posted on: 9/29/2011

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It's supposed to be 98 degrees here today. (Unfortunately not the Nick Lachey band.)  So if you are thinking 'sleeveless in September?" I'm thinking the same thing as well. It feels like summer outside still, which you can't complain about honestly. Unless you really want to wear fall clothes and boots. I've never checked the weather so much in my life.  Mainly because in my mind there are two types of weather: sandal weather and boots weather. We are still in sandal weather, people. Although I did see one girl yesterday rocking the tall boots and jeans. While she was probably sweaty, I salute you tall boot girl.

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posted on: 9/28/2011

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Wild Horses

posted on: 9/27/2011

 So you've all seen this outfit, yes? Well I wept out of pure joy when I saw it because I've had this thrifted horse shirt for a while and wasn't quiet sure what to pair it with. This is why I love the internet. That and the fact that I can order Brants and no one has to know about it.


posted on: 9/26/2011

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I'm feeling particularly Parisian in this outfit. May it be the high bun, the striped tee or my fake french accent, I'm feeling the Paris vibe. I'll probably eat lunch at Le Madeleine's today as well. It just feels right. 

In other news, this weekend we opened bloom and it was so.much.fun. Which is good since I own the place. If I opened it and hated it, that wouldn't be a good sign for the next few years. 

Au revoir for now, you guys. 

Autumn Calling

posted on: 9/22/2011

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I'm a little behind this week. This outfit is actually from Monday. So by a little behind, I mean three days behind. Forgive me? You didn't miss much Tuesday or Wednesday as I pretty much wore the same uniform I've been wearing all week -- a v-neck, jeans and greasy hair. HOT. My greasy hair brings all the boys to the yard, trust me. Of course they are carrying shampoo, but still.
PS -- Thank you for sticking with me through the sporadic postings these last few weeks. Regular programming will return soon, promise.

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posted on: 9/21/2011

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posted on: 9/20/2011

As you all know my first child is my blog. But now my second child is my shop. (I bet you didn't even know I was pregnant.) I'd like to introduce you to Bloom. Although still a work in progress, I couldn't wait to share with you the site and our tumblr that's tracking our last few weeks. As of Friday, September 23rd, you can come see me at the shop any old time. 

Hot Pants

posted on: 9/19/2011


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I was going to name this post 'Candy Striper' but I decided it looked too much like 'candy stripper.' Which was my old identity that I'd like to keep in the past, of course. 'Hot Pants' is way more appropriate and not stripper related at all. 

I wore this outfit on Saturday night on a date. To the mall. With all of the other 14 year olds who have nowhere else to go with their love interests. I'm pretty sure we are running out of date ideas when we end up at a mall, but on the flip side I got to see the new H&M in Dallas. But on the other flip side, if this is 4 years in, what will dates look like in 10 years? Oh no, it's happening. All of a sudden all I want for my anniversary is a washer and dryer set... and a hug. And maybe a candle, if it's not asking too much. 

Pretty & Powerful

posted on: 9/16/2011

When Bobbi Brown Cosmetics approached me about their campaign 'Pretty & Powerful' one woman came to mind: my mother. My mother is undoubtedly a beautiful woman. As a little girl, I remember staring at my mom hoping to look just like her when I grew up. But my mother chose a long time ago to be something other than just a pretty girl. She chose to be strong, gracious and powerful.

Growing up, my mom would remind me of one thing: "be who you are." May it have been encouraging because I was the weirdest kid on the playground, or grounding because I was the most popular girl in class, she always quietly reminded me to be true to myself. But more than her words, I followed her actions. My mother doesn't change; she stays the same each and every year. No matter what the circumstance -- be it happy, sad or downright life shattering, my mother exudes a quiet power in every situation. My mother is pretty and powerful and I couldn't be more proud to be her daughter. 
You too can join in on the campaign, by leaving a comment below telling me who is 'Pretty & Powerful' in your life which also qualifies you to win a Bobbi Brown make-up palette given at random to one reader. For an extra entry, send your tweets to #prettypowerful. You can also cast a vote for contestants or submit your own video to the Pretty & Powerful campaign

Meant to Be

posted on: 9/15/2011

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It hit me last night as I was watching 'Storage Wars' and playing a crossword, that fashion week is happening a million miles away. And for a second I thought I was in the wrong place. I should most certainly be in a pretty dress in NYC, drooling over runway style and stalking Anna Wintour. Right? 

And then this post happened. Instead of an 'arm party' I've got an old hair tie on my wrist for when my hair inevitably decides to turn against me. Then as I was labeling my outfit, I had to google Calvin Klein's name to make sure I spelled it right. (I didn't.) Perhaps on my couch playing crosswords is right where I'm meant to be. 

As you can see, in honor of the missed Missoni event at Target (Missedoni?) I wore my thrifted knock off sweater vest version of Missoni. Thrifted and a knock off? Oh girl you are too much. 

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posted on: 9/13/2011


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One of the first things I look for in a new place of residence is a good wine bar and the nearest Target. You may think 'hospital' or 'police station' but no, for me it's a good time over healthcare or safety. Which I figure will only last me through my twenties. Once I hit 30, my responsibility gene will kick in. Right? Isn't that how it works? And then I will have kids. Or is it kids, then responsibility? This might be why we've yet to venture into parenthood. 

All that to say, two weeks in town and we've found ourselves a wine bar and 2 Targets within a 15 miles radius. As if I need another reason to wake up and get dressed everyday. 

(PS -- did anyone end up at a Target today for the Missoni collection? Have missed it? Did you buy it all before I could get my grubby hands on it?)

Instant Class

posted on: 9/12/2011

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Today I feel classy. It could be the fact that when I sit down or get out of a car, I don't have to worry about showing the world everything I own. It could also be the fact that I barely showered all weekend and today I did. (Don't judge. You do it too, nasty.) A shower and a long dress equals instant class. You can see why I was not invited to the Royal Wedding, no? 

So I got a new 'B' necklace. Yes, B is for my husband. Yes, I am a sap. Can you blame me? 


posted on: 9/09/2011

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Yes, I did just name this post after a questionable Black Eyed Pea album. Because that's where my brain goes when I'm tired. It goes to the dark side that is Top 40 radio of 2003. Don't phunk with my heart.

New things I've learned this week: it is possible to cover up tired with concealer. Five layers of three different types of concealer to be exact and I look like a human again. Which coincidentally is the same as the cups of coffee I need to drink every day just to be able to speak. I think five is my new lucky number.

And ss if my shirt didn't have enough elephants for you, I wore my elephant necklace from my great Aunt Murl. No, not Merl, my other great aunt who also provides jewelry to young bloggers. This can be confusing, I know.

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Old School

posted on: 9/06/2011

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You may notice that my hair grew over night. But really this is an outfit from before we left our little town, obviously before the new big city hair. Glad I had it on hand as today I'm in t-shirt and shorts that I may or may not have slept in, not quite blog worthy.

Am I alone in this or did you used to pine over new loafers for school? Just me, eh? I loved a new pair of loafers. There was just something about going into third grade that made me want to be an 80 year old man. While these are a much hipper version, I'm getting a little nostalic for my annual pair of loafers. Except it's 15 years later and I'm not pairing them with colored tube socks. Yet.

Light Reading

If you are in need of new online magazines or you want to read my silly answers check out the latest issues of We Like We Love Magazine, House of Fifty and Matchbook Magazine. Just a little bit of light reading for a Tuesday morning. 

Work Day

posted on: 9/05/2011

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THANK YOU for all of the kinds words on the shop! I was overwhelmed by the encouragement, so thank you times a million. Give yourself a hug for me, will ya? A long awkward side hug because those are the only ones I give.

I'm on the clock today, even though it's technically a holiday. I figure this is the first of many holidays I will work. You say, holiday I say Monday. But really it just means I have an excuse to dress up which is fine by me.