Working Girl

12.17.12d {Shirt, Pants, Similar Necklace, Heels} Being at the store 6 days a week, means I pretty much dress up every day. Saturdays are no exception. The thing is I’m usually running about an hour behind on Saturdays and we never get photos. But today the stars aligned. I woke up early, birds drew open the curatins for me, I picked out what I was going to wear, and we got outfit photos. Not quite a miracle, but pretty impressive for a Saturday.
Happy Weekend, my friends.

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  1. M.R. says:

    That is IMPRESSIVE!

    Love those pants!

    12.17.11 · Reply
  2. Anonymous says:

    *fist pump* way to go kendi!

    12.18.11 · Reply
  3. Heather says:

    Great work look! I still love that flannel inspired shirt!!


    12.19.11 · Reply
  4. Rachel says:

    Is your necklace by Leslie Danzis?

    12.20.11 · Reply