{Blouse: Bloom | Jeans: Gap | Heels: Similar}

By the time you will read this, I will be up in the air on my way to New York City. Technically this is during fashion week, but sadly no one accepted my offer to walk the runway for them this year. Some people just don’t know a good thing when they see it. Instead I’ll be speaking Wednesday on a panel about entrepreneurship at the IFB Conference. (Remember the post when everyone thought I hashtagged bacon? Ah yes, now it’s all coming back to you. That conference.)

I had big plans for a sock bun tutorial this week and a few other cool posts but I ran out of time. Next week I’ll post a bun tutorial, I promise. But I promise like a bad ex-boyfriend who lies. So don’t hold your breath. 

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  1. rhiannon says:

    you look gorgeous, i love that blouse!


    09.04.12 · Reply
  2. Natali Karppinen says:

    Fantastic blouse!! You look superb!!


    09.04.12 · Reply
  3. Right Fit Sisters says:

    Love this outfit – the blue shoes are perfect! Enjoy NYC. 

    09.04.12 · Reply
  4. Kristina Jelcic says:

    Lol re the catwalk comment. That made me chuckle. Love those shoes. 

    09.04.12 · Reply
  5. I love your bag!!!

    09.04.12 · Reply
  6. Completely in love with this top – the colors are perfect for fall! 🙂

    09.04.12 · Reply
  7. have fun out there! I love the top!


    09.04.12 · Reply
  8. XeanaFashion says:

    Cute! Shoes is awesome!

    From http://www.xeanafashion.com  

    09.04.12 · Reply
  9. Ali Cat says:

    Way to welcome in fall. That blouse is perfection.

    09.04.12 · Reply
  10. Anita says:

    A very beautiful outfit, I really love the blouse! Are you shipping also to Germany with bloom? 
    And have a good time in New York, can't wait for your photos!

    xxx Anita

    09.04.12 · Reply
  11. Emerjadesign says:

    Pretty blouse! You're gorgeous!


    09.04.12 · Reply
  12. Supal says:

    I love this outfit!! Bloom has some of the best blouses!


    09.04.12 · Reply
  13. Richlpgirl says:

    hi! im obsessed with this outfit – esp the heels!! love your blog — can we follow each other????


    09.04.12 · Reply
  14. Natalia Valle says:

    I love that blouse, and those jeans…

    09.04.12 · Reply
  15. Sierra says:

    That shirt is awesome. So awesome. Safe travels. Bring me back something expensive.


    09.04.12 · Reply
  16. Natasha says:

    Have a great time at the conference and at NYFW.
    That's a fantastic blouse, love its boxy shop.

    09.04.12 · Reply
  17. Kendall says:

    That blouse is seriously fabulous!
    xo K

    09.04.12 · Reply
  18. Cake Valley says:

    LOVE this top! and the blue shoes are the perfect "pop" to the orange!!!
    keep the inspiration coming!!

    xo. cake & valley

    cake & valley

    09.04.12 · Reply
  19. Gina says:

    love your bag and blouse.  where did you get the bag?

    09.04.12 · Reply
  20. Anum says:

    Love how you paired summery colours and totally made a fall look! Love this! The cardigan is gorgeous.


    09.04.12 · Reply
  21. Brittany says:

    I love your whole outfit, especially your top and shoes. That blue is gorgeous. Best of luck at your conference!

    09.04.12 · Reply
  22. Rosely says:

    Lol "a bad ex-boyfriend who lies".  Love the blouse.

    09.04.12 · Reply
  23. Beautiful top! But I also REALLY love that bag. Where's it from?

    09.04.12 · Reply
  24. Loving that blouse! Have fun at IFB! 

    09.04.12 · Reply
  25. i just love. love those pants!



    09.04.12 · Reply
  26. phiphi says:

    you look so lovely! what a great blouse! xox P


    09.04.12 · Reply
  27. Patusshka says:

    I love all outfit <3

    09.04.12 · Reply
  28. Jupe_Cambria says:

    Have oodles of fun on your trip, my dear…sounds like a blast! And that top is really lovely, the fall colours make me smile!
    <3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.comCheck out my GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

    09.04.12 · Reply
  29. you look amazing! hop you have a great week <3

    09.04.12 · Reply
  30. jackie says:

    rolled up jeans and heels are my favorite. hope you have so much fun in New York!

    09.04.12 · Reply
  31. Shelly says:

    Have fun!!!  I'm excited to read all about your trip!!  (and I'm excited for the sock bun tutorial…have seen it on pinterest and just can't "get it.")


    09.04.12 · Reply
  32. amyjpalmer54 says:

    love that your bag compliments that top perfectly.


    09.04.12 · Reply
  33. Nikell says:

    Enjoy New York! I love that top! Those shoes and bag go perfectly with it (^_^)

    09.04.12 · Reply
  34. Thais says:

    I love that blouse! The colors are great!


    09.04.12 · Reply
  35. Lucy says:

    This look (which, ps, I love) HAS to be inspired by a certain JCrew lookbook outfit. Right? 

    You nailed it, of course. 

    09.04.12 · Reply
  36. Rome says:

    I love the blouse! Have fun in NYC!!

    09.04.12 · Reply
  37. Laura @ chaotic domestic says:

    I LOVE this outfit.  Especially the top!  Hope you have fun this week!

    09.04.12 · Reply
  38. Laura Whitman says:

    I love this shirt! It is so unique and lovely. Have a great time in the Big Apple!


    09.04.12 · Reply
  39. Kristin says:

    Love those heels! I have my eye on some that are similar for Fall. Safe travels to NYC!


    09.04.12 · Reply
  40. obsessed with the blouse!

    09.04.12 · Reply
  41. Jenna says:

    Have a great time in NYC! 


    09.04.12 · Reply
  42. I love your blouse, it's so cute on you. Have so much fun in NYC and good luck at the IFB conference, you're going to rock it! 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee 

    09.04.12 · Reply
  43. Kirsten648 says:

    Love the top! Great outfit!!

    09.04.12 · Reply
  44. Amy says:

    I love that top! Have so much fun in NYC 🙂

    09.04.12 · Reply
  45. www.toliveforstyle.com says:

    Just too cute! That top speaks the fall season :).

    09.04.12 · Reply
  46. Love this!! Can't wait for fall

    09.04.12 · Reply
  47. Kylee Benesh says:

    Love your shirt! 


    -Fashion Fever Blogger

    09.04.12 · Reply
  48. Wilhelmina Miltonburn says:

    THIS is my favoritest outfit from you yet! (yes, that *is* a word) And i love the remark about the bad ex-boyfriend.

    09.04.12 · Reply
  49. Caroline L. says:

    That's a fabulous top! Have so much fun in NYC – best place ever. 


    09.04.12 · Reply
  50. photosbyjaana says:

    that blouse kicks so much ass.  am i allowed to say that on here?

    09.04.12 · Reply
  51. Kati says:

    where is your purse from? i'm obsessed. thanks for sharing your style 🙂

    09.04.12 · Reply
  52. such a fun top! and i love your heels! can't wait to watch the live stream!!

    Sandy a la Mode

    09.04.12 · Reply
  53. Carrie says:

    Love your top!
    Good luck in NYC!
    Style in the City

    09.04.12 · Reply
  54. Maegan says:

    Good luck!! Where is your bag from??

    09.04.12 · Reply
  55. Zadin says:

    I'm sure the conference will be so much fun.


    09.04.12 · Reply
  56. TheresaTran says:

    Love your top!!! I love the unique colorblocking on it! (: Very cute outfit! Have fun in New York!!


    09.04.12 · Reply
  57. Neelycotten says:

    Oh, love me some JCrew lookbook. Have fun in NYC!

    09.04.12 · Reply
  58. I need that shirt. I love it. I cannot live without it. Yada, yada. Ordering it. Annnnd… $100.00 poorer.


    09.04.12 · Reply
  59. have fun in NYC!

    love your shirt! 


    09.04.12 · Reply
  60. Alissa Futhey says:

    I need and want that top. ASAP!

    09.04.12 · Reply
  61. Amy B. says:

    such a cute top

    09.04.12 · Reply
  62. Julesinflats says:

    have a fab time in nyc!!

    xo julesinflats.com

    09.04.12 · Reply
  63. marsa says:

    recently bought boyfriend jeans from Gap but you wear them so much better!

    09.04.12 · Reply
  64. Have fun at fashion week! Really cute casual look.  I just bought my first pair of boyfriend jeans…we'll see if they looks as good on me!

    09.04.12 · Reply
  65. Love the top!
    Enjoy the conference + NY.
    xo, Londa

    09.04.12 · Reply
  66. Katerina Pega says:

    Lucky you Kendi, going to the IFB conference… 🙂 Have a great time!
    I love the rolled up denim style!

    09.04.12 · Reply
  67. nathyness says:

    "I promise like a bad ex-boyfriend who lies." Classic Kendi humor! Love it!

    My favorite part of this look is the shoes. They are so pointy and vintagey. I got a pair like that the other day from Modcloth, except they're glittery! Can't wait for them to arrive!


    09.04.12 · Reply
  68. Andrea says:

    the blouse is lovely!

    09.04.12 · Reply
  69. Nat says:

    Loving the top and bag! Super cute!
    Enjoy NYC and the conference 🙂


    09.04.12 · Reply
  70. LOVE that blouse!!!! 

    09.04.12 · Reply
  71. Oh wow, I love this outfit! All of the colors go together so well and you look positively glowing! 

    09.04.12 · Reply
  72. Sarah H. says:

    Are you trying to make me order from Bloom? Because I'm getting dangerously tempted to do it so I can get that top. I LOVE it.

    Sarah's Real Life

    09.04.12 · Reply
  73. Kendrrat says:

    What a beautiful top!

    09.04.12 · Reply
  74. Amanda says:

    i want your shoes. that's what i'm drooling over!!! 🙂

    09.04.12 · Reply
  75. Jaclyn says:

    I love your top! Have a great time in NYC!

    09.04.12 · Reply
  76. fashionforgiants says:

    Fun top and great styling; the blue shoes are perfect.  Have a great time in New York!


    09.04.12 · Reply
  77. Andrea Twidle says:

    wow, this top is amazing !!


    09.04.12 · Reply
  78. WhiteCloset says:

    totally love the shirt!! 
    WhiteCloset Fashion BlogTwitterFacebook

    09.04.12 · Reply
  79. Beth says:

    Another winning outfit!! 
    I have to know where that bag is from.. It's ADORABLE!!!

    09.04.12 · Reply
  80. kristian satterlee says:

    That shirt is so cool and unique! 


    09.04.12 · Reply
  81. Marissa says:

    safe travels! Love your heels! 


    09.04.12 · Reply
  82. Lonileah says:

    Cutest outfit ever!!!!!

    09.04.12 · Reply
  83. info says:

    This look is so very Kendi, there you go, you've become an icon. 


    09.05.12 · Reply
  84. Meg Flanagan says:

    Sick bag, bro.

    09.05.12 · Reply
  85. Julersrow says:

    Just found your blog and I love your style!

    09.05.12 · Reply
  86. Love your top! Gorgeous outfit.



    09.05.12 · Reply
  87. Lizzie says:

    That blouse is so gorgeous and unique 🙂 Have fun in NYC lucky lady!


    09.05.12 · Reply
  88. Happinessatmidlife says:

    Have fun at NYC!  I love how your heels picks out the blue on your blouse.


    09.05.12 · Reply
  89. thats a beautiful blouse! 

    09.05.12 · Reply
  90. Cara says:

    You're about 18 months and 2.5 million already posted video tutorials too late on the sock bun thing.

    09.05.12 · Reply
  91. Shalalala says:

    Shoes….um yeah….. eek! but cute outfit!

    09.05.12 · Reply
  92. This outfit is perfection!! I think I need that blouse!!!

    09.05.12 · Reply
  93. guest says:

    I'm loving your make up!! What lipstick are you using?

    09.05.12 · Reply
  94. Natasha Campbell says:

    You are hilarious! 

    09.05.12 · Reply
  95. christen says:

    I totally gasped out loud when I saw this blouse on you. gorgeous! wish I could hear you speak at the conference today! 


    09.05.12 · Reply
  96. Josephine says:

    Love those blue shoes! Good luck on Wednesday 🙂

    <3 Josephine

    09.05.12 · Reply
  97. Nadia says:

    Good luck at the conference!  Love your outfit, as always.  Where did you get that bag?  It is tres cute.

    09.05.12 · Reply
  98. I've been obsessed with this blog for probably over a year now.  Wish I had the chance to attend the conference.  You should of held a meetup for all your NYC fans!! Not that this weather is conducive to looking cute.  My hair expanded to new heights on my way home last night.  Curly hair problems right?  Good luck today gurrrrl!

    09.05.12 · Reply
  99. Andrea Jardine says:

    You will do such a great job speaking I'm sure! I kind of wish you had hashtagged bacon. It's delicious, even if it doesn't make sense. Love that top!

    09.05.12 · Reply
  100. I really love your look in this post! The top is especially lovely.

    09.05.12 · Reply
  101. Beautiful top!  This is why I could never own my own clothing boutique… I'd be too tempted to get high on my own supply, lol!


    09.05.12 · Reply
  102. I just must tell you out of any blog I read, and I read a lot of blogs, you are my favorite writer. Seriously your so funny and honest. For example I laughed out loud when I read this "But I promise like a bad ex-boyfriend who lies. So don't hold your breath." Seriously I envy your wit! Thanks for the adding some joy and laughter to the day! 

    09.05.12 · Reply
  103. Sarah Young says:

    I love your outfit!

    09.05.12 · Reply
  104. Seekingstyleblog says:

    I adore that top!

    xo Jennifer


    09.05.12 · Reply
  105. pretty little things says:

    I love that blouse on you! xo


    09.05.12 · Reply
  106. Nan Lee says:

    Love your bag but must have that top- Love it! Thanks, Kendi!!! Have a great trip.

    09.06.12 · Reply
  107. Spalculi11 says:

    Thank you! You inspire me to dress out of my comfort zone! I love the shoes:)

    09.06.12 · Reply
  108. Genie says:

    I love those pumps, they make your legs look nice and tan. Congrats on the IFB panel, I wish I were going to that and fashion week of course… 

    09.06.12 · Reply
  109. Talesdemileto says:

    Ouch… these pointy shoes are too cheap, lacking clearly class.  Pointy shoes are awful, I expect they don't come back.  I would be indulgent in other girl, but you are too classy and chic for such poor shoes.

    Best regards for the best model and blogger

    09.06.12 · Reply
  110. kendra says:

    Such a cute, sleek outfit! 



    09.06.12 · Reply
  111. Mary says:

    What a great outfit!

    09.06.12 · Reply
  112. I really like this top gives you such a structure.

    09.06.12 · Reply
  113. Ellie12 says:

    love this top! so fun & chic!
    http://www.chevrontochiffon.com 🙂

    09.06.12 · Reply
  114. Ashley Hester says:

    Where is your bag from?

    09.07.12 · Reply
  115. Sonya_F_M says:

    Kendi, you're so quotable! "I promise like a bad ex-boyfriend who lies" You made me giggle out loud. Is there an acronym for that? Perhaps we all can join forces and start typing out GOL. 
    Love your blog! 🙂

    Lovers can find me on the Insta

    09.07.12 · Reply
  116. Kendi, I really want to order many of your items on Bloom.com but so many are sold out!

    09.07.12 · Reply
  117. Fernanyi Montero says:

    I'm Obsess with the blouse!!! So amazingly cute!! Hugs XOXO Fe 

    09.09.12 · Reply
  118. binti gosain says:
    09.10.12 · Reply
  119. As long as your a bad ex boyfriend wearing that amazing blouse! I'm so in love!

    09.14.12 · Reply
  120. Mary says:

    cute top and pumps!


    09.16.12 · Reply
  121. Splendid Avenue says:


    09.22.12 · Reply
  122. Natalie says:

    love that gold chain bracelet! 

    10.25.12 · Reply