Goodbye Parties

8.23.11c{Shop: Dress, Similar Wedges, Earrings}
This is our last week in our little town. As much as I’ve complained, I’m going to miss this place. We’ve already said goodbye to our favorite restaurants in town, with final meals at each and every one. It’s hard to let someone else do the cooking for you, but for memories sake I did it. 
 We have a few goodbye parties to attend and then will head out of town. It’s kind of hard to know what to wear to a goodbye lunch. Do I go ‘bright and cheery’ for the future or ‘sad and gloomy’ for the past? 
As you can tell, I went with sad and gloomy. Sparkles just didn’t seem appropriate for a goodbye lunch.

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  1. Love this dress!

    08.23.11 · Reply
  2. claire says:

    you are maybe the prettiest person. most likely.

    08.23.11 · Reply
  3. There's nothing sad about this dress. Stripes are quite cheerful by nature, no?

    08.24.11 · Reply
  4. I don't think you went sad and gloomy at all. I think you look so nice! Good luck with the move!

    08.24.11 · Reply
  5. Finley says:

    Well don't you look like a little lady? Your small town is a little less stylish today, but hooray for your new big town!
    {mommy chic} latest post: blogiversary giveaway

    08.25.11 · Reply
  6. Alicia says:

    Cute & chic. Very lady like. Love the color too. Hey not sure if you knew but I gave you a blog award. It's on my blog under one lovely blog award.


    08.29.11 · Reply