Hello Spring


{Sweater: Bloom | Skirt: Fancy French Cologne | Shoes: Similar| Purse: Melie Bianco}
I’m back! I’m alive! In the contest of flu vs. Kendi, I won after a 5-day battle. I also developed a nice set of dreaded hair and some atrophy in my legs. Putting on heels for the first time after laying in bed for several days was equivalent to a baby giraffe walking for the first time. AKA very graceful.
A couple of weeks ago I was wearing a skirt and the first thing my mother said to me was “I’ve missed your legs.” Thank you mother. I realize that you might not find my legs quite as special, but here they are again, not covered by colored jeans. A bit underwhelming, eh? Legs only a mother could love, I suppose.
Also, my skirt is wrinkled and I should probably have worn a slip. Eh, you can’t win them all. 

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  1. nikki says:

    Fabulous ensemble! As for the legs…in 20 years you'll be wishing for today's legs!

    04.17.12 · Reply
  2. Great outfit!!


    04.18.12 · Reply
  3. EilidhPie says:

    My mum says things like that to me too! Glad you're feeling better; flu is RUBBISH! Loving the skirt! 🙂 xo

    04.18.12 · Reply
  4. ellen. says:

    My mom always likes when I pull back and out of my face. Moms are pretty cute. Like the pink, nice outfit. AND nice to meet your legs- how do you do?

    Glad your feeling better~


    04.18.12 · Reply