Off Duty

1.29.12c{Similar Tee, Similar Pants, Flats}

It’s true — there are days I don’t wear heels, I don’t shellac my make-up on and I simply don’t dress up. As of lately there have been many of these days. Of course you don’t know about these rogue outfits because I rarely take photos on my off days. Why? Because I don’t want to bore you with my t-shirts that I sometimes sleep in and wear the next day, and a random pair skinny jeans that I’ve worn for 4 weeks straight so they are stretched out and make me feel skinny. But today I am going to be honest — today I am a bore.  So here is an off duty outfit to lull you back in to your Monday afternoon nap time. Wait — was that a yawn? Oh, you don’t take a nap at your office? Liar.  

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  1. Kristi says:

    I feel like you've gotten so tiny..what's your secret? ๐Ÿ™‚

    01.30.12 · Reply
  2. Cassie says:

    I love your day off outfits, much closer to how I dress for work ๐Ÿ™‚ you really are so lovely!

    01.30.12 · Reply
  3. Whoa. Our brains are syncing up across 5 states (I live in Atlanta). I wore the same J.crew pants & shirt (inverted, though, mine is blue on white) today to work. No jewelery, though, gets in the way when teaching the Littles.

    01.30.12 · Reply
  4. Lisa says:

    You look great even on your off day.

    01.31.12 · Reply
  5. Anonymous says:

    This outfit is a favorite for me. And you look stunning in the first photo.

    01.31.12 · Reply
  6. Jeri says:

    Have you heard of Poshmark for iPhone? It's an app to sell and buy clothes. You should consider listing some stuff. I'd buy all your stuff. Lol. Love your style!

    01.31.12 · Reply
  7. You always look great and your posts are so entertaining!

    02.03.12 · Reply