Checks Please


Had you told me 5 years ago, that salmon colored capri pants would become one of my closet staples, I would have scoffed at you in my vintage, ironic t-shirt and skinny jeans while sipping on my grande carmel macchiato with soy milk. But you know what? It’s true and I don’t care who knows it.  I like these little pants, they make me feel like a kindergartener and a responsible 26 year old all at the same time. (Capri pants = responsible. You didn’t know that?)

If you are thinking, “hey this outfit looks a lot like this outfit…” well you’re right. Sometimes you just can’t fight the inspiration. Except I tossed on my trusty gingham-checked shirt instead of my awesome blue thrifted silk top like Jentine did. Mainly because I don’t have an awesome blue silk top. I’m going to go cry into my too tight skirt now…

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  1. I can't believe I just found your blog. Spent hours pouring over it in the last day – I love your personal style – thank you for the inspiration!

    04.22.11 · Reply
  2. Ruby Girl says:

    these coral pants are ALL over the blogosphere. time to get me a pair! too bad my budget is already blown for this month. haha guess i'll have to wait til may! <3

    04.22.11 · Reply
  3. Lindy Katherine says:

    That shirt will never get old. Love!!!

    04.28.11 · Reply