Pants and Feelings

posted on: 7/31/2012

7.31.12b 7.31.12a 7.31.12c 7.31.12d
As much as I'd like to say that after this post, I've got it all figured out -- I don't. I might have it even less figured out. You see, I've been frustrated with my blog for a little while now. (Who admits this right?) Frustrated is probably not the best word to use -- well, actually it is. When you document your outfits for a good portion of three years, you really end up documenting your life. I've never realized how much of my emotions, personality, or life situations I put into dressing myself. I always just thought I liked clothes and that I was a lush so a blog was a good outlet for me, turns out I really do dress to how I live my life or how I'm feeling. (Side note: I went Emo (pre-hipster) for some time in college. This is a separate and glorious post that I owe you sometime.) It's actually hard for me to go through my archives because I'll deeply remember how hard a time of my life was or how happy it was, all by an outfit post. Without any more words than I share, I feel like you know me pretty well. Strangely, just by my clothes. 

I think the hardest part of having a blog that people read is a) remembering that I'm just a normal person and b) hoping that everyone else remembers that I'm just a normal person, too. It's hard to admit that I'm not an expert on everything that is style, that is owning your own business. I don't really know that many things, but when I do figure something out I promise I share it with you. (I know, I know a sock bun tutorial IS in order.) 

I've thought about it and mainly my frustration has been because I haven't felt like myself on here in a while. I try to tell myself -- so what? It's just an outfit, get over it. But honestly, it's a little bit more than just an outfit. In a weird way, it's my life. It's how I share with you a little bit of my life, a little bit of my personality, a little bit of how I feel. I know that when I look back on the last nine months of these posts, I might not always recognize myself. But today I'd like to. 

I pulled these pants from my closet this morning to wear today. I've had for a few months now and I've worn them many times in real life just not in blog land. I followed these pants at Anthropologie for months because I knew they'd go on sale. Ain't nobody gonna buy polka dot wide leg pants. Except for me, that is. So why have I never shared them with you before? Because I didn't think Kendi Everyday would wear them. Kendi Skeen* would wear them. But Kendi Everyday -- what would the internet say? 

I hope you don't hear offense in what I'm about to say but I'd like to be who I am today, no approval needed, and I'd like to wear these pants. Damn it. (The 'damn it' really adds a bit of class to this post, no?) And I'm pretty sure that's going to be okay with you.

*Skeen is my last name, if there was any confusion there. It's not Everyday.

Weekend Style

posted on: 7/30/2012

7.30.12a 7.30.12b 7.30.12c 7.30.12d 7.30.12e
{Tee: Similar | Jeans: Gap | Wedges: Similar | Bag: Brahmin | Chain: Similar}

I'd be lying if I said I haven't worn this shirt in some way over the past three days. Why are stripes the easiest thing in the world to wear? Is it just me or does anyone else re-wear the same outfit over and over on the weekend? And yes I do mean without washing it. I like clothes, I don't like laundry. 

Please tell me that's not just me that walks around all weekend wearing stinky clothes. Anyone, anyone? 

Back to Basics

posted on: 7/27/2012

7.27.12a 7.27.12b 7.27.12c 7.27.12e
{Blouse: Bloom | Skirt: Target | Wedges: Similar}

I bought this skirt at Target a few weeks ago because I thought it was a no-brainer addition to my closet. I mean just how hard can a basic black maxi skirt be to style, right? Well, it's more of a yes-brainer. I've tried everything with it and nothing looked right. I've even threatened to take it back a few times, but lucky for this skirt I'm lazy and I've lost my receipt. So there it sat in my closet, not even on a hanger but in the Target bag it came in because I was so mad at it. (Passive aggressive is my speciality.) But this morning I finally found my solution. Who knew that the answer to a basic black skirt was a basic white shirt? 

 I've got to be honest -- Pinterest knew. Over here and right here. 

50 Shades of Blue

posted on: 7/25/2012

7.25.12a 7.25.12b 7.25.12d
{Blouse: Questhaven | Skirt: Similar | Wedges: Similar | Clutch: Elf}

Things I've learned today and it's only 10:30 am:

1. I make duck faces when it's super windy out. 
2. Mint colored skirts photograph as white. 
3. My hair is cray. 

I bet you guys thought I was going to talk about that 50 Shades of Grey book by the title of this post, eh? But I haven't read that book for a few reasons. One being that I forget to read books. I'm pretty sure that my brain is going to turn to mush by age 35. All I'll be able to recite will be the poetry and prose of gossip websites and fashion magazines. The other day I told my mother that I was going to sign up for a library card and she encouraged me by saying "they have magazines, too." After searching for a comeback, I looked up from my iPad and over to my stack of magazines and realized I had no defense. Sad story, true story. 

Dress Day

posted on: 7/24/2012

7.24.12a 7.24.12b 7.24.12c 7.24.12d
{Dress: Similar | Wedges: Seychelles | Purse: Similar

Tuesday must be dress day for me. I was thinking about what to write for this post and it ended up sounding a lot like last Tuesday's post. I wasn't sure what to wear this morning so I went for a dress again. And just like that -- I'm ready to go. Well I had to comb my hair and put shoes on, but you get the idea. 

Bonus points: dresses that come with belts. Dresses with belts are like the frozen dinners of my closet. Just another decision I don't have to think about. 


posted on: 7/20/2012

7.20.12a 7.20.12b 7.20.12c 7.20.12d
{Top: Bloom | Jeans: Similar here or here | Necklace: Vanessa Mooney}

Holy crap, you guys. You didn't have to be so nice on yesterday's post. I read each and every comment with tears in my eyes. I was also chopping onions, but I'm pretty sure it was your kind words that brought me to tears. 

In case it wasn't evident, I am okay. I just needed to remind myself of that truth. Your life doesn't have to look like the masses, it just has to look like yours. I guess some of you guys needed to be reminded, too. It looks like we're all in the A-Okay Club. All members must be a hot mess but are at least trying to hold it together. The only requirement? You must own colored jeans. 

Because when all else fails, make your legs look like giant crayons. It works every single time.


posted on: 7/19/2012

{image via bloom}

We didn't get outfit photos this morning and I don't have any in the arsenal waiting to post. And for the first time in a long time, I'm okay with this. I can describe my outfit for you if you'd like -- it's a black maxi dress, sandals, hair in a bun, the usual for a running late kind of morning. The reason we didn't get photos was because I got about 4 hours of sleep last night. This is actually a very typical night for me. This is what I don't tell you about owning a business. Yes, it's a lot of fun but you lose a lot of sleep. In fact, when I sleep through the night again I'm buying everyone a drink. The thing is when you don't sleep a lot, you don't want to take pictures of yourself with your dark-circled eyes. And that my friends, is what it is. 

This post is not here to say that it's hard to run a business, because well it is. In fact that's why I've never really talked about opening the shop on here because to be honest, this past year has been the hardest year of my life. Year 27 will go down in the books as many things -- the year of starting my business, the year of making a ton of mistakes, the year of exhaustion. But a good year, a very good year in that. But today I decided that I was tired and that I wasn't going to waste my time trying to make people think that I wasn't. 

Most days I have it together. Most days. Somedays I don't and I just need you to know that. Just in case you don't have it all together, too. Maybe we can be friends and tell each other it's okay to be a mess sometimes.

I think that one of the biggest lessons I've learned this year is that just because something is hard doesn't mean that's it bad. I'm a very black and white person. Something is either good or bad, happy or sad. (And also I'm a Dr. Suess fan.) But the older I get the more I learn how grey life really is. I've always wanted Kendi Everyday to be a positive place -- probably because deep in my heart I want so desperately to be an optimist, which I am not. Outfits are happy, so I stick to outfits. But today I would just like to be Kendi, if that's okay. I'd like to share my story of how I started the shop and my journey along the way. Not right now of course because none of those words have made it to paper quite yet. But someday, I'd like to. You know when we were kids and if you didn't say something when someone questioned the truth, it still counted as a lie? Well, I've been quiet even though I know the truth and I'm tired of being afraid of what's honest. Yes, outfits are pretty, but so is life, even when it's trying, hard, and exhausting. Even when it kicks your cutely dressed ass.

This post really serves no other purpose other than to say, 'hey guys I'm tired trying to look perfect all the damn time.' I'm quite okay with not being perfect, so I'm not sure why I've been obsessed with making sure my life looks squeaky clean. So let's have a moment of silence for my well-scrubbed life. It's nice to see her go. 

Stop It

posted on: 7/18/2012

7.18.12a 7.18.12c 7.18.12b
{Shirt: H&M | Pants: Gap | Purse: Brahmin | Bracelet: c/o Kristin Hassan}

If you've followed me for some time, you have probably noticed something about me. I become obsessed with one trend and I can't stop. It's been red heels, stripes, color blocking, colored jeans -- you name it, I've been obsessed. Well. It's happened again. This color, this neon lime. I can't help myself, it's slowly becoming my best friend. Which is equal parts weird and sad.

I might as well own up to my obsession, right? 

I know, I know. Say it with me: Stop it, Kendi. Stop it right now.

Perfect Dress

posted on: 7/17/2012

7.17.12d 7.17.12e 7.17.12b 7.17.12c
{Dress: Similar-ish | Tote: Jess LC | Wedges: Similar

I bought this dress (from myself) a few months ago and it has yet to be on the blog even though I've worn it countless times. (Well if I have to count, probably 4.) It's just one of those dresses that you wear when you don't know what to wear. It's got a lot going for it for just being a little black dress. First off, it's black -- the perfect color, it's short and shows my legs which let's be honest I'm going to milk these ladies for all they've got until I'm 75 and someone literally has to put pants on me, and finally, it doesn't touch my body in any way so people think I might be in the early stages of pregnancy therefore doors are opened for me all day long. It's the perfect dress.

In all seriousness, friends, you need to find a dress like this. Not LIKE this in the sense of the style or the color but in the fact that you need to have a style scapegoat on hand. On days that you wake up and think "not again" when it comes to getting dressed and ready, you need something easy to throw on but still look nice. A no-brainer kind of dress or outfit. And preferably something that doesn't touch you.

A Short Story

posted on: 7/13/2012

7.13.12a 7.13.12b 7.13.12c 7.13.12d
{Top: Similar | Shorts: J.Crew - violet | Bag: Brahmin}

Did I ever tell you about the time that I got sent home from work because I wore a pair of shorts with heels? I live such scandalous charades, I know. In college I worked at a interior design store and the dress code was uppity, as if to say 'I am better than you, now buy this chair.' Which was ridiculous because I was in college, poor and never once ironed my rarely laundered clothes. Everyone knew I was not better than them -- which is probably why I never sold a chair. Which is probably why I was always told to dress a little bit nicer. It wasn't that I was defiant -- I really had no clue as to how my boss wanted to me to dress. I just knew how she didn't want me to dress. But one day she pointed out another associates outfit, nice khaki's and a sweet pink polo shirt, and asked me if I thought it was cute. I did not but I said 'of course' and then she suggested I wear the same. Feeling a bit hurt, I might have become a just wee bit defiant after that. The next day I pranced right in with a new pair of cute shorts and a pair of heels on. Shorts were the devil's handiwork. This was probably the last thing I was expected to be seen in considering the dropped jaws on management's faces. And then I lasted on the sales floor for about an hour that day before being sent home. 

Thankfully I was a pretty good employee so nothing was said after I changed into my boring khakis. But that hour of freedom will go down as one of the best hours ever. I was like the Braveheart of college girls everywhere working in niche stores with strict dress codes. (So a small victory...) You should know that I did not get sent home after wearing this outfit. Bloom is 100% okay with me wearing heels with shorts.

Slow Mo

posted on: 7/12/2012

{Top: Gap (on sale!) | Skirt: old Bloom | Sandals: Target | Bag: Brahmin}

Today is one of those days that I am running about 2 hours behind all day long. Hence the odd shaped bun -- it was all that was going to happen this morning. Now you know why I put a sock in it all the time, yes? Seriously though -- please tell me you have these days that from the moment you wake up everything is fast paced but you are moving in slow motion at the same time. If no one else knows what I'm talking about, I'm quitting life and moving to the beach and just going to work on my tan until I end up on the news as the tannest lady ever. 

What? That's already happened. Dang. I'll stick to Plan A after all. 

Good Luck

posted on: 7/11/2012

7.11.12a 7.11.12b 7.11.12c 7.11.12d
{Necklace: Similar | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Similar }

Last summer I was really good at thrifting. Mainly because I had a lot more time than I do now and as we all know thrifting takes time. (Or at least a free Saturday here and there.) I also feel like I had a lot of good thrift karma last year. For instance, this necklace I'm wearing. First of all, who gives up a J.Crew look-alike necklace? And secondly who sells it for a couple of bucks? Whoever you are, I'd like to shake your hand. I'd shake it so hard that all of your other probable J.Crew baubles will fall off your body and then -- then I will take them. 

Not to brag, but this was a very good thrift find. You know, if I think about it I've had quite a few thrift finds that were really good as well. So maybe I just have good thrift luck after all. One day I'm going to thrift a brand new car and you're all going to be so jealous. 

Little Black Tank

posted on: 7/10/2012

7.10.12a 7.10.12b 7.10.12c 7.10.12d
{Tank: Similar | Skirt: Old Anthro | Necklace: Vanessa Mooney | Shoes: Crazy Similar}

Yes, you are seeing that right. My bangs have decided to become a member of the rest of my hair in the bun party. It is your responsibility to remind me this the next time I consider cutting bangs: my hair is on growth steroids and they will never last. My love for bangs will have to go on the shelf with my love for powdered donuts and Dawson's Creek episodes. (That's right, acceptable only when alone.)

Also, no that was not a confession that I'm on 'roids. My anger issues come from elsewhere. 

Style Me Pretty Magazine

Once upon a time, I was a bride in a Pinterest-less and blog-less world. It was a scary time, my friends. We are talking no mason jars or photo booths at my wedding. I shudder. 

And although I'd hardly consider myself cool, Style Me Pretty asked me to pick my favorites for their new e-magazine. Dream up a wedding without having to actually plan anything? Don't mind if I do.

You can check out my picks along with other's who actually are the coolest here.