12.29.11b{Similar Top, Jeans, Heels}
So this is B’s new studio. We thought that we’d try it out this morning and snap outfit shots in there. With it being cold, I’m beginning to have a small aversion to taking my coat off outside and prancing around while B snaps photos of me. Just a small aversion though; will I ever lose the zest for prancing around and pretending to not be pretending to be a model? Never. Do you see that ‘smize‘ up there? That’s from years of practice, my friends. 

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  1. Amanda says:

    What color and style are your Indi custom jeans, if I may ask? I've been thinking about ordering some.

    12.29.11 · Reply
  2. I love your outfit, especially your scarf!
    And: you don't have to Take the photos outside the cold – they are perfect like this!
    xxx Anita

    12.29.11 · Reply
  3. Of course i wanted to say: outside in the cold 😉 sorry -my German iPhone seems not to be able to accept writing something in english…

    12.29.11 · Reply
  4. You look so good! I love this outfit! Is it sad that one of my New Year's resolutions is to dress more like you?!?

    12.29.11 · Reply
  5. I watched that whole smize video. So ashamed. So added to my vocabulary.

    01.06.12 · Reply
  6. You sure have some good shopping for a small town life:) you always look great!


    02.01.12 · Reply