posted on: 2/08/2011

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 I'm really glad I put this blazer in my 30 for 30. I know they say every woman should have an LBD (little black dress) in their closet, but I say every woman should have a LBB, a little brown blazer. (Or a little brownie batter, or a little bit of booty. Depends on what mood I'm in.)  I've found a new love for this guy. (Guy meaning my blazer. He's tweed, so that mean's he's a dude.) I'm sad that it's no longer available or you could have a well-loved blazer too. Now I'm just rubbing it in. 

Right now I'm jealous. Seriously, right this moment I wish I was sitting at the Lucky Conference. But I'm not. I'm sitting at my desk with my space heater and to be honest, I'm kind of sweaty. But I don't want to turn my space heater off because then I get cold. Cold sweats are the worst. 

Do you see why I'm jealous? Do you see it now? 


  1. I LOVE the mixed neutrals in this outfit! So classy and chic and the necklace is the perfect accent. You look beautiful!

  2. Love, love, love this look! The tweed is perfect paired against the LBD - and I really, really love the 3/4 sleeve length of that dress - so fabulous!

    Small Time Style

  3. I don't have a great blazer, and I don't have just little bit of booty...I have A LOT of booty in the pants! But my husband doesn't complain! :-)

    I do have jackets, but a blazer like that...I don't. I love this challenge because it's making me realize those I need to add to my closet and not buy those other things, etc. good pumps, pencil skirts, things to layer, etc. :-)


  4. I love this! You look chic and casual, like this is something a stylish celeb would be photographed wearing in an airport or coffee shop. And it only made sense to see your photo in the ebew line up; you know how to rock a blazer!

  5. I love this outfit! totally my style and I love mixing black and brown together, I never would as a child and now I LOVE it.

    (Wow, that was a lot of "love" in that comment.)