4.4.11d{Shop: Dress, Similar Blazer, Heels}
Excuse the surprised/lost look in the first photo. Sometimes I forget where I am, why I’m posing in a parking garage and who that strange man with a camera is. Then the strange man sits down with me for an hour and explains what a “style blog” is to me and I’m okay again. This was before that conversation, so you’ll have to forgive me. Also, the strange man in my husband. He’s actually really nice.

I straight up stole this outfit idea from Taylor Sterling. Honestly, she didn’t even put up a fight. Even more honesty — she doesn’t even know that I stole it. That’s how smooth I am at internet piracy.

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  1. Dude. Way to admit it. Love the red and blue together. I can't seem to stop wearing this colour combination

    04.04.11 · Reply