Spring Break

posted on: 3/25/2012

In the last three weeks, I've been in about six different cities in two different states. That my friends is not a humble brag but a simple statement of truth. Here's another statement of truth: I am freaking exhausted. Like "I haven't done laundry in weeks and might have to go buy new underwear" exhausted. Like "I haven't cleaned my car out in so long it looks like someone lives in there and quite possibly someone might be" exhausted. Like "I just called Bryan my brother, who just so happens to be my husband and not a blood relative" exhausted. (And I don't even have a brother -- again, not a humble brag.) All that to say, I think I might need a break. 

I haven't taken more than a weekend or few days off from the blog in the past two years. Mainly because it gives me a slight anxiety attack to not be posting on the regular. But since opening Bloom last fall I really haven't taken any time off at all and I'm starting to see the need for some time off.  But unless you want me to go all shaved head Britney with an umbrella on you, I should probably take a break. So this week that's what I'm going to do. I'm not going on a real vacation, but just a little internet vacation. I'll be back next week, hopefully refreshed and even more hopefully with a full set of hair.

Till then I'm always on instagram and facebook and sometimes the twitter. Have a happy week, friends.*

*Also, I reserve the right to revoke this post at any time during my faux-cation. Sometimes I just can't quit you, internet.

Win $50 to Rebecca Jewelry!

posted on: 3/21/2012

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Hello Spring

posted on: 3/20/2012

 {Sweater: Similar | Pants: Gap  | Shoes: Blowfish | Purse: c/o Ellington}

Ironically enough on this first day of Spring, this outfit is not the springiest of outfits I've worn in the past few weeks. But today it's rainy and a bit chilly. Touche, first day of spring. It's not chilly enough to not wear wedges, however.  And I already packed up all of my winter clothes and shoes, so sandals and wedges are going to happen rain or shine. I will make spring happen, even if I have wet feet all day long. Give me heels or give me death!

Ok, so that was a little dramatic. I'd wear flats if my life was on the line, just as long as they are cute flats. 

Another Day, Another Blazer

posted on: 3/19/2012

{Blazer: Similar | Tank: Gap | Jeans: Similar | Heels: Urban Outfitters | Necklace: Vanessa Mooney}

I honestly don't know when I wore this outfit. It was a week or two ago on a Friday or Saturday... maybe. Who knows? Although I'm fairly certain that I did wear it. I have photographic evidence. 

Yes, this is another blazer to add to my collection. If you learn one thing from this blog, it's to go find a  nice, fitted blazer. Easiest investment ever. In fact I'm wearing one right now. Will you see this outfit? Who knows, it could be days, weeks, years....

(PS -- I bought this one at Anthropologie but if you are into thrifting, and I think you are, I always see a ton of red blazers around. Do you see what I'm doing here? I'm trying to get you to buy more blazers to make me feel better about my obsession.)

Fancy Friday

posted on: 3/16/2012

{Tee: Target | Skirt: Bloom | Jacket: Similar | Wedges: Similar}

I've been dreaming about maxi skirts and dresses all winter. AKA I'm warning you now because this is pretty much all I want to wear. I've had this skirt for a while (we got it in the store in late January) and I've been waiting to wear it for so long. (My timeline is a lot like a child's timeline -- so long = the month of February) Today is the day. Also, can I make Fancy Friday a thing in which we all wear our best to end the week? 

Oh. I think just heard everyone wearing jeans at work today groan. Fine, it isn't a thing. Resume to your casual Friday shenanigans. 

Yes, this is day 5 on the denim jacket. I should probably wash it soon. And by soon I mean April. (See timeline equivalent above.)

Denim Jackets and Other Fears

posted on: 3/14/2012

{Dress: Simply Audrey | Jacket: Similar | Belt: Similar | Bracelet & Watch | Wedges: Similar}

I don't know about you, but there are a select few pieces of clothing that I am traumatized by from my high school days. Jean jackets, denim overalls, 4" wedged flip flops with large faux flowers attached to them just to name a few. Wind suits. I'm traumatized by wind suits, too. These are the things my nightmares are made of. I don't know why but high school kind of ruined denim jackets for me; I've been weary of them since. (We can't even talk about denim overalls. My therapist says it's still too soon.)

But I've been seeing denim jackets everywhere and I knew that I had to take the plunge. So I took the cheap plunge and found this one on sale. So far so good -- I got it last week and I've worn it 4 times since. Fear of the jacket has been conquered. 

It's official -- I'm in that annoying growing your hair out again stage. I feel like my hair says to me every morning: "remember when your hair was cute and short/remember when your hair was long and pretty?" Only a few more years until it's long again. Hopefully overalls and platform flower flip flops will be back in by then.

Shoes and Speeches

posted on: 3/12/2012


Sorry for the slight blogging delay (I started having withdrawals on day two, I've missed you guys) but I was at a blogger conference over the weekend. Ironically enough, I wasn't able to blog during the blogging conference. It seems so wrong, right?  But I digress. 

Of course I had no idea what to wear so I turned to my trusty mustard pants. And not to make my favorite red orange pumps jealous, but I might have picked up some new pink shoes. Pink is the new  red orange.  Right, Pantone

And if you ever wondered what I look like while giving a speech, it's this: 

Risky Business

posted on: 3/08/2012

{Similar Blouse | Similar Wedges | Necklace | Watch (c/o Kenneth Cole)}

Sometimes, even though I style blog, I feel like I don't try out things as much as I should. So I'm taking a risk and...putting a necklace over my buttoned up collar. Woahhhh. I know right? Maybe you should have been sitting down when you read this post. So crazy. So risky. I'm also drinking coffee and it's after noon which means I'll probably be up until 11 tonight. I can not be stopped. 

Win a $150 Gift Card from Beso!

posted on: 3/07/2012

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Green Jeans

posted on: 3/05/2012

{Blazer: Similar | Wedges: Seychelles | Jeans: Similar | Clutch: Similar | Scarf: Similar

I can't stop with the colored pants. I've had to have a talk with myself of buying no more. Now I see a color and think "I wonder if they make jeans in that color..." Colored jeans are the new girl scout cookies: they are everywhere and I can't stop buying them.

In my defense, I bought these on sale back in January before I knew I had a problem. Making excuses is the first step to recovery right? 

Spring Layers

posted on: 3/02/2012

{Blouse: Bloom | Sweater: Old Navy | Jeans: Target - Magenta | Purse: c/o Ellington | Shoes: Modcloth}

Two things: 
1. I am obsessed with colored pants. (Exhibit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Is this something we should be worried about?

2. I will never stop layering. Why does it always feel like when you layer on pieces your outfit looks more complete? 

The end. (I wasn't lying when I said I only had to say two things...)

(PS -- On sizing questions with this pair of jeans: they are TINY baby pants, my friends. I had to size up 3 sizes because I thought I was going to break a hip trying to get into my normal size. All that to say, don't be afraid to size up until they fit. I also bought the smallest size for my future unborn baby, because they were seriously that tiny.)

Oh Happy Day

posted on: 3/01/2012

{Dress: Blue Bird | Blazer: Gap (Similar) | Shoes: Similar }

I know that technically today is not the first day of spring, that in fact I must wait a few more weeks before I can call it official. But in my mind March 1 = spring. And as we all know, it's my favorite time of the year. Birds literally flew into my window this morning and pulled my curtains open for me, then helped me get dressed. This is why I love spring.

I kid. There were birds in my window but they hung around outside until 3 am last night tweeting up a storm (not on the Twitter, mind you.). But I still like spring, it's just nature I'm iffy about.

(If you were wondering, my dress is borrowed from my mom's closet. She is one stylish lady.)