Decisions, Decisions


Let it be known that it is the 5th of December and my legs are bare. Also note that there is little regret on this face. It’s a bit chilly and while I’d love to pull out my sweaters, I’m not that upset that it’s still warm here. I get cranky if I wear tights for too many months, so the longer we can hold out in December the better. Although it looks like I’ve lost all color on my legs from the summertime. So just kidding — I’m wearing white tights. Fooled you all. 

I feel like I need to make a PSA about my skirt. Attention friends: I found this skirt for $12 at my local Target. (For those in north Dallas, the one off of Stacy Rd.) It might just be a markdown at that store and not to make this situation even more dire but it’s also available in navy. Which meant that I spent longer trying to figure out which color of skirt I should get compared to figuring out what I will cook for dinner this week. Some decisions are just easier than others, ok?


Top: c/o PB&J Boutique

Skirt: Target

Cardigan: J.Crew Factory

Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Tote: c/o Questhaven Fashions

  • Molly Rasmussen

    Love the two tone orange! Darling as always. x

  • still being [Molly]

    i absolutely LOVE this look, kendi!! gorgeous!

  • lisa

    PSA: Check stock in your local target.  $23 online, but may be less in store (you know how tricky Target can be) skirt

  • Alissa Futhey

    Ok my Target for sure does not have that skirt! I was just there but maybe I need to go back and look harder!

  • Jessica Broyles

    haha! I always spend more time picking out clothes than on what to cook for dinner! Love the outfit!

  • Jessica Camerata

    Great little fall outfit. And yes, it's 70 degrees here in Atlanta, bare legs are the best!

    xoxo Jessica

  • Hannah

    My Target doesn't have that skirt – so lucky you! It looks gorgeous. It's freezing here in the Bay Area so enjoy the milder climes while you can :)

  • Megha Varshini

    love the contrast of orange and brown.. 


  • Amie Kelleher

    I am loving that bird blouse. I've been dying to find one. You always inspire me to put together outfits, from things I never thought to put together! So thank you! I absolutely adore your blog Kendi! 

    Love Amie x 

  • Anne Hill

    Man target really has the greatest stuff these days!

  • teacups + B cups

    Both colors. Velveeta macaroni & cheese (plus broccoli). Problem solved.

    Anyway, you look great… bare legs and all.

  • pretty little things

    love the outfit and the colors you used here! you look great lady! xo

  • Carlee

    I love this outfit! The colors seem to just go perfectly together and the print on the blouse is amazing. Definitely made the right decision by buying this skirt.
    Almost Endearing

  • Caroline L.

    Target needs to stop being so amazing. I might just invest my life savings in Target stocks or whatever people do with investments…. awkward moment when I probably don't even have enough in my life savings to invest in a single store…

  • Tracie

    I got that one in navy. I kinda wish I had gotten it in that color too! And yes I am also loving the Texas "Winter" we are having. Just wish I could wear my warm sweaters though!

  • Kendi Lea

    I saw that two days next week will be chilly! Sweater weather is a-coming :)

  • Kendi Lea

    Sad thing is I actually ate that dinner this week. Except it was Annie's organic mac + cheese with broccoli. We fancy. 

  • Kendi Lea

    It was in the back next to the maternity clothes. I mean RIGHT NEXT to maternity items, on the same rack. I would have walked right passed it but little does Target know that I am aware of these tricky moves and I even scour the maternity section because I am that lame. 😉 

  • Jealeyni Vega

    I'm loving this look! So my style. My Target needs to get with the program and hook it up! That's an adorable skirt for $12!

  • Always Maylee

    I love your cardigan, the length and the color! You look gorgeous!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  • Carrie

    Super cute! I always have the problem of "which colour" and I'll usually end up just buying them both!

    Style in the City

  • Rachel

    Love the colors going on here! Great neutrals and your skirt is fantastic :) Love your hair too! Not sure if you colored it recently or the lighting, but the color is so pretty!
    Rachel’s Lookbook

  • Heather Moss

    Oooo, good choice. This color is too unique to pass up. I have no complaints either (on the weather). Here in San Antonio, I'm doing my 30×30 and walking with ease through the high degrees… 


  • lavieenliz

    cute cardigan

  • Natalie

    Love that blouse, Kendi! Such a fun print. Also, I think that I don't miss Texas "winters"…until I'm standing in 50-degree wind, desperately trying to hold onto my umbrella here I'm the Bay Area. S enjoy those bare legs while you can.

    Name's Not Ashley

  • Breakfast at Cindi’s

    Great print on that blouse, I really like the pops of orange through out the outfit : )




    Breakfast at

  • Amanda

    I've been lusting after these heels!!! But it looks like the ones available on UO's site are more orange than red… have they stopped selling the really red ones, do you know?

  • Sarah H.

    White tights will make a comeback now, just you wait. I wear them everyday under my pants.

    Sarah's Real Life

  • Natali Karppinen

    Great bag and blouse! You look beautiful!

  • Jhan

    Looked this skirt up on Target's website and it's almost double the price you paid for yours! I will surely scour the Philly stores to see if it's available there. :-)

  • Star White

    I'm loving your unexpected color combo today with orange and red. SUPER cute!

  • Kendi Lea

    I know that mine are more poppy or orange red than the really red ones. They just don't photograph as vividly any more because they are a few years old. I don't think they have the really red ones any more, sadly. :( 

  • Kendi Lea

    I think fall is the best time for a 30×30. You can layer till your heart's desire but it's not so cold that it feels like a chore to get dressed. Best of luck on the remix :)

  • Rebecca Lately

    That top is cute!

  • Amanda

    It's such a bummer! Everyone says the "red/orange" pair are really more pumpkin. Not quite what I'm looking for! Maybe I'll just stick with the mustard… lots of possibilities there, too =)

  • Oluwaseun S.

    I can barely see the tights. Like always, I like the color palette in this look. The cardigan has a rich color, with a nice length! :)

    Target has good deals for quality items.

  • Stephanie Gliozzo

     i say go with mustard! they look fantastic too =)

    (i'm definitely eyeing the mustard haha)

  • Kaobrecht

    Feel so special – first time I've seen you wear something I have in my own closet. Love that skirt from Target. I also opten for the pumpkin color. (My co-worker told me I looked like pumpkin pie when I wore it – ha!)

  • Sarah

    Gorgeous outfit! I do love the skirt, and a bargain makes it amazing.

  • Kendi Lea

    I'm with Stephanie — go with the mustard!

  • Rachelle

    love this look, super cute!

  • Audrey @ Putting Me Together

    OMG, that skirt is ADORABLE!  I love this outfit!

  • Seekingstyleblog

    I think you picked the right color!

    xo Jennifer

  • Tessa Lynn

    I love how colorful your outfits are! Your outfits inspire me so much because when I look at your posts I think "Hey! I have some pieces kind of like that! I could try similar!" or "Oh my gosh, I never thought of putting those colors together! It looks so cute!!" Basically, I love your style and I love how much COLOR there is!! I really love color… like a lot.
    Tessa Lynn

  • Typhanie Stewart

    This outfit is just my style! I love it, especially the colors!


  • Amanda

     Okaaaaay. If you're going to twist my arm. They're $10 off right now, too!!

  • photosbyjaana

    your "tights" will be the next hip thing!  :)

  • viamojo

    very elegant put together!

  • Erin >

    So cute, Kendi! I always love seeing those Urban Outfitters shoes on your blog – it's a great reminder to all of us that we should remix things we already own before buying more, More, MORE! You're the coolest.

  • PennyPincherFashion

    Believe it or not, you have more color on your legs than I do…what does that say about me?!  Love the combination here and great find on that skirt!! :)

  • Kelsey Elizabeth

    Target most certainly makes the world go round! I want the navy one! 
    Time Stand Still

  • Lynette Hoyle

    I just got a ridiculously cute black & leopard print tote today, marked from $30 to $8.98. Target is amazing sometimes.

    Lynette @ lynette marie

  • Saint Allison

    This is such a cute autumn look- luv it!


  • Shannon

    Absolutely positively loving everything about this outfit!

  • Thriving Wives

    Shades of orange, looks great! Those shoes are very cute, will have to stalk my local UO.

    Strive to Thrive,Nic

  • Josephine

    You're too cute. That skirt was such a good find! Love this look. 

    <3 Josephine

  • Christina

    Is it weird that I am amused by the name of that boutiqueand that I believe it will bring me as much satisfaction as a PB&J sandwich?

  • Pia

    Great Look and I love that you got the skirt for $12 what an amazing deal.

  • isabelle
  • Betsy

    Clothes feed your soul, so it's okay.

  • GiovannaPacini

    Such a cute look! Loving your cardi and bag!


  • Fashioningmylife DC

    like those shoes! amazing color

  • ashleigh

    I really love that skirt. It's at Target now? I like this matchy-matchy look, and the bird print top.

  • Olga Zgonnik

    gorgeous blouse! love all the fall colors

  • Claudia

    I can't even imagine being bare legged right now. It's freezing here, and at times even snowing (at the moment it still melts when hitting the ground, but maybe tomorrow I'll wake up to a white world!)

  • pghbekka

    I love everything about this!  The adorable birds, the little screw detail on the skirt…You totally should have gotten the skirt in BOTH colors.

  • New Petite

    Love the skirt! 

  • Jess_Dynarski

    Love, love, love the skirt and it makes it cuter that you got it on sale. Target has some pretty great clothes right now. 


  • Skirting Mischief

    I bought that same Target skirt about 3 months ago – it's been out for awhile (but not on sale – the small sizes go fast where I'm at, so I grab when I can!). They also had the similar A-line style in a tan plaid that reminded me of Indiana Jones – so I bought both! Love the A-line and Target's Merona! The Merona cardigans are just as great, too. Identical to J.Crew, but 50 bucks cheaper.

  • Agi Mayer

    Great outfit. Love your style. I love it when you can find a fantastic piece of clothing for a great price.


  • Kristian Satterlee

    I'd be spending that log deciding on skirt color too, but I'm glad you went with this color. Its just lovely.

  • Christine

    Love all the warm neutral hues. And the print on that top is adorable!

  • Shannon Heart’s

    What a lovely Fall ensemble

  • Ashley Taylor

    Love the colors on you!


  • Jupe_Cambria

    I just love your rust skirt!  It's so pretty and ladylike! I tried the same one on at Target but it just fit all wrong…the minuses of being petite.
    <3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.comCheck out my … Jose Eber GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!

  • Catherine

    Kendi the red hair looks so good on you!

  • Courtney HR

    You're gorgeous! And I love the unexpected combination of red and rust tones. 

  • Happinessatmidlife

    What a find on your skirt!  Love when I find such awesome deals – not a time waster at all.  


  • Theresa

    Fun colors!  That happens to me at target every time!  Make sure to get them both if you love them enough!  They may be gone when you go back to get them(this happened to me last month still annoyed with myself).  You can always return them if you change your mind!


  • Lizzie

    Love your blouse :) Gotta love Target for those unexpected great finds!

  • XeanaFashion
  • TheresaTran

    Cute!! I love the colors in this outfit! (:


  • Aleksandra

    Wow, such a cute and lovely outfit! With I could wear something similar now, but it's snowing where I live (:

  • Mica

    Love the printed top paired with the skirt! :)

  • Amandarin

    Loving the more frequent posts and also LOVING these last few outfits x100,000….. you are gorgeous, lady :)

  • kendra genevieve rose.
  • Kendi Lea

    Thank you! I didn't realize the up keep of the color red so we will see how long it lasts :) 

  • Nat

    I love the orange tones!!! :)

    XO Nat

  • Guest

    Funny thing about the bird blouse – Target was selling a belted tunic blouse in the Pure Energy (big gals) section made of the same fabric, same print, earlier this fall. I nabbed it and was surprised to see this similar one pop up today on your blog!

  • lapetitemortxo

    You made the right choice on color.

  • kitsunekun

    really great colours! tights galore up in here.

  • Petite Adventures

    Love this outfit – the colours are fantastic and I am so in love with your blouse!

    Kate xo

  • Kristen

    Love this Kendi! I ended up getting both the blue and orange skirts today :) My store was only marked down to $17 but with only one of each in my size, I snatched them up!Consider yourself lucky to be sporting bare legs…I live in South Dakota and am envious! The snow is flying here.

  • Lindsay Living

    That last photo of you is simply gorgeous!

  • Bumblebee513

    I saw that skirt a few weeks ago and purchased both colors, because I'm indecisive like that. Unfortunately they didn't fit right so I had to take them back. :/ It looks gorgeous on you, though. Pretty much everything does.

  • aheartandsoulstory

    you are so lucky! snowstorm after snowstorm keeps me from wearing anything but tights … but under pants. The only way to keep warm in this dreary weather. I hope that you can still enjoy this warm weather for a bit. You look lovely in your red and orange combo!! Still loving your heels

  • agungshafira