Autumn Calling

posted on: 9/22/2011

{Shop: Blazer Similar Shorts}

I'm a little behind this week. This outfit is actually from Monday. So by a little behind, I mean three days behind. Forgive me? You didn't miss much Tuesday or Wednesday as I pretty much wore the same uniform I've been wearing all week -- a v-neck, jeans and greasy hair. HOT. My greasy hair brings all the boys to the yard, trust me. Of course they are carrying shampoo, but still.
PS -- Thank you for sticking with me through the sporadic postings these last few weeks. Regular programming will return soon, promise.


  1. Great outfit, loving that blazer and scarf. Oh and so excited about Bloom!

  2. Eeeekk! I'm so excited about your shop and can't wait to come in, but feel a tad like a creepster ;). I like how you're strategically placed between 2 wineries and less than 5 min from my house!