · Reply
  52. Laura Whitman says:

    That purse is super awesome. I would much rather want to talk about that than ice too. Unless there is a "cream" after that word, I really don't want to hear about it for a long long LONG time.



    03.10.14 · Reply