Chocolate and Wrinkles

posted on: 2/02/2012

{Oxford Shirt, Pants, Heels, Tote}

Let me tell you something: J.Crew might be full of lies. You opened their catalog and there are the models, perfectly dressed with no wrinkles. So you think to yourself "oh! wrinkle free pants!" and you buy them. Lies. You see, I ironed my pants this morning, got in the car for 20 minutes and drove to work before taking these photos. What I did not do was roll around in bed, jump on a trampoline, or play with a group of small children while wearing these pants. The truth is those J.Crew models do not ever move once they put their clothes on and they probably iron the pants right on them. Those aren't smiles you see, those are smirks from the pain.*

Is it too early to dress up for Valentine's? And by Valentine's I mean that time of year that I buy myself 4 bars of chocolate alone at a Target on a weekday night? I didn't think so. It's never too early for Valentine's day.

*That's probably a lie, too. 


  1. I didn't even notice the wrinkles, to be honest. :) But yes, I agree that A LOT of J. Crew's clothes wrinkle. Their tissue-type shirts wrinkle just by sitting in my drawer.

    I LOVE your color combo here, by the way! Perfect lipstick color too!

  2. Kendi! You inspired me to start my colored pants collection. Haha! I'm lovin' my red pants. :)