JewelMint Giveaway!

Accessories are a girl’s best friend is my motto. (Well, accessories and red suede pumps.) So I jumped at the chance to have a giveaway this week with JewelMint. One lucky winner will win their favorite piece from JewelMint. All you have to do is:

2. Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite piece from the JewelMint collection!
Giveaway is open from now until Monday, June 4th. Open to U.S. and Canadian readers only. Check back next week to see if you are the winner! If you can’t wait until then, when you click through this link, you receive 20% off your first order!


My favorite pieces that I’m wearing are the Gypsy Queen earrings, Heavy Metal necklace, and the Wild Thorn Bracelet. My dress is from Bloom ______________________________________________________________ Winner of last week’s giveaway is…

  Congrats, Maria B! Email me :)

  • Kerri Elizabeth

    Hi, Kendi! I can’t get enough of the Smooth Sailing necklace. I have a red and white striped Tshirt that NEEDS this necklace. Also love today’s dress! 

  • Cathy Showan

    Just signed up for JewelMint…yay!  Love the urban tribe necklace!  Count me in for the giveaway :)  Your Bloom dress is stunning and a perfect summer wardrobe piece!


  • Dianna Trujillo

    Hi Kendi!
    I have fallen deeply in love with the Always Have Paris Ring, I can’t tell you what a dream of mine it is to visit Paris. We have a plan to go for my little girl’s sweet 15 and this would be such a great addition to the jewelry we already share. She is 11 and has such a chic style, this ring wil be perfect for both of us.

  • Kelly | Weekend Notebook

    I love the Always Astoria necklace.  So pretty!

  • birdflygood

    Wahoo! I love the Athena Bracelets!

  • Kathleen M

    The Always Astoria necklace is fantastic.

  • Lesleykim

    I love your yellow dress!

    My Life in LA LA

  • Elaine

    I love the always astoria necklace.

  • Danichez75

    I loe your dress today!! My favorite pieces are the Dance City bracelet & the Dahlia blossom ring. Vintage Rock necklace, I could rock with many different clothes.

  • meghan

    I love the necklace you have on! I also love the one with the 5 white ovals that’s more of a statement necklace.

  • Loreal Torres

    i love the Athena Bracelets my favorite!!!!

  • Sarah

    I’m not entering the giveaway, but I did want to say that your dress is stunning!

    • Kendi Lea

      Ha! Thanks Sarah. 😉

  • Amy

    I’m in love with the Athena Bracelets!  They look like they’d be a great way to incorporate some color to an outfit (and I’m definitely in need of help in that category).  Thanks for the opporutnity, Kendi!

  • kelly

    I would love to have the Dane city bracelet!

  • lizatfolly

    I love the Heavy Metal necklace! 

  • Megan Bower

    The Always Have Paris Ring.  Love the rose gold.

  • Yz385

     Gypsy Queen Earrings are gorgeous!

  • Adriennelaster

    The Briar Beauty necklace! What a versatile piece with any outfit!

  • Sharon

    Loving the dress, so gorgeous and elegant!

  • Helene

    I almost ordered the wild thorn bracelet along with my twilight bow tie bracelet this morning :). It’s funny because I really just signed up for jewelmint maybe 2hrs ago!

  • Always Maylee

    I love the Athena Bracelets!

    xo, Yi-chia

  • Bonnie

    @kendieveryday I must know where you got that gorgeous dress!!!

  • Bethany Porter

    I’m a big fan of Jewelmint. My favorite is the wild thorn bracelet – so edgy and sophisticated!

  • Sparkles&Spinach

    Love that dress!!! Looks so pretty on you!!! 

  • Jessica1214

    The crystal gazer necklace was my top match – so I iwill go with that one!

  • Jess

    wow, jewelmint is awesome … love the Roma Bracelet!!!

  • Rachel

    Your dress is great!  Love that yellow.  Very nice accessories, too!

  • Alicia H

    I love the astoria necklace. (and your gypsy earrings.  and your dress. and your hair.)  thanks for the giveaway!

  • Carrie

    Love your dress!

    Style in the City

  • Leigh Ann Fisher

    LOVE the Color!!

  • stephanie_79414

    love love love the lucky charms pin

  • Lauren

    I think the Gabrielle Earrings are so lovely!  and they were named after their 1millionth FB fan – how cool!

  • Amy Campbell

    I already had a shoe mint account, so I’m set!
    I love the garden trio and that honey bee ring :)

  • Elena

    I love love love the sweetheart rose ring

  • Laura Slaughter

    The Bermuda Earrings…they have the Triforce!

  • Roxanne

    Wow, I absolutely love your outfit. I already know my favorite JewelMint piece: those Gypsy Queen earrings you’re wearing! Also, I created an account with them.

  • Amberley

    Heavy Metal necklace! simple and versatile!

  • Kara Kieran

    I am loving the floral fantast ring!  Its so unique!!

  • Bethany

    I love the Athena Bracelets!!!

  • oliviadkyle

    Love the zuni bracelet, I’d want to wear to every day!

  • Hilary A

    I’m a fan of the dane city bracelet.
    x Hilary
    hilary . l . adams @ gmail . com

  • Jen Hsieh

    The Aqua Bomb Ring is amazing – a must have! :)

  • the domestic fringe

    Your dress is gorgeous!

  • Rachel

    My favorites are the From The Heart Rings, Garden Party Rings, Crystal Gazer Necklace and the Twillight Bow Tie Bracelet.

  • Samira Reyes

    I love that dress you are wearing!! super nice color!!!

  • Hannahhylen

    I love the Darling Audrey earrings! So cute!

  • Megan Copeland

    I will stop breathing without the Heavy Metal Necklace. I LOVE it.

  • Cara

    Ohhh lovely!!! I love the Garden Party Rings. SO delicate! Oh, and the Wild Thorn bracelet!!! EEE so lovely. Please yes.

  • Keesha

    Im loving the dress Kendi! Those earrings would be great in my nonexistent jewelry collection. Gypsy Earrings please :)

  • Tiana

    Oh Miss Kendi,
    what a beautiful, sunny dress you’ve shared with us today.
    I imagine its like your personality – bright and beautiful!

    tiana of l’esthetique

  • Leah H

    I am absolutely LOVING the bermuda earrings! gorgeous!

  • Katherine Best-Shaw

    my favorite are the lovely audrey earrings.

  • AlissaBurton

    you look beautiful!

    alissa b

  • Wendy

    I love the recommended piece which was the Mumbal Luxe Bracelet. So beautiful! I’ve always loved gold jewelry and so glad it’s popular again!

  • Kaleidoscopequeen

    I love the Crystal Gazer necklace! Perfect for channeling my inner bohemian this summer, haha.

  • Wilma

    I created an JewelMint account, and I love the Desert Rose Necklace.  Plus my birthday is next Tuesday, so it would be a super birthday if I won! :)

  • Bakerstacie

    I LOVE the heavy metal necklace<3

  • Betina, Styled Our Way

    Gorgeous dress! Very 70’s

  • Jordana Haught

    What a fantastic giveaway! Although it was hard to choose a favorite since I loved many of the pieces, I would have to pick the Briar Beauty Necklace as my ultimate fav! I have been searching for the perfect cream colored statement necklace! 

  • Kristina M

    I looove the heavy metal necklace. so simple and gorgeous!

  • Natasha Fatah

    Thanks for a lovely giveaway Kendi.
    I’m a member of JewelMint and my favourite piece is Briar Beauty Necklace.
    natashafatah at gmail dot com

  • Kimberly C

     This one’s a no-brainer for me! The Smooth Sailing Necklace had me at hello. I am a sucker for anything nautical and spend almost every weekend in the summer in Cape Cod. I can just picture wearing this long, golden necklace out for a waterfront brunch or a stroll on the beach after dinner. Too cute!

  • Zoe

    My favorites are the aqua bomb ring and the silver gehry cuff!
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Mailoha

    My favorite piece from the JewelMint collection: Silver Gehry Cuff! 

  • Mrs. Baker

    i love the heavy metal necklace!

  • anna c.

    i love jewelmint! my fav piece right now are the Garden Party Rings!

  • Meghan

    Definitely love the heavy metal necklace and aqua bomb ring!

  • Emma

    I love the rose gold Je t’aime ring!

    emma x

  • Amanda @ Eloquent English

    The Garden Party rings are super cute! 

  • snethen

    I’m liking the Athena bracelets!

  • Kristina Cosgrove

    My favorite is the “Always have Paris ring”!!!

  • Monica

    I’m in lust with the Mumbai bracelet; either the original in silver or the new “Luxe” version in gold. 

  • Hotsy Malone

    One of my favorites is the “From The Heart Rings”.  Love the look of the 3 metals combined.  Just had to tell you how much I love your maxi dress on this posting, you look amazing.

  • Mary Cardwell

    Gypsy Queen Earrings!:)

  • Jordan Jaked

    I just adore that maxi dress. Yellow is my favorite color, but my skin doesn’t agree.

    You rock it, however. :)

  • Andrea

    oh my heck i love that dress!

  • Danielle C

    I love the Color Theory Rings!  They are so cute and versatile, and I also really love your maxi dress, so cute. 

  • Debbie

    My favorite piece is the Briar Beauty Necklace.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Chanis325

    Oooh the garden party rings are SO very pretty!

  • Linosat

    Garden party rings are lovely!

  • Monica L

    My fave is the “Maria Ring”! : )

  • Ziza

    Bambina Cameo Ring – certo!

  • Simone N.

    Hi Kendi!  I love the mint websites!  I am a member of style mint so I thought it was awesome that this giveaway was for their sister site jewelmint!  So I joined and my favorite piece of jewelry was the Briar Beauty Necklace!  I’ve been wanting a necklace like this so if I don’t win this giveaway I might still get it.. haha thanks so much!


  • bucky6

    I really like the mixed metals of the heavy metal necklace! But I think my absolute favorite is the Garden Patch Trio. They are so colorful and fun, but I struggle with finding bangles that fit my little wrists! Also wanted to say that I am new to your blog and basically obsessed, which is why I am typing this instead of working.

  • Tara

    JewelMint! I love it! I am already a member of ShoeMint and HomeMint, but I think JewelMint will take all my money :)  I just took the style quiz.  I love the Sweetheart Silver Ring.  

  • Andrea

    You look great!! I love the color of that dress and the jewelry. Stunning! :)
    xo Andrea

  • Alice Gu

    i’m in love with the floral fantasy ring!  and you look great in that bloom dress!

  • Brooke

    I love the silver sweetheart ring!

  • amy

    i’m so torn between the nordic treasure necklace and the athena bracelets!

  • Krista

    I love the Wild Thorn bracelet, but also the Briar Beauty necklace!  Oh, the choices… 😉

  • maura

    love the wild thorn bracelet! great giveaway!

  • Gillian Clary

    I’m obsessed with the always have paris ring! and you look fabulous in your pics, like always.

  • Jessica Broyles

    I don’t want to win the giveaway, just tell you how incredible that dress is! :) 

  • aprettynest

    I really love the Athena Bracelets !

  • BugBuggy

    I love the Athena bracelets! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Pavvu

    I love the Briar Beauty Necklace and Calla Lilly Earings, so classy both look :)

  • Gabby

    JewelMint gave me the Always Have Paris ring as my top match, obviously keying in on my gold addiction. I am in love!

  • Brooke Heather

    Definitely the wild thorn bracelet.

  • Tracie

    Im actually expecting all of those pieces and the rest of the May collection. I won the Mothers Day contest they had and won the entire May collection. Still waiting for it though!

  • Sienkie7

    love both aqua bomb and blanc bomb rings!!

  • Jenelle

    I like the Mod Glam Earrings and the Silver Gehry Cuff…not to wear together of course.  

  • Coribeth

    I love the Rebel Rules set.  I would wear it all the time! 

  • Megan

    I’m loving the Bossa Encore Earrings.  I think they could be an everyday thing.

  • Chelsey

    I love the Tough Love Rings. 

  • Maggie Hui

    HI Kendi!!! I absolutely agree that accessories are a girl’s best friend! I’ve been in love with Jewelmint pieces for some time now! But I am still contemplating on what to get! theres just soo mayn choices! I would really really LOVE to get the Briar Beauty Necklace~! I think its chic and elegant and will make every outfit standout! It would mean so much to me to win since I have never won anything EVER! 

    thanks for doing such a great giveaway!

    Maggie H.

  • Jeannette

    The Atlantis Pendant, love. 

  • CR Williams

    My fave peice is the heavy metal necklace.

  • Emily

    I love the Casablanca Necklace!

  • Zadin

    This dress is perfect for you! The color, the texture, the length… perfect! perfect! perfect!

    Zadin ♥♥♥

  • Stylista Fitness

    my fave is the atlantis pendant :)

  • Alicia Segerson

    My jaw dropped when I saw this dress on you! Stunning.

  • alyssaach21

    Hello! My favorite piece is the “Blanc Bomb Ring”.

  • Kekesxpp

    hi i really like the gypsy queen earrings you have on

  • Elyse G.

    I’m obsessed with the gypsy queen earrings!

  • Dana

    i love the roma bracelet !!

  • Jessica_quinn10


  • Jessica_quinn10

    I love the Te Amo bracelet! 

  • Katie

    I love the briar beauty necklace! Its perfect for casual occasions and work in any season!

  • Laura Dunlap

    I love the Roma bracelet!

  • Lina

    I”m in love with the garden party rings!

  • Stephanie Moga

    My favourite piece is the Athena bracelets. I love what they represent (dignity, independence, and intellect), and think they would add just the right amount of colour to any outfit this summer! 

  • Amy Nalette

    I’ve been eying the smooth sailing necklace for quite some time! I just adore all things nautical. :)

  • lifeasleah

    I also really love the gypsy queen necklace!

  • Christine Unger

    My favorite piece is the Sweetheart Ring!

  • Emergency Bucks

    The wild thorn bracelet is awesome.

  • Jackie

    My favorites piece is the Wild Thorn Bracelet!

  • Van Nguyen

    My favorite piece is the Briar Beauty necklace because it’s beautiful.  I took that quiz and JewelMint gave me my top match the Garden Party rings, if only I wore rings.  I do wear my wedding and engagement rings, but I take them off as soon as I’m home.  I love all things wildlife and flowers so if the jewelry were a necklace then I’m okay wearing it.

  • Ushana Ranchool

    I’m a huge fan of rings at the moment :) The one I really like is the Midas Ring which has a touch of color. As well as Floral Fantasy Ring I love that it goes around the whole finger!

  • Stephanie Williams

    My favorite piece is the Maria ring.

  • Erin P.

    I love the Cristo Earrings.  They are different than what I usually wear but I think they are great!

  • Caitlin Lang

    I love the Te Amo bracelet!

  • Angela Olsen

    my favorite piece is the Lucky Charms Necklace, LOVE it! []

  • Lisa S

    Kendi, you look so pretty! i love this yellow dress on you. 

  • Cassie Heflebower

    My favorites are the Te Amo bracelet, and the spellbound earrings.  They both have a very vintagey art deco feel which I Love!!!

  • Lisa S

    So many to choose from! I like the Seventies Flair Ring and the Briar Beauty Necklace. (couldn’t pick just one!)

  • Clara

    Unfortunately I can’t participate because I’m European. However, I really wanted to leave a message to let you know I think that dress looks gorgeous on you!

  • Chelsea

    Just signed up! I've been lusting over jewelry a lot more recently and figured, what the heck?
    Possibly the best or worst decision I've ever made. I love so much of it…my bank account will soon be depressed but MY GOD I WILL BE ACCESSORIZED!

    Anyway, if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be the Blanc Bomb Ring. It's just perfect. There's nothing else to say about it except that it is absolutely the definition of perfection.


  • Stephanie Rochon

    I loooove the wild thorn bracelet!! 

  • Ashley Cauthen

    what beautiful pieces! i love them!

  • Leah Ward

    I love the Always Have Paris Ring!

  • Phoebe

    i like the opera pearl necklace and the heavy metal necklace :)

  • Elizabeth Bakay

    My favourite is the briar beauty necklace. I think it would work to dress up a lot of my summer dresses.

  • Margaret

    My fav is the Always Have Paris ring! :-)

  • Sandy

     my favorite piece is an oldie– the Marrakesh earrings!

  • Sandi

    I have a Jewelmint account and my favorite thing is this bronze zipper bangle that I have. It is gorgeous and I’m in love with it.

  • Kiley Morgan

    Signed up and the matches they have for me were fantastic! Love the Twilight Bow Tie Bracelet!

  • Brittany

    I have a JewelMint account and I am definitely eying the Roma Bracelet!  It’s edgy in the metal sense, but sweet with its jewels.


  • Alyce P

    I like the wild thorn bracelet :)

  • IsabelleS

    I like the treasure trove pendant. Thanks!

  • Alinnl26

    I already have an account, so I’m not sure if I qualify, but I LOVE jewelmint! I especially love their wild thorn bracelet right now.

  • Brooke @ what2wear

    That dress looks absolutely STUNNING on you!
    Brooke @ what2wear,

  • forallthatjas

    I have a JewelMint account and I love the Cinema Americano Bracelet!

  • TheresaTran

    BEAUTIFUL DRESS. I love it. It looks great on you! the color is gorgeous. ^__^


  • ann

    i like the always astoria necklace!

  • Prima Haven

    So I know everyone else has already said this, but you look gorgeous in that dress! Holy cow. I’m also majorly in love with the Gypsy Queen earrings.

    -Jenna @ Prima Haven

  • Nikell

    I love that dress!! Give me a few DIY ideas (^_^)

  • Hayley Shaw

    I’m already a JewelMint member and I love the Te Amo Bracelet!

  • Kaitlin Mattingly

    omg that dress. yellow is DEFINITELY your color.
    so beautiful

    xo kaitlin

  • casey

    I LOVE the “Always Have Paris Ring.” It’s so great that it’s versatile and can switch between two styles.

  • Chrissy Pullinger

    The Wild Thorn bracelet is my fav…love it.

  • ashley

    Oh my gosh!  I am in love with this dress.  Any way I could buy it without the slit being so high?

  • dainty10

    I love the “Always Love Paris Ring” and the Thorn bracelet. Very simple but edgy/elegant at the same time. 

  • cakewalkqueen

    I love both the Moonbeam Ring and the Gypsy Queen earrings! 

  • Julie

    my favorite is the Always love Paris Ring.

  • Melinda Justice

    This site is fantastic. Although, I have more jewelry than I know what to do with already….haha.

    Love the Midas Ring. So pretty.

  • Melinda Justice

    This site is fantastic. Although, I have more jewelry than I know what to do with already….haha.

    Love the Midas Ring. So pretty.

  • Amanda

    Already a member, but LOVE the wild thorn bracelet!

  • Emily

    already have a jewelmint account!

  • emily

    LOVE the rebel rules set! thanks!

  • Kristina

    Kendi, I absolutely adore the wild thorn bracelet. It is beautiful and would fit in with my wardrobe and the jewelry I already own! Love it!

  • Samm

    I love the Cinema Americano Bracelet!! 

  • Joy Jin

    Love the In The Mumbai Bracelet and the Always Astoria Necklace! Your dress is really pretty too!

  • Ani

    I love the Briar Beauty necklace!

  • Jen B

    I’m already a member & love all of the pieces!  My current favorite is the Rodeo Drive Bracelet – it’s especially unique!

  • ashley

    te amo bracelet and garden party rings.

  • Veronica

    I really like that dress! I also like the briar beauty necklace

  • Erin Appenzoller

    Jewelmint is awesome! I love the Mumbai bracelet in the new color.

  • Kerry

    I just love the te amo bracelet, it’s the perfect gilded summertime accessory! The Jewel sites are becoming a very dangerous addiction! 

  • Kimberly Rampersad

    I love the Briar Beauty necklace!

  • Gina Marie

    I already have a JewelMint account and my favorite right now are the Athena Bracelets. Perfect for summer!

  • Ashlei

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! That color is simply amazing, and I love the draping and side slit, perfect.

    Also for the giveaway I love the Always Have Paris ring :)xo

  • Noelle

    I just signed up for an account.  Fav? Gypsy Queen earrings

  • MariahCS

    Wow, JewelMint is amazing! I just barely started reading this blog and I love how inspiring Kendi’s outfits are. Anywho… I am completely smitten with the Opera Pearl Necklace. The length…the delicacy…the PEARLS!! 

  • sihijau

    pretty.. i love the dress.. :)

  • brandilyn

    i love the athena bracelets!

  • EDonbeck

    gorgeous!  you look stunning

  • Hanna Kate

    My favorite has to be the Topaz Palace ring (… So pretty!!!

  • itslae

    I love love love the heavy metal necklace. I think you introduced me to Jewel mint a few months ago!

  • Katie McArthur

    I love the Sweetheart Silver Ring.

  • Judy

    I love the calypso island earrings!  What a cool store.

  • Danielle Lucille

    Love jewelmint! I currently am smitten in love with the urban tribe necklace. Such a great statement peice!

  • Kristen Villarreal

    It’s hard to pick just one but the Garden Party Rings are so cute!

  • Misstish117

    I am smitten with the Wild Thorn Bracelet!

  • Nicole

    I like the Roma bracelet! 

  • Marilyn

    Really love the smooth sailing necklace!

  • Amelia

    the bermuda earrings !!!

  • Katie M

    Oh how I am obsessed with Jewelmint! I LOVE the goddess earrings you are wearing…as well as the bambina cameo ring. 

  • Anne

    Love the tiger cabochon ring!!!!

  • Mrsbetsysorenson

    I love all of the Beachmints and Jewelmint is no exception!!  The quality and prices are awesome!  My favorite is a tie between the Gypsy Queen Earrings and the Wild Thorn Bracelet.

  • Jamie Rene

    I would definitely have to say that Blazing Chain is my absolute most favorite JewelMint piece. I love it. Pretty colors, well made, and perfectly matches my personality. (:

  • A.J. R

    I’m supposed to be sleeping…

    (especially since I just made my account on JewelMint. Who knew StyleMint had such a great little sister?)

    Though my late-night cyber shopping has come to an end, I will go on to sleepless nights over the Moonbeam Ring. Oh cruel, cruel world! So cute, and so versatile. Perfect for the wardrobe in my dreams (where I also have a closet the size of Manhattan).

  • Sarah B

    I am loving the Athena bracelets!

  • Jennifer P

    My favorite is the gorgeous Mumbai Luxe bracelet! LOVE! Thanks so much for the giveaway!!! PS I’m originally from Dallas and totally want to check out your shop, Bloom, next time I’m in town! Love your blog. Thanks again!

    Jennifer P

  • Abby Ludwig

    I truly believe that the “Mumbai Luxe Bracelet” and my wrist are destined to be together!

  • Minerva

    My favorite is the Te Amo Bracelet. Thanks for the giveaway. (Already have an account.)

  • Natalie Ramirez

    I am in love with the Midnight Soiree Ring!!!!

  • Brenda

    My favorite is definitely the Briar Beauty Necklace!!!BEAUTY NECKLACE

  • kari b

    i love the garden party rings! i want a party on my finger!!

  • Mae

    I would love the Athena Bracelets. Thanks.

  • Nicole

    i’ve been eyeing the briar beauty necklace! it’s a statement necklace but not too big so i can even wear it to work! 

  • Katie B.

    I adore the Calypso Island earrings! Ooohh AND the Always Have Paris ring!

  • Danielle M Proudfoot

    I liked so many pieces, it’s hard to choose a favorite! But I would have to say that the Mumbai Luxe bracelet is probably my fave. LOVE it!

  • Emily

    Love the Roma Bracelet, so cute!

  • Susan Hager

    I love that Wild Thorn Bracelet, it would be perfect stacked!

  • Aileen

    LOve the lion head braclet! I sooo wanted them but totally missed out.:(

  • elizabeth

    I love the Nordic Treasure Necklace…I think it would be so easy to wear and extremely versatile. Well, I’m a little biased too because I adore Camilla Belle and her style so the fact that she chose this piece to support her charity makes it all the more appealing to me :)

    PS. LOVE your yellow dress Kendi! Seriously what do you wear that I don’t love…

  • Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal

    My favorite pieces that I’ve gotten from them would be the bow tie bracelets (I have both silver and gold) and the love story set :)

    PS. You look like a Grecian goddess would like if she were going to fun yellow-themed party :)

  • Becca

    My favorite is the Gold Swan Cuff :)

  • Joanna

    Love the dress :)

  • Sara

    Those Gyspy Queen earrings are amazing….if only I had pierced ears!

  • Lyndsay L.

    The Briar Beauty Necklace is simple, while still making a statement. Love it!

  • Paula

    So beautiful! You loo amazing in this dress!

  • Kayley

    Love the Nordic Treasure Necklace! And your dress!

  • Rachel ‘Zuul’ Schwarting

    I really like the friendship bracelet set!

  • Dee C

    LOVE this outfit, the color is fab!


    Lovin’ the Wild Thorn bracelet as well as your dress. If only I could wear yellow (sigh)!

  • estie h

    LOVE your outfit today!  so cheerful.  for JewelMint, i’d go for the the Gemma earrings or one of the Mumbai bracelets!  thanks for this fabulous giveaway!  

  • TrishCF

    Absolutely love the Briar Beauty Necklace!!!! You look stunning in that dress!

  • julia

    I love the gold swan cuff – perfect to wear dressed up or down!

  • Cortney

    I love love love the wild thorn bracelet!

  • Jupe_Cambria

    I am in love with this sunshiney yellow maxi!!!

    <3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.comEnter my HANDBAG GIVEAWAY!!!

  • FashionistArg

    well, i can´t participate because i´m in Italy… nonetheless i felt like leaving a comment! you look fantastic on that maxi dress from Bloom! yellow/mustard looks great on brunettes! 
    those earrings are tha bomb! 😀

    XO Jannine

  • mel

    always so many great items to choose from.  I love the heavy metal necklace, but also the vintage rock necklace…there are safety pins in it!

  • Azar

    I love the garden party rings!

  • Nina B.

    I LOVE Jewelmint, but had to cut myself off (in fact, I’m wearing my first purchase right now!), so winning this giveaway would be lovely…

    My favorite piece right now is the Smooth Sailing Necklace.

  • Fashionchampagne

    that dress is beautiful you look gorgeous x

  • Allie

     I love the Aqua Bomb Ring, it combines two of my favorite things, silver and Aqua. Beautiful piece.

  • Gann

    I would love to own the Vintage Rock Necklace.  It is very stylish and could be worn many ways with many outfits.

    I can’t wait to own it as part of my collection.

    Keep up the good work :)

  • Jfaust7

    I have been loving the Bermuda Earrings and being able to support a great cause while shopping is always great!!

  • Urban Wife

    The Calypso Island Earrings are fabulous!

    p.s. That yellow dress looks stunning on you…but then again, what doesn’t?! :)

  • Anthro Blogger

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  • Katherine Stiekes
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