A Short Story

posted on: 7/13/2012

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{Top: Similar | Shorts: J.Crew - violet | Bag: Brahmin}

Did I ever tell you about the time that I got sent home from work because I wore a pair of shorts with heels? I live such scandalous charades, I know. In college I worked at a interior design store and the dress code was uppity, as if to say 'I am better than you, now buy this chair.' Which was ridiculous because I was in college, poor and never once ironed my rarely laundered clothes. Everyone knew I was not better than them -- which is probably why I never sold a chair. Which is probably why I was always told to dress a little bit nicer. It wasn't that I was defiant -- I really had no clue as to how my boss wanted to me to dress. I just knew how she didn't want me to dress. But one day she pointed out another associates outfit, nice khaki's and a sweet pink polo shirt, and asked me if I thought it was cute. I did not but I said 'of course' and then she suggested I wear the same. Feeling a bit hurt, I might have become a just wee bit defiant after that. The next day I pranced right in with a new pair of cute shorts and a pair of heels on. Shorts were the devil's handiwork. This was probably the last thing I was expected to be seen in considering the dropped jaws on management's faces. And then I lasted on the sales floor for about an hour that day before being sent home. 

Thankfully I was a pretty good employee so nothing was said after I changed into my boring khakis. But that hour of freedom will go down as one of the best hours ever. I was like the Braveheart of college girls everywhere working in niche stores with strict dress codes. (So a small victory...) You should know that I did not get sent home after wearing this outfit. Bloom is 100% okay with me wearing heels with shorts.


  1. Everytime I come on your blog, I feel like I am just flicking through the pages of Lula magazine!

  2. so i was searching for coral outfits and this shirt kept popping up in a whole bunch of coral posts! i happen to own it, too! got it in paris. ah, thanks for bringing back such happy shopping memories! and now i'm waxing nostalgic over paris...hmm...