Small Town Saturday Night


Last night I got all gussied up to go out on a date, but we couldn’t figure out what to do. I’m afraid that we’ve run out of places to go in our town. I literally was all dressed up and had absolutely nowhere to go. It’s funny, when I was younger I imagined my twenty-something self living as a single girl in the city. Going out with my 3 best friends — Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte– and living a glamourous city girl life. My life might be the polar opposite of that now. I dress up to go get chinese take-out. 
But if I think about it for long, it doesn’t bother me that I dress up to go eat chinese food with my husband. That my life was never made into a TV series, a good movie (and then a really bad one). That my 3 best friends aren’t named Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte. Or that somedays, normally the best days, I have nowhere to go. It hasn’t stopped me from getting dressed yet. 
Or calling myself Carrie from time to time. 

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  1. Your a silly goose. And a prettayyy one at that!

    04.03.11 · Reply
  2. that ring is exquisite!

    04.04.11 · Reply
  3. i love love love that ring!! the color is fab against the color of your shirt! i need a pair of jeans like yours!!

    04.04.11 · Reply
  4. Kelly says:

    Rest assured, you are way ahead of the game. You get dressed up for chinese take-out! I complain about a 2 block walk to Chinese take-out. And I go in yoga pants. That way I can fit more lo mein into my belly. I'm a problem solver.

    04.06.11 · Reply