Opposites Attract

posted on: 2/29/2012

[Blouse: Similar | Pants: J.Crew | Wedges: Similar | Watch: c/o Kenneth Cole | Necklace: c/o Maya Brenner]
If there were ever two opposites in my closet, I'm pretty sure it would be cargo army pants and my polka dot blouse. But they work together perfectly. Mainly because pinterest and J.Crew say that they work together. I just do what they tell me to do.
And why yes that is a tiny state of Texas around my neck. Thank you for asking.

The Problem with Skirts

posted on: 2/28/2012

[Tee: Old Navy (Similar) | Heels: Urban Outfitters | Clutch: Similar]

Something about being out of an office setting makes me suddenly feel very dressed up in a skirt. When I would go to my 9 to 5 every day, a skirt was a no-brainer. I almost felt sloppy in pants (because of the impending wrinkles that would occur while sitting all day), so typically all I would wear was a skirt or a dress. But these days I feel like I should be going to the Oscars whenever I put a skirt  or dress on (hence the amount of pants I wear). And yes, this is what I would wear if I was attending the Oscars. Fancy, no? Who am I wearing? Old Navy. 

I used to wear wrap skirts when I was a little girl and they would fascinate me. Mainly because the ones I wore had spandex shorts built into them. This meant no activity was out of question -- if I wanted to play kickball or go down a hot metal slide, then the sky was the limit. Maybe that's my issue with skirts now -- if only they had biker shorts built in, then I'd start wearing more of them. 

Saturday Nights and Sock Buns

posted on: 2/26/2012

[Blazer: Similar | Tank: Similar | Jeans: (Similar) | Shoes: Payless (similar) Clutch: Melie Bianco ]

Our date nights rarely consist of us actually going anywhere that warrants me dressing up or wearing heels. Does this stop me? Never. But the good news about running down the street for pizza is that a tank top is perfectly acceptable on a Saturday night. I tend to think that wearing heels trumps any casual piece you are wearing; it tends to balances out the casual. Unless it's pajama jeans, of course, and then all bets are off. 

It's hard to get over the fact that I'm wearing a sock on my head. Via the loving Pinterest, I learned how to put a sock on my head, wrap my hair around it and fool you into thinking my hair is full enough to make this pretty little bun. It's been way too long since I've been able to do a blogger bun; it feels good to be back. Even if it involves foot gear and deception.

Bold Kitty

posted on: 2/22/2012

Pants: Gap | Shoes: Payless (similar) | Scarf: Target | Watch: c/o Fossil

I'm really glad cuffed and ankle length pants are coming back in style. It makes it a lot easier to find pants as a tall girl. And even if these pants aren't supposed to just come to my ankle, I shall tell people they are. (Notice that when I sit they come up to my calf. They are supposed to be that way, I promise...)

Directly after these photos were taken, I sat in my car and cursed the wind for a good 5 minutes for 1) messing up my messy bun and 2) making my scarf look like it was trying to eat my neck. Then I asked Bryan if there was a place in the world with no wind and it was always 70 degrees outside. He said nowhere, but I'm still hopeful this place exists. And when I find this place I will move there and wear scarfs and messy buns all day, every day. 
**Update: After many comments from dear readers, it turns out this place does exist -- it is a special place called San Diego.  I am packing my bags today.

Buildings and Books

posted on: 2/21/2012


{Blouse: Bloom | Skirt: Loft  | Boots: Fossil | Watch: c/o Kenneth Cole}

Up until this morning I thought that this shirt had books on it. I kept calling it my library shirt and my husband kept correcting me, to which I just rolled my eyes. What does he know about fashion? But it turns out he knows more than me as these are buildings and not books. Sigh, and I call myself a style blogger...and a college graduate.

It felt like spring this morning when I went outside and I immediately became giddy. I can not wait for spring; it is my favorite season of all time. Which means it's almost time for bare legs, wedges and patios-- AKA the most wonderful time of the year. (You probably thought Christmas was the most wonderful time of the year, but I'm sorry you are wrong.) 

Going Out

posted on: 2/20/2012

Blazer: Target (Similar) | Shirt: Bloom | Jeans: Gap  | Shoes: Payless (similar) | Clutch: Brahmin

This is my typical "going out" outfit. And by going out I mean we went to dinner at 5:15 and were home by 7 to watch 'The Voice'. But enough about my exciting night life, back to the outfit. I don't know when a blazer ended up meaning a 'night of fun' in my mind, but it does. I reach for it any time we go out. I guess I mean business when I party. 

I've hit a milestone. We took these photos in broad daylight with people around. If you've read my blog for a while, you know my impending fear of people. In fact, it looks something like this:

There is no other way to end this post except to just walk away from the computer slowly. Which I am doing now.

(PS look below to see if you won the Bloom giveaway!)

You are all winners in my heart...

Thank you all for the sweet entries in the giveaway last week! It was so fun to read them and see your responses. If it would be possible to be best friends with all 1800 of you, I would. (Sleepovers obviously would not be an option.)

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Congrats, everyone! Send me an email and we'll hook you up. ;)

Leopard Bottom Jeans

posted on: 2/16/2012

{Similar Shirt, Jeans, Clutch, Heels}

Well I'm back in town and $30 lighter from, sadly, the penny slots. I didn't dare to really gamble, because let's be honest -- I've got chump written all over me.

 So I picked up these jeans at Target a few weeks back for $23 (yes for less than my Vegas loss). After seeing these in all of my magazines, I knew I had to find me a pair.  Although completely smitten with the idea of wearing leopard print on over 60% of my body, I wasn't convinced that I could pull them off.  But for $20 (and a bag of Sour Patch Kids) I thought why not? I'll try any trend for around $20. You can quote me on that. 

Viva Las Vegas

posted on: 2/15/2012

We left for Vegas on Sunday night to go to the Magic trade show. (This is for apparel, not actually for magic supplies. Although going to a magic convention is on my top ten list of things to do in life.) And as we've found out taking outfit photos in a tiny hotel room is not legit, so I'll just distract you with some Instagram photos for now.

And yes I did win $.01. Jealous?

Weekend Style

posted on: 2/13/2012

{Similar Sweater, Rose Jeans, Purse}

I have worn this outfit a minimum of two times in the last three days. (If I told you three times, you'd probably judge me, so let's just pretend I've only worn it twice.) There are a few reasons this might be the perfect weekend outfit. It's comfortable but still put together, I'm wearing a weekend acceptable heel and it fulfills my fascination with colored pants. 

Please ignore the sunglasses. The light was much too pretty to pass up even through all of my make up left my face for the day. And trust me, no matter how pretty the light is, tired melted make-up face is seriously scary.

Win a $50 Gift Card to Bloom!

posted on: 2/10/2012

To say thank you for the sweet response to Bloom's online launch this week, we are giving away three $50 gift cards! All you have to do is:

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The winner of last week's Lily Boutique giveaway is...

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Black and White

posted on: 2/09/2012

{Top, Skinny Pants, Similar Heels}

I think because of my fashion blogger ways I try to do more than I should at times with an outfit. If I just put an easy blouse on with a pair of pants, like today for example, my mind starts running -- "you could add a vest! a scarf! a hat! think of the accessories!!!!" (My mind is the Target lady from those holiday commercials, by the way.) Then I think what is wrong with a little bit of simple? Simple never hurt a cute outfit, right? Sometimes simple is the best policy. After honesty, of course. 

Exactly one month from today I'll be speaking at the Texas Style Council conference. I'm just a tiny bit nervous. And if I'm a little bit nervous now, just think -- by March 9th I'll be a complete wreck. It's going to be awesome, you guys. 

Jumping the Gun

posted on: 2/08/2012

{Similar Cardigan, Blouse, Skirt}

Yesterday's semi-warm weather got me all gushy inside for spring. In other words, I should have worn tights today. It is not bare leg weather yet. The optimist in me is hoping for sunshine by noon. Or maybe I'll just run home for some tights. 

I braved Target at 8:30 am on Sunday to check out the Jason Wu collection. There were surprisingly no crowds (and none of these people) and I pretty much had the collection to myself. I picked up this number I'm wearing and this top, too. I was a little sad I didn't get in a  fight with anyone for my sizes, but I still pushed over a rack just for the sake of it.