A Day in The Life

The other day I read a comment that asked me what I did and how I was able to wear some of the things I did. It first made me think — have I been wearing short skirts again? and then it made me shake my head at myself — I haven’t really been sharing my life with you guys. So for those of you who always wondered, ‘what in the world does this girl do all day?’ I’ll fill in the blanks for you. 
My Day Job // Bloom
Typically I’m up at Bloom every day of the week. (For those new here, Bloom is the little boutique I opened last September in downtown McKinney.) Oh, the stories I collect from day to day– that could be a blog in and of itself.
After being open for 8 months (to the day!), I think that I’m finally finding a balance of keeping the shop, being a boss and trying to keep with my blog. You’d think taking outfit photos is a no brainer, but sometimes I get so distracted that I don’t even open my laptop that day. Don’t get me wrong — I’m still juggling as much as I can and by juggling I mean I throw the balls up in the air and distract you while they all fall to the ground. I’ve never been good with my hands.  I still get all Kathleen Kelly when I sweep the store or clean the windows. I’m thinking twinkle lights for Christmas this year, too. 
 This week we launched a new collection for the online side of Bloom! 
And yes I modeled for my own store, mainly because I’m the cheapest talent I could find on Craigslist.
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My Weekend Job // Photographers Skeen
The past few weekends we’ve been shooting weddings non-stop. Not with guns, mind you as we are not like that. But we shoot weddings as photographers. I am my husband’s right hand lady when it comes to photography. My husband has been shooting weddings for about 3 years now and I’ve been on board with him for about one year. 
(I actually took those. Hard to believe right? Ok except the first one. B took that.)

Everything in Between

Honestly a lot of my life is lived out on Instagram. I feel part cool, part lame for saying that but it’s true. You want to know about things I eat? Instagram. Things you never care to know about me? Instagram. More self portraits than should be legally allowed? Instagram.

You can find me on the Insta as @KendiEveryday. I like to keep things simple.

And no life recap post would be complete without Hart of Dixie. Every night there is a fine balance of wine, television and Sour Patch Kids to create just the perfect evening. Also, it is my goal in life to be the 5’9″ version of Dr. Zoe Hart. 

And that is my life in a blog post. I’m going to go take a nap now.

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  1. What a lovely post! Loved it!


    05.23.12 · Reply
  2. Natali Karppinen says:

    Gorgeous wedding photos!! I love the feeling in each one of them 🙂 
    You and your husband are talented!


    05.23.12 · Reply
    • Kendi Lea says:

      Hey thanks! My husband is the main talent here, but every once in a while the stars align and I can get a good photo 🙂 

      05.23.12 · Reply
  3. jackie says:

    haha you seem so busy! so go ahead and take that nap that you deserve. but seriously, your life seems so wonderful. living the dream and all that jazz.

    05.23.12 · Reply
  4. Ruth says:

    thanks for sharing! i’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and always find it’s a nice, fun place to pop into and take a break from the monotony of my long workday in my cube 🙂

    05.23.12 · Reply
  5. daintyanddecadent says:

    Busy lady!  I love the online store 🙂  Great pieces and it shows you’ve put in time to create something wonderful!



    05.23.12 · Reply
  6. Suddenly I’m craving a donut! 
    Oh, and try putting your sour patch kids IN a (full) bag of popcorn tonight. It will change your life 🙂 


    05.23.12 · Reply
    • Kendi Lea says:

      Suddenly? I’m constantly craving a donut. 

      And will do on the SPK + popcorn. ASAP.

      05.23.12 · Reply
  7. haha loved this post kendi!!!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  8. you’re such a multi-talented person. love the pictures you personally took, and the husband’s too. 🙂 hart of dixie… sigh. wade and zoe need to get together already. i’m over that george tucker.

    05.23.12 · Reply
    • Kendi Lea says:

      George Tucker and Lemon deserve each other. I like Lemon but that’s her man, you know? Zoe and Wade forever. 

      05.23.12 · Reply
      • i hope you meant to say you don’t like lemon, minus her wardrobe. 😉  

        05.23.12 · Reply
  9. these are so pretty!
    Tina @ http://www.tinacious.me

    05.23.12 · Reply
  10. KK @BSMMH says:

    I love this post, Kendi…sounds like you are totally living the dream, which is inspiring to those of use who are stuck doing the 9-5 corporate thing! Congrats on the success of bloom…you are a rockstar, girl! 


    05.23.12 · Reply
  11. ilene joyce says:

    loved this post and loved the chance to get to know what your daily life looks like, kendi! 

    05.23.12 · Reply
  12. Audrey says:

    Kendi, you are such an inspiration for people to pursue their dreams!  Keep up your awesome work! 🙂

    05.23.12 · Reply
  13. Soph says:

    YESSSSS hart of dixie is my favourite. Can’t tell you how happy it makes me that you love it too. Oh yeahhh!!

    And you are amazing. a true inspiration! you deserve that nap!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  14. Love your reference to Kathleen Kelly! One of my favorite movies. I can just imagine you lilting about the store, and twinkle lights are definitely a must! Lovely wedding photos 🙂

    05.23.12 · Reply
  15. jocee says:

    amen to hart of dixie! i was actually on the set of that show once, got to say hello to rachel b.! she’s such a sweetheart. 

    05.23.12 · Reply
  16. Breezy225 says:

    Kendi, you crack me up! how do i find you on instagram?

    05.23.12 · Reply
    • Kendi Lea says:

      Oh that would be helpful wouldn’t it. I’m just @KendiEveryday 🙂

      05.23.12 · Reply
  17. Meg Manwaring says:

    Love this post! Channeling Kathleen Kelly in your shop sounds like a dream and I am so addicted to Hart of Dixie! The past few episodes have been so dramatic and intense I can hardly stand it! Your adorable blog is one of my favorite daily reads, keep up the great work! 

    05.23.12 · Reply
  18. Carli says:

    What a cute post Kendi! As a new follower of your blog, I’ve just simply been enjoying the fashion. But, it really is nice to learn more about the lady behind the blog. Congratulations on opening your store! I’m sure juggling everything is a challenge, but from my end, you seem to be doing a lovely job! Keep up the great work 🙂

    05.23.12 · Reply
  19. Abbey says:

    I love it! I’ve always wondered about your life. Suppose I should start following you on Twitter and Instagram so I can keep up to date on the real Kendi Everyday 🙂

    05.23.12 · Reply
  20. Allie says:

    Such beautiful wedding photos!! Also, you’re the best model for the job! No Craigslist model would compare to you! HAHA! Have a great weekend!! xx, Allie


    05.23.12 · Reply
  21. jaana says:

    Thanks for sharing.  You are so cute and funny!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  22. Jess {The In-Between} says:

    That was a super cute blog post. I love your witty zingy writing. I bet the next step for miss kendi will be a book. 🙂

    05.23.12 · Reply
    • Kristin says:

      I second the book suggestion.. I would read it 🙂

      05.23.12 · Reply
  23. kathrynsw says:

    i tell myself that i watch hart of dixie for the clothes, but let’s be real. i watch it for wade. 

    05.23.12 · Reply
  24. Andrea says:

    lovely post!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  25. Courtney says:

    I think it’s amazing you took those photos what a talented lady you are! I agree I think a book should come next!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  26. Sarah says:

    Great post, I love that you shared a glimpse into your life with us!


    05.23.12 · Reply
  27. Amy Campbell says:

    Wow, you are so busy! And even more talented! Such an inspiration 🙂

    05.23.12 · Reply
  28. MishLovinLife says:

    Very happy you shared this with us. It’s always nice to know a few personal things about a blogger you follow 🙂

    05.23.12 · Reply
  29. I admire you so much K! You have so much to do and still always have a lovely smile and words to share with us! Keep the good work up!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

    05.23.12 · Reply
  30. Kristin says:

    I always love the humility in your posts, and this one is no exception. Lovely photography! I knew you founded and manage your Bloom store, but I didn’t know you helped your husband with his photography business. What a great partner he has!


    05.23.12 · Reply
  31. Kemi Sorinmade says:

    Love this. Sounds like so much fun and I’m so inspired by that first picture of you with the name of YOUR Company behind you. I hope to get there some day.
    k at http://www.beautystyleandgrowth.blogspot.com

    05.23.12 · Reply
  32. Erin says:

    Thank you so much! I’ve been reading your blog for years but I’ve never felt close to you like I feel close to Sydney (the daybook) or Naomi (rockstar diaries). I’d like to hear your voice once or twice…it would be nice to have a voice to hear in my head when I read your posts!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  33. Madhu says:

    I just love you more. With every passing day.
    One of the aims I’ve set for myself is to meet you in person, at least once in my lifetime. I wouldn’t mind travelling all the way from India just to meet you. 😀

    05.23.12 · Reply
  34. I seriously laugh out loud at the things you say because I am so creepishly similar to you. I just love ya!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  35. Kimberly says:

    Love hearing about your day-to-day life…sounds quite fabulous to this stay-at-home mom of two.  Oh, and I am equally as obsessed with Hart of Dixie and will cry if it gets cancelled. 🙂

    05.23.12 · Reply
  36. CP says:

    What a busy, but dreamy life! You are just darling and I love your blog!

    ~CP, ladiesinnavy

    05.23.12 · Reply
  37. Rachel says:

    What a fun life!  My boyfriend shoots weddings, too…and he wants me to start helping him.  I am definitely considering it!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  38. Aaaa Heart of Dixie….my monday’s aren’t complete without it….and a glass of wine, of course 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this & making me laugh!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  39. AlissaBurton says:

    This is too cool, seeing the inside of your daily life! And how cool is your counter at Bloom?…with the ombre flowers? Love it!

    …and now I can stalk you via instagram 😉

    love this post! its great to read more personal stuff about you!

    alissa bhttp://alissab.us

    05.23.12 · Reply
  40. You are one busy lady! “Not with guns, mind you we are not like that”, HAHA, you are so funny. You and your husband are so talented. If I’m ever in your area, I totally want to visit your store and meet you in person! 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia

    05.23.12 · Reply
  41. Melanie Heimburg says:

    I think I’ve been following you since the very beginning — literally, like circa when you took pictures inside your house and blogged about how awkward it was taking photos out in public where passerby’s could see (still make me nervous, ps!). It’s been so fun to see your journey and to see your passion turn into a full-time career at bloom — many many congrats!!

    And you still constantly crack me up. That “shooting weddings” joke? Ha, literally laughed out loud, and totally ruined my “oh, I’m just slaving away on work over here at my computer” cover. haha.

    05.23.12 · Reply
  42. Leah says:

    I think you meant to say that you were the best talent you could find . [period]
    Love that you modeled for your shop. It makes your shop so sincerely you.

    05.23.12 · Reply
  43. Kerjoy says:

    dude. when she and wade did the deed…god bless america. that was hot.

    05.23.12 · Reply
    • Kendi Lea says:

      HA!!!! I know right? I watched it by myself and almost felt a little dirty! Get it, Zoe.

      05.23.12 · Reply
  44. I think I need to get into this Hart of Dixie show… Love Rachel and all of the characters she plays!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  45. rachel! says:

    so fun to hear about you!! i LOVE your display case & the bloom behind your desk. magicallll. p.s. you are the cutest talent anyone could get!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  46. Kacie's Kloset says:

    Love the show! I hope Hart of Dixie comes back for a second season!



    05.23.12 · Reply
  47. ModaMama says:

    Thanks so much for sharing!  And poo!  I’m so upset that the striped dress is sold out in a size xs.  It’s so pretty, and stripes are pretty much perfect for hiding food stains…not from me, from my toddler….mostly.

    05.23.12 · Reply
  48. Rachelle R. says:

    I love Hart of Dixie, too! 🙂

    05.23.12 · Reply
  49. Kelsey Wilburn says:

    Gorgeous post and gorgeous photography! I’m envious of your beautiful store.
    kw, http://ladiesinnavy.blogspot.com

    05.23.12 · Reply
  50. Typhanie Stewart says:

    I’d love to own my own shop one day!


    05.23.12 · Reply
  51. tashia graham says:

    This was a great post Kendi! Bloom looks beautiful, especially the flowers in the counter:)

    05.23.12 · Reply
  52. Gina says:

    That’s kind of what I do all day long too…minus the shop and the pretty clothes.  But the instagram and wine and eating?  Yeah, we’re basically the same ;).

    05.23.12 · Reply
  53. sophie says:

    I love this post! You do appear to have a pretty wonderful life and a great attitude to match 🙂

    05.23.12 · Reply
  54. Lindsay says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’ll admit, I love Hart of Dixie too! And last week’s episode..?? ahhh! I always go back and forth with who I want her to end up with! ha. *I also wouldnt mind being the 5’9 version of her as well. 🙂

    05.23.12 · Reply
  55. Love this post!  Sounds like you stay incredibly busy 🙂

    05.23.12 · Reply
  56. Joyce says:

    I love how you model for your own store!!


    05.23.12 · Reply
  57. Natalie says:

    You forgot the dog! Ok, I guess instagram covers him. 

    05.23.12 · Reply
    • Kendi Lea says:

      This is true! I did forget Carlos. But he does get his fair share of coverage on Insta, so I’ll bet he will let it slide…

      05.23.12 · Reply
  58. Alyssa Ashdown says:

    Your life is a whirlwind of awesome.

    05.23.12 · Reply
  59. totally cool

    05.23.12 · Reply
  60. meghanb says:

    OMG! i love me some Hart of Dixie, too. It makes my Monday night complete ; ) Do you ever check out the recaps at gofugyourself.com? They are hilarious. Congrats on the store – it’s gorgeous!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  61. Lauren says:

    Great post! So good to know more about you! 🙂

    05.23.12 · Reply
  62. Lisa Stepanian says:

    Kendi, I love reading your blog.  The photos, your style, and I love this post that’s more about you.  Hope you’re having a wonderful spring in Texas!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  63. Oh wow! I was so like ‘ooo… day in the life….’ and you’re in McKinney! I just moved to Flower Mound from Minneapolis a few weeks ago! Another shop to add to my places to check out list (oh! the hot pink bag!!)

    05.23.12 · Reply
  64. Jessica Broyles says:

    I love it! Bloom is so great, I wish I lived nearby, and could come by for a visit!


    05.23.12 · Reply
  65. tumoes says:

    You life sounds so cool x

    05.23.12 · Reply
  66. Hollyo says:

    i have the dream of having my own shop one day.  I mixture of clothing, accessories and home decor.  It’s kind of a 5 year plan, seeing as i definitely don’t have the funds to open up tomorrow…any advice?

    05.23.12 · Reply
  67. Susanne says:

    “Every night there is a fine balance of wine, television and Sour Patch Kids to create just the perfect evening.”Cheers, lady. We’ve got that goin on over here too.

    05.23.12 · Reply
  68. it’s so cool to see you guys living your dreams! thanks for sharing with us.

    05.23.12 · Reply
  69. Cara says:

    What a great post! I hope I someday get back to Texas and can make it to your store! I would love to know more about how you opened your store. 

    05.23.12 · Reply
  70. Jess says:

    so awesome, you put this together so well … thanks for sharing!!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  71. Kel says:

    Love this, and love Hart of Dixie and a glass of wine, too!!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  72. Rachael says:

    Great post.. thanks for sharing a little more about you.  So awesome to see all you’ve accomplished with Bloom in 8 months!  Very inspiring.  And your wedding photographs are gorgeous.

     Rachael  w

    05.23.12 · Reply
  73. Houndstooth & High Heels says:

    Absolutely LOVE this post! It’s great getting to see a glimpse into your life 🙂


    xo, S

    05.23.12 · Reply
  74. Kat says:

    Wow thanks for your transparency! Love knowing just enough about each blogger and where they’re coming from because it makes the reader-blogger relationship THAT much more personal. And I was “lurking” when you first opened the doors of Bloom! Exciting times! Hope it’s been going well!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  75. You’re doing a ton, but all of it seems to be stuff you’re passionate about – congrats for your busy, lovely life!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  76. Loreal Torres says:

    That’s a whole ton thanks for sharing. Secondly I Love Hart of Dixie by far one of my favorite shows. 

    05.23.12 · Reply
  77. Busy is so good. I would love to come see the boutique so much!


    wardrobe girls


    05.23.12 · Reply
  78. Abby says:

    Ummmm I love this post…please do more of these types of ones. We all love to see the glamourous life you lead…and trust me darling it is glamourous!


    05.23.12 · Reply
  79. Zadin says:

    Someone wise {Confucius} said: “Do what you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life”… I’m sure this is your case.. it’s my case too… nonetheless I’m saying: don’t forget to enjoy every moment of you life {working, nonworking}.. we only live once…

    Zadin ♥♥♥

    05.23.12 · Reply
  80. Cat Munzing says:

    amazing.  my goal has always been to have my own little boutique and you are an inspiration and remind me that it is not an impossible “i want to be a rocket scientist” goal.  love it all, and congratulations on everything!


    05.23.12 · Reply
  81. Aubreytincher says:

    Good job, There you are in your cute store! Good for you!


    05.23.12 · Reply
  82. You are so talented Kendi!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  83. Fine, if you like your job. Little shop – my dream! ))

    From http://www.xeanafashion.com  

    05.23.12 · Reply
  84. Berni_pauli says:

    It is pleasure meeting you, Kendi. hope life keeps surprising you.

    With love, B&P.


    05.23.12 · Reply
  85. Thanks for sharing. I love posts like these where we get to catch a glimpse of what it’s like to be a wonderful blogger and shop owner at the same time. Oh and I loooove Hart of Dixie too!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  86. Mica says:

    Love reading more about you and hearing about a typical day! You make it all sound so exciting! 🙂


    05.23.12 · Reply
  87. your  wedding photos are great 😛 *

    05.23.12 · Reply
  88. Toni says:

    Nice, I love “a day in the life” posts – great blog and store, you seem very happy! 🙂

    05.23.12 · Reply
  89. Excellent post. It’s always nice to know how other bloggers spend their day. Love how you are an entrepreneur. Takes a very special and talented person to make a living independent of big corporations.
    Seattle Beauty and Fashion Blog

    05.23.12 · Reply
  90. silviali says:

    I loved this. and your blog, I’ve been following it for a while now and I just think you’re such a cool kid. Haha, please don’t take that as an offense. Keep doing what you’re doing ! 

    05.23.12 · Reply
  91. Melanie says:

    Great post!  It’s always so fun to get a peek into other people’s day to day lives.

    P.S.  I love your store!

    Style to Stage

    05.23.12 · Reply
  92. Rose Eva says:

    Such pretty photos! Now time to check out that boutique.. 🙂

    Rose Eva

    05.23.12 · Reply
  93. Seekingstyleblog says:

    Sounds like a great, but busy, life!

    xo Jennifer


    05.23.12 · Reply
  94. Louise says:

    You take gorgeous photos! I absolutely love your aesthetic! The flowers on display in your desk is such a perfect idea!

    xx Louise
    A Little Beauty Luxury

    05.23.12 · Reply
  95. Hilary A says:

    I am a lil obsessed with that show. yikes.
    x Hilary

    05.23.12 · Reply
  96. Maria Inês Ribeiro says:

    super cute pictures!

    great post!


    05.23.12 · Reply
  97. April says:

    I love seeing what other bloggers do! Thanks for sharing, Kendi! And why wouldn’t you be your own model…I mean, duh! You’re so darn cute!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  98. Renee O. says:

    Kendi Everyday is one of my favorites blogs. Each evening after work, part of my unwinding-from-the-daily-grind-ritual is to sit down and see what creative post you have to share with me! Love all your ideas and your creative outlets! Thanks for sharing!!!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  99. T. says:

    Great post! I always love it if famous (or not so famous) bloggers share a bit about their lives.
    How old are you?

    05.23.12 · Reply
  100. Amanda Joy says:

    I love your blog. I read daily and love the outfits! I saw you in an ad here in Boston for the bags you did. It was amazing!!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  101. Rhoda Wong says:

    i love this post! your day sounds very fun!


    05.23.12 · Reply
  102. Thanks for sharing this– I LOVED reading it. So fun to know what people do all day outside of blogland. 🙂

    05.23.12 · Reply
  103. Leah says:

    Your store is adorable!
    And so are you. I love the way you write!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  104. Daisy says:

    Love your blog! Hope to visit your store when Im in the DFW area next month. I will be the creepy girl who will request a pic with your for her instagram haha!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  105. Annazakr says:

    I’m literally watching You’ve Got Mail right now. It is my goal in life to be Kathleen Kelly only look like Dr. Zoe Hart.

    05.23.12 · Reply
  106. Hayley says:

    haha I love all of this! I knew you had a store but for some reason I didn’t know it was in Mckinney!! I’m a Baylor student so I’m normally there but when I come home to Frisco I definitely need to stop by!! and ps I love hart of dixie and wish I could be rachel bilson…

    05.23.12 · Reply
  107. What a lovely post. I’ve just started reading a few (recommended to me) fashion blogs…being a food blogger I thougth I should branch out in my read. Loved seeing what your day is like…looks like a fun life.

    05.23.12 · Reply
  108. Kate says:

    your ability to tie hart of dixie and you’ve got mail into one blogpost leads me to believe we’re meant to be friends! 

    05.23.12 · Reply
  109. Fromsunstomoons says:

    This may just be the best thing you’ve ever posted. I think there’s a good reason for your wild success and that you deserve every bit of it because who else could write so candidly about her business(es) without making it sound like blatant self-promotion? Kendi Skeen, of the McKinney Skeens, that’s who. And please, sir, can I have some more? (personal posts, not gruel).

    05.23.12 · Reply
  110. TheresaTran says:

    I loved reading this post!! (: Congrats on the 8 month mark of your store opening! 
    The photos are beautiful. I love wedding photographs. ^__^ Lovely.


    05.23.12 · Reply
  111. Jessica says:

    My husband thinks I’m absolutely ridiculous for watching that show, but I love it! 

    05.23.12 · Reply
  112. Kelly @ Turned Up to ELEVEN! says:

    What a lovely front desk area at Bloom – I LOVE the flowers in the display case, excellent filler and idea. I also have to say I’m happy to see someone else smitten with Hart of Dixie. Between Zoe’s cute gear and Lemon’s amazing necklace collection I’m totally into it (that and the lovely stories it always gives me warm fuzzies).

    05.23.12 · Reply
  113. Veronica says:

    Kendi, I’ve been following you for about two and a half years now and although I don’t know you, I must say I’m proud of you! You’re definitely a woman on the move! You go girl!  Congrats on the success of you and your husbands businesses!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  114. Kimberley says:

    I think you lead a fabulous life!  I’m having ambition jealousy. Love the store!  And yay! Another Hart of Dixie fan!  I love that show. 

    05.23.12 · Reply
  115. April says:

     This was such a cute post. Your kind of living the life I would like to lead in about 3 yrs 🙂 BTW, I grew up in Flower Mound. Nice to see someone from near my old stomping grounds.


    05.23.12 · Reply
  116. Kelsie says:

    I got so excited to find out someone else watches Hart of Dixie. I am obsessed with that show, love Rachel Bilson too much for words

    05.23.12 · Reply
  117. Maja says:

    Great post. Also, can I have the entire new collection that you modeled? Thanks!

    Maja – clotheskinksandcurls.blogspot.ca

    05.23.12 · Reply
  118. Sydney Ariel says:

    Your style is so adorable! 


    05.23.12 · Reply
  119. Eleconey says:

    Yay I made it on Kendi Everyday! I think my life is complete. 🙂 

    05.23.12 · Reply
  120. Megankaybrimm says:

    Dear Kendi, I will be in Texas later this summer if you want another free model. Just saying. Instagram @mkbrimm #shameless. A girl has gotta try.

    05.23.12 · Reply
  121. omg your life just seems as sweet as a yummy bowl of candy.
    i love all of these fun pictures

    xo kaitlin

    05.23.12 · Reply
  122. Seriously the busy worker bee, love it! 


    05.23.12 · Reply
  123. Aren’t most fashion bloggers juggling a multitude of personal and secular ambitions? I know I am, so thanks for sharing! I’m following you on Instagram.

    05.23.12 · Reply
  124. Jillian Towne says:

    A lovely, witty, and charming post. Thanks for sharing!
    Jillian, http://www.zestandhoney.com

    05.23.12 · Reply
  125. Priya says:

    Thanks for sharing this Kendi! I was really beginning to wonder…what a nice life summary. Looks like you're having a blast! And why not model for your shop? You're a real life model!!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  126. Stephanie Sack says:

    you know I love hart of dixie too! Congrats to you and BLOOMs success!!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  127. Tiffany Cook says:

    What a great life. Looks like you’ve got it all figured out. : ) I must know. . . Are you team Wade or George? 

    05.23.12 · Reply
  128. Angela says:

    Just to get it out there…you are the funniest person that I don’t know. Thanks for always sharing!

    05.23.12 · Reply
  129. Brittany Bigelow says:

    man, i wish texas was closer to oregon so i could just pop into your store and look at the cute stuff in there! those flowers at the register? adorable! and i’ve always wanted to be kathleen kelly and own a little store.  jealous!  as for hart of dixie, that is definitely one of my favorite shows this year.  i do not know how i’m going to wait until fall to see how that cliffhanger gets resolved!  are you rooting for wade or george?  and how amazing are the clothes on that show? seriously!

    05.24.12 · Reply
  130. You are so funny and I really mean it! I love reading your blog and this post one goes to show again why: you have amazing style, your own store and a fantastic blog plus the life behind the scenes and I admire you for getting it all managed so well! Good job! xo, Christina


    05.24.12 · Reply
  131. You have a pretty fantastic life if I do say so myself! Its amazing you get to have your own store (and modeling yourself haha)
    Enter to win a $50 voucher for Dark Horse Jewelry! Trendy Teal

    05.24.12 · Reply
  132. Amielle says:

    “The past few weekends we’ve been shooting weddings non-stop. Not with guns, mind you as we are not like that.”

    Coming out of my program, this was the one line that kept people looking at me oddly. After being in a class with 50+ people who knew exactly what you meant by that, meeting people who don’t is always worthy of a chuckle. 

    05.24.12 · Reply
  133. Rose says:

    Aww you are like a boutique version of Kathleen Kelly! and your shop looks so cool and different, I need to head up to McKinney!

    05.24.12 · Reply
  134. Such a great post Kendi – You have such an amazing life !

    05.24.12 · Reply
  135. Ellie says:

    I love posts that give us a little more insight to the people we see almost everyday via their blogs. *grins* And did you know?!? You’re on Prepaganda today!


    05.24.12 · Reply
  136. Absolutely love that you watch ‘Hart of Dixie’. It’s only just come to the UK but I love it. It’s one of those ‘so bad, it’s good’! haha

    05.24.12 · Reply
  137. Mrs C says:

    Nice to read your story.. feel like i know you a bit more 🙂

    Come walk my footsteps in my visit to Venice/Treviso:http://mrsjackofalltradesdaily.blogspot.com/2012/05/micro-break-from-heat-veneto-italy.html

    05.24.12 · Reply
  138. It’s cool to see what you get up to. I had envisioned that you just walk around in outfits all day having your photo taken. 

    05.24.12 · Reply
  139. Amandarin says:

    Love this post!! And love that you go all “Kathleen Kelly” 🙂 

    05.24.12 · Reply
  140. I am so excited to have found your blog!  I’m in the process of opening up a clothing boutique myself and wondered how it would be juggling that and the blog.  I’d love for you to check out my post today on Columbia Yoga Wear!

    05.24.12 · Reply
  141. Stephanie says:

    Wow, sounds busy! Love your life! 🙂

    05.24.12 · Reply
  142. Kristian says:

    Thank you for that insight into your life.

    05.24.12 · Reply
  143. Simply Sarah says:

    love this – it’s so cool to look into the life of a blogger <3  Love the layout of your shop too; from what we can see it's beautiful!


    05.24.12 · Reply
  144. Littlethingsinlife says:

    I saw that article of you on theverygirl but never made the connection! You are quite the busy and talented girl! I loved reading your story and hearing about your store!

    05.24.12 · Reply
  145. Brooke @ what2wear says:

    Hey Kendi, I just love your story and your blog and…you haha 🙂
    I did a post inspired by you today, hope you get a chance to check it out 🙂
    Brooke @ what2wear, Monikabrooke.blogspot.com

    05.24.12 · Reply
  146. Jessica Lonett says:

    a 5’9″ version of any character of rachel bilson is definitely a good idea 🙂

    05.24.12 · Reply
  147. Ritika says:
    05.24.12 · Reply
  148. PrettyLittleFawn says:

    I love seeing your life in photos, gives me such a clear picture of how you live. Love the blog Kendi, I hope you’ll check mine out too! http://www.prettylittlefawn.blogspot.com

    05.24.12 · Reply
  149. Laura says:

    I had no idea that you were a photographer. Those pictures are stunning!! I really admire you and everything you are doing…it completely inspires me to do more!

    05.24.12 · Reply
  150. As usual…I love your writing style. Great post.

    05.24.12 · Reply
  151. Sofia says:

    Yay! Someone else watches Hart of Dixie. You’re even cooler now that I know this. 

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    Seems like a dream. Following you on instagram now!


    05.24.12 · Reply
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    05.24.12 · Reply
  155. Tiana says:

    i loved reading about your everyday life 🙂
    i mean it is Kendi ‘Everyday’ 😉

    you seem so beautiful and down to earth. and the wedding photography pictures are STUNNING.

    tiana of l’esthetique

    05.24.12 · Reply
  156. Abby says:


    Love this post!  Wish I could come in and shop in your store.  And you are quite the talented photographer.  Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your life.




    05.24.12 · Reply
  157. Sam says:

    Kendi, Congratulations on living a life that fits your dreams! Moreover, you have achieved a mix of humility and humor in your posts that should be the model for fashion bloggers everywhere. Great job! Please keep it coming!

    05.24.12 · Reply
  158. Adrian Blackstock says:

    I just discovered your blog and am very excited to read it! The Hart of Dixie part really sealed the deal. 

    05.24.12 · Reply
  159. Guest says:

    I was sold as soon as I saw the picture of Wade and Zoe! You officially have a new follower! 

    05.24.12 · Reply
  160. GiovannaPacini says:

    Such a cute post! Loving your wedding photography! So beautiful!


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  161. Michelle says:

    hahah, love the part about a fine balance of wine, television, and SPK’s…story of my life too…

    05.24.12 · Reply
  162. I think I’m going to fangasm over here. Thanks for putting up that lovely picture of me on my wedding day on Kendi Everyday! I think I can die a happily married woman now. 🙂 (seriously can’t wait to see the rest! going to pee my pants with excitement, so…do hurry)
    Love you guys! Miss you!

    05.24.12 · Reply
  163. Lacey says:

    Kendi, if you love “Hart of Dixie,” you have to come visit the coffee shop where I work. Jamie King is one of my customers. Just saw her today; she’s very nice.

    05.24.12 · Reply
    • Lacey says:

       Not to mention that if you came to visit my shop I would have a serious freak out over meeting you.

      05.24.12 · Reply
  164. Janey says:

    Funny my life goal is to be 5’0″ version of Dr. Zoe Hart I’m glad I’m not the only person over the age of 13 that watches that show! Thanks for sharing.


    05.24.12 · Reply
  165. Katie McC says:

    It’s a dream of mine to own my own boutique one day. It’s really inspiring to see where you started and where your at now. Your photography is amazing, and it’s so awesome you and your husband can share such a fun and beautiful profession together as wedding photographers. Maybe because I love reading your blog and reading The Everygirl, I already knew most of this but it’s still exciting to get a glimpse into your work life. It’s been one of my favorite featured on TEG. and those heels in your first pic…. ahhh love the coral UO pumps. I have them in green and they are my fav.

    05.24.12 · Reply
  166. Cadie Campbell says:

    Thanks for sharing a little more about your life and especially about your love for Hart of Dixie.  I think it’s hard to not want to be Dr. Zoe Hart after watching the show!

    05.24.12 · Reply
  167. Kendi, I love you!

    I love you for showing me that life can be lived so simply, yet to beautifully.
    I love you for reminding me that we always need a good dose of humor in everyday life. 
    I love you for inspiring me that I can achieve so much more.

    Not sure if you intended to show me all the above, but that’s just how I feel when I read your wonderful blog!

    05.24.12 · Reply
  168. Shelly says:

    LOVE that you watch Hart of Dixie! I’m so sad the season is over. It was my Monday night guilty pleasure. But then again, now I have the Bachelorette on Mondays :-).  I love your blog and your style and your personality. Thanks for sharing your life with us!!

    05.24.12 · Reply
  169. Langfordmary E says:

    You saying that you’re 5’9” made me way too happy to explain! You have made a huge impact on my self image and for that I can not thank you enough! Thank you for being tall and confident!’

    05.24.12 · Reply
  170. 🙂 I’m going to be completely honest and say that the first time I met you (TxSC this year) I was completely turned off and let down. With this amazing blog and the great personality you have here I was expecting that in person. And then you were so quite and reserved. I was a little let down. But this post has completely changed my mind about you. Your not a Bword, but someone that naturally keeps to themselves. I think I just expect bloggers to be more out there and in your face. Anyhoo, my comment isn’t meant to offend but to let you know, thanks for sharing this post with us. It is nice to know a little about you:)

    05.24.12 · Reply
    • Kendi Lea says:

      Hey Joanne! I have to say I’m a little taken aback by your comment (since we’re all being honest here.) I didn’t think I was that quiet and reserved when I chatted you and Genny up, but yes that is my demeanor most of the time. I’m 110% an introvert, so being around a lot of people especially at once I really have to turn it on. I’m a bit sad that you thought I was a bitch! Haha — kinda makes me laugh on this side of it, but I really do hate that. And yeah I’ve never been the in yo face type, although I’ve always admired people who are. Probably because I’m a little bit funny on my blog people think that I’ll be a riot in person, but really that only happens after alcohol has been ingested. But if you ever need a sit down for coffee for two hours kind of girl, I’m there. 😉

      06.02.12 · Reply
      • Hey Kendi! Thanks so much for your reply. I sincerly apologize if I came off bitchy (cause let’s be honest, I kinda did), that totally was not my intent. It was more of my creating this image of what I though you’d be like in person and then taken completely off guard when you were more of a wallflower. While reading your reply I realized that you are exactly like my husband. He’s very quite and observant and it takes him a little while to reveal himselves to others, so I shouldn’t have been so judgemental. I truly am sorry. BUT again, I’m so happy you shared your life with us in this post! It rekindled that admiration I initially had for you (in the most uncreepiest way, I promise, lol!). Keep up the great work cause you are really someone all us small time bloggers look up to:)

        P.S. totally surprised you remembered who I was and that we met!
        P.S.S I would love to take you up on chatting and picking your blogger brain! Don’t live in TX but would love to chat via email?

        06.06.12 · Reply
  171. Wow I never realized how crazy busy you are! thanks for the share.. it somehow makes me appreciate each post a little more. 

    05.25.12 · Reply
  172. Kimberly Julie Newton says:

    You can be the 5’9″ version if I can be the 5’10” one!

    Also, I didn’t realize how tall you are from all your photos… I adore you even more now, for sure. 🙂

    05.25.12 · Reply
    • kelly says:

      Yes! Being tall rocks. 
      Thanks for the glimpse into your daily life Kendi. 

      05.30.12 · Reply
  173. Esonia Knight says:

    Now I know why I think your my “friend in my head” ( no I’m not crazy) Love the shout out to 
    “You’ve Got Mail” on of my faves!!!! 

    05.25.12 · Reply
  174. Ladouglar says:

    oh kendi you never cease to amaze us… Your so funny and out there and yet you’re a ninja with your personal life! To be honest, I read your blog every day even if I don’t like your outfit (rare), I read every word (sometimes out loud to people, even if they didn’t want to know)! I think your hilarious and im glad you put your silly thoughts down for us to read. I fully agree with Esonia when I say were friends, even if only in my head! Thanks for being you

    05.26.12 · Reply
  175. Hannah says:

    I had no idea you were a wedding photographer as well – crazy! I can’t believe how much you fit into a day/week/month/year. I have to admit, feeling a bit under-accomplished over here! Amazing x 

    And yes, Hart of Dixie rocks the kasbah.

    05.28.12 · Reply
  176. Jealeyni Vega says:

    Photos came out great! You have talent Kendi. I am in Love with Hart of Dixie! I think Zoe has the best style 🙂


    05.29.12 · Reply
  177. Kara says:

    I am very inspired by your blog. I have been reading it for months. And it’s a resource as I work on my fashion blog, truly a work in progress. I will have to pop into your shop one day because I live down the street around the corner in the little burg of Plano.


    06.08.12 · Reply
  178. Tiffany M says:

    I love this post! It shows that you’re a real down to earth girl who works for a living! I love that you haven’t let blogging fully consume your life and you still are true to yourself. I love your blog and you inspire me everyday!

    06.20.12 · Reply
  179. i know this is a pretty late comment but i haven’t been able to visit your blog in such a long time! my life has been pretty crazy as well. i just wanted to say that you totally should start a blog about your store! its been my frustration in life to be an entrep. i keep failing. i know its part of the process but its totally discouraging. it would be awesome to hear your stories and how you were able to overcome all the challenges!

    06.26.12 · Reply