Wild Horses

9.27.11d  So you’ve all seen this outfit, yes? Well I wept out of pure joy when I saw it because I’ve had this thrifted horse shirt for a while and wasn’t quiet sure what to pair it with. This is why I love the internet. That and the fact that I can order Brants and no one has to know about it.

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  1. Gertrude says:

    That blouse is gorgeous! I adore pussy-bow blouses (cause I love bows) BUT I still haven't bought one! Sigh! And they have been 'in' for a couple of years now.

    09.27.11 · Reply
  2. Not trying to take anything away from the great outfit, buy I literally laughed out loud when I clicked on brants. Seriously, too much hahha

    09.28.11 · Reply
  3. BRANTS!!! BAH HA HA!!! On a serious note, I love that shirt! Wild horses couldn't drag me away from it…Tee hee.

    09.28.11 · Reply