Gentle Giant

posted on: 1/31/2012

{Dress, Similar Jeans, Heels, Similar Cardigan, Watch (c/o Kenneth Cole), Necklace}

So this is technically a dress, just not on me. That's what happens when you are the tallest kid in 7th grade and no one asks you out for the next ten years because your height intimidates every single boy, even the male teachers. (wait -- how did that anecdote get in here?) You see, you can't always trust a dress. So instead I tucked the ends under and now I have a shirt. And yes, that last sentence did make me feel like a giant. 

I'm pretty sure this is my "if I were an elementary art teacher" outfit.  Why elementary art? Simple: high school girls scare me and I'm terrible at shading. 

Off Duty

posted on: 1/30/2012

{Similar Tee, Similar Pants, Flats}

It's true -- there are days I don't wear heels, I don't shellac my make-up on and I simply don't dress up. As of lately there have been many of these days. Of course you don't know about these rogue outfits because I rarely take photos on my off days. Why? Because I don't want to bore you with my t-shirts that I sometimes sleep in and wear the next day, and a random pair skinny jeans that I've worn for 4 weeks straight so they are stretched out and make me feel skinny. But today I am going to be honest -- today I am a bore.  So here is an off duty outfit to lull you back in to your Monday afternoon nap time. Wait -- was that a yawn? Oh, you don't take a nap at your office? Liar.  

Win a Your Choice of Shoes from Blowfish!

posted on: 1/25/2012

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Dot Com

posted on: 1/24/2012

{Similar Sweater, Skirt, Belt, Similar Heels}

Ah, color blocking. Wait -- this is still in right? If not, I'm bringing it back from the good ol' days of last summer. Color blocking is so hot right now, if you didn't know...

So it's true. You can now go to and find my blog! It only took me two years and a month of blogging to register and re-direct my domain. Technology! And since I'm so savvy on the internets, I actually have no idea if this jacks up RSS feed or anything. If it does, my bad. If it doesn't, I'm a freaking genius. 

Good News!

posted on: 1/23/2012

Let's just get this out there: I'm terrible at making announcements. But I have exciting news, so I'll give it my best shot. Next month Bloom is opening online! What is Bloom you say? Well I opened Bloom, a little boutique in McKinney, Texas, last September right? And every once in a while I'll sport something from there (that's what the 'bloom' tag is, if you were ever lost on that). But unless you lived close by, you weren't able to buy the items I wore. Next month, select items from Bloom will be available online -- a small peak into the retail store. Right now Bloom's site is getting a facelift, you can check our progress out on Bloom's Facebook page or right here, of course. I will not leave you hanging.

Till our undetermined date in February, how about a few shots our first photoshoot to hold you over?

See you guys and this cute little model in February. (Just kidding, I'll see you tomorrow.)

White Not

posted on: 1/20/2012

{Dress, Similar Blazer, Similar Heels}

Excuse the wind blown hair. My wind machine is acting up again.

Let's be honest, this combination was kind of a no-brainer. White and black with white and black? Done. By the end of the week I need a no brainer kind of outfit. I also need a weekend, ice cream and a really bad chick flick to watch. Who's with me?

Third Grade

posted on: 1/18/2012

{Sweater, Chambray Shirt, Similar Jeans, Similar Wedges}

Let's be honest -- I would have gladly worn this outfit in third grade. Of course I would have most likely won best dressed for third grade; I judge this mainly on the basis that most 8 year olds don't wear heels and I don't have lunch crusted on my face. Now that I think about it, I'd pretty much face off with a third grader any day of the week on any topic besides Geography (simply because I realized where Hawaii was just this year and I don't own map pencils). But even as a 27 year old, it feels good to be wearing hot pink pants with a polka dot sweater AND to know where Hawaii is on a map. 

Elementary my friends, elementary. 

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(Really) Wide Leg

posted on: 1/17/2012

{Similar Shirt, Heels}

Three things about silk pants: 1) constant wrinkles 2) the wind hates silk and 3) constantly worried about stains. I have banned myself from eating anything greasy today along with anything that involves ketchup or wine or blood. (Blood is such a pain to get out of silk.) It's that or eat with my pants off, which I typically wait until 5 pm to do that. 

I found these pants at Anthro for $20 (down from $198. It's almost like they paid me to take them off their hands) and I bought them on a whim. The very next day I saw this image on Pinterest and was so glad I took a risk on my wide leg maxi silky sultan pants. I really don't know what to call these things.

(Excuse the weird pouts. Apparently when it's cold I make 'sexy come hither/I just ate a lemon' face.)

Mad about Plaid

posted on: 1/13/2012

{Similar Blazer, Shirt, Gap Skinny JeansSimilar Belt}

Just a quick post this morning before heading out today for a mini-roadtrip for a wedding. It's still chilly outside so two good photos was all we got before I wimped out and put my coat right back on. I'm this close to move to Florida. And by Florida, I mean Disney World. 

Two other ways I've remixed this top, which is quickly becoming a closet staple of mine.
plaidremix1 plaidremix2


posted on: 1/12/2012

{Similar Vest, Similar JacketGap Pants Similar Flats}

So when the weather man says "it feels like 23 degrees" he isn't lying. In my opinion I would have said "it feels like your insides might die a little if you go outside today" but I didn't go to weather school, so I am no expert on weather emotions. 

Same jacket as yesterday but I layered on a few other pieces as well. Rarely in Texas do I need to wear fake fur, but today I have a reason. And yes, I am regretting having bare feet. Thank you for your concern. 


posted on: 1/11/2012

{Lace Top, Similar Skirt}

Last time I wore a handmade cowl, I had many comments that accoladed me on my fine ability to knit. No, friends. I can not knit. In all honesty I have trouble tying lace up shoes, so knitting doesn't happen in the Everyday household. I just have family members and talented friends that I force at gun point to make me things for free. Isn't that so sweet of them? 

My shoes are in fact from Target. Cute, but not sturdy. Don't be fooled I am walking with purpose today but only because I have to concentrate on every step I take. I can see strangers taking wagers on how long before I fall or break an ankle. (Breaking an ankle would obviously be a higher wager.) Cute but not sturdy; that should be my tag line.

I Haz a Cold?

posted on: 1/09/2012

{Similar Blazer, Top, Similar Sweater, Jeans, Wedges}

I'm hopped up on cold medicine today and all I can get out are three random sentences. I stared at the screen for a solid 10 minutes trying to piece them together but to no avail. So here you go. Three very random sentences:

It's rainy and cold here today.

 I wore a similar outfit back in the spring and wanted to bring it back, winter-edition.

I've got mad love for tie blouses lately. 
And I digress. Cold medicine is good.

Warm Winter

posted on: 1/06/2012

{Similar Sweater, Skirt, Shoes, Purse}

Those are bare legs you are seeing, my friends. Bare legs on January 6th. My logic tells me this is a fluke. This time next month we'll probably be snowed-in and I'll be cursing the weather. But today it feels like spring and I want to buy everyone a drink with an umbrella in it. 

If you see a weird girl frolicking through the dead grass today yelling 'spring is here!', that will be me. 

Pretty Pleats

posted on: 1/05/2012

{Similar Skirt, Similar Tee, Similar Blazer}

This skirt is easily becoming one of my favorite pieces to wear and remix. I feel elegant, maybe too elegant for my day job? But for my night job, it's perfect. (night job = style blogger, duh.)

I don't mean to sound like Ms. Zoe but this week is bananas. If I forget to post this week, apologies in advance. Please know that I am not forgetting to get dressed.

After Five

posted on: 1/03/2012

{JeansSimilar Men's Shirt, Boots, Similar Blazer, Bag c/o Hobo}

Well. This is what I've worked all day looks like, not the usual fresh out of the shower posts I give you. Slightly greasy hair that starts forming odd bumps throughout. Makeup that over the last 8 hours has slowly disappeared into my pores which will magically reappear in 2-5 days as an angry zit. And wrinkles, oh the wrinkles, all over. Even in places that it doesn't make sense to have wrinkle (see jacket sleeve where absolutely no body part is able to bend). 

But do I still take outfit photos? Of course I do. It's part dedication, part habit, part OCD, part vanity, part crazy and a little bit of the Bieber Fever. That's what keeps me going.