Season Swap: Spring to Winter

1.12.10d{Shop: Necklace, Heels}
Sometimes I can’t sleep at night so I think up crazy things to do on my blog. This is one of them. I had an idea to take an outfit I wore in a past season and remix it similarly to make it work for the current season.  Let’s take a stab at this, shall we? Season-Swap
When I bought this skirt, I was certain it would just work for the spring and summer, but look at me now wearing it in winter. I’m a wild child. This skirt that has earned it’s stay in my closet. Now if only I could get her to hang herself up, then we’d be in business. 
These pictures are deceiving. It looks like spring but really we are in the bowels of winter. Oh yes, I sure did say “the bowels.” Which bring me to my next point. Today is my three year anniversary with the mister. We of course started the day off by us simultaneously saying sweet things to each other. Bryan”Happy anniversary, love.” me: “get out of bed.” Three years of marriage and we’ve still got it. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats in reaching yet another milestone with Bryan! You look gorgeous here! I think even if you are stranded in an island you will turn up with gorgeous remix outfits!

    01.13.11 · Reply
  2. Love the season swap idea! Can't wait to see more outfits! It sure does look like spring there. We just got a few inches of snow here in Chicago yesterday. Brrr…

    01.13.11 · Reply