Hello Spring

posted on: 4/17/2012

{Sweater: Bloom | Skirt: Fancy French Cologne | Shoes: Similar| Purse: Melie Bianco}

I'm back! I'm alive! In the contest of flu vs. Kendi, I won after a 5-day battle. I also developed a nice set of dreaded hair and some atrophy in my legs. Putting on heels for the first time after laying in bed for several days was equivalent to a baby giraffe walking for the first time. AKA very graceful.

A couple of weeks ago I was wearing a skirt and the first thing my mother said to me was "I've missed your legs." Thank you mother. I realize that you might not find my legs quite as special, but here they are again, not covered by colored jeans. A bit underwhelming, eh? Legs only a mother could love, I suppose.

Also, my skirt is wrinkled and I should probably have worn a slip. Eh, you can't win them all. 


  1. Fabulous ensemble! As for the legs...in 20 years you'll be wishing for today's legs!

  2. My mum says things like that to me too! Glad you're feeling better; flu is RUBBISH! Loving the skirt! :) xo

  3. My mom always likes when I pull back and out of my face. Moms are pretty cute. Like the pink, nice outfit. AND nice to meet your legs- how do you do?

    Glad your feeling better~