Ain’t No Sunshine

1.5.11e{Shop: Top, Boots, Necklace}
It’s been rainy for the past few days. So I expected today to be rainy. This is why I did not wash my hair. It is not rainy today. Isn’t that ironic? This is also true if I have the best hair day of my life, it will most certainly rain and I will most certainly be wearing a white top. Of course B said that my hair looked effortless. That’s one way to put it.

It’s cold outside. Granted my cold is not your cold most likely. When I say cold I mean below 50 degrees. When you say cold, you can see your breath outside and your probably wearing a floor length puffer coat. Tsk, tsk. Details people.

Anyways, it’s cold and all I’ve been wanting to wear is pants. This is not normal for me, as I am drawn to skirts like a teenager to a mall. (It took me twenty minutes to come up with that analogy. It’s going to stay.) All I’m trying to say is that I like pants. 2011 means pants for this girl. This year, I’m wearing the pants. (That one only took me a few seconds to come up. It was just too easy.)

  • Sal

    You look radiant in that shade of navy, Kendi!

  • Jenn from Much to My Delight

    I love your effortless style. Your worst day is still a hell of a lot better than some of my best. Hats off!

  • Hayley

    I agree, 44 is like frigid weather here in california!

  • Tali

    Agree with Sal.. navy is your color)
    And such a beautiful necklace!

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  • Saya

    I adore the color combo of the cardigan and your top. Brilliant.

  • Stella

    Ha! See, nobody else understands when I complain about being cold in PR. By cold I mean 60 degrees at the lowest in my area.

    Please, no one kill me!

  • Lauren

    You ARE wearing the pants indeed :) Love the navy colors and mustard colored cardigan! And the necklace – I love bird necklaces :)

    Small Time Style

  • Lauren

    I enjoyed this post like youths enjoy Michael Cera movies. Hmmm, about 30 seconds to drum that one up. Pretty
    Kendi, prettyyyyy!

  • R

    That sweater is such a great color, especially up against that shade of navy. πŸ˜€

  • Erin Willett

    I always feel weird wearing a navy top with jeans, but it look really good here!

    nice analogy work, btw πŸ˜‰

    visit Hey, Reckless Mind


    I long for 50* weather, ugh. It's cold in Maine!

    Love the necklace :)


  • Aesthetic Alterations

    Your jeans are wonderful! I adore the shape of the legs. Funny, I haven't been in Talbot's in a long time, but maybe soon….

    Love the bun!

  • Allie

    I love the color of the cardigan with the navy – very modern!

  • Kendi Lea

    @Erin — I know what you mean, but I think because of the different textures in my top and pants, it worked out!

  • Bethany

    Love it head to toe! This is so much like what I want my style to be in 2011, too. The blouse with the sweater and the wide pants look effortless but pulled together and functional. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • CessOviedo

    Love the birdie necklace you're wearing! The perfect cute factor touch to your ensemble! Love all your outfits skirts or pants you are great πŸ˜‰

  • Megan

    Love those ankle boots – and the new layout!

  • Jessica

    That cardigan. Oh, how I love it. I drooled over it on the J. Crew website for a while but couldn't commit. I love cardigans. Especially J. Crew cardigans. And I've been wanting one that color for oh….forever. It's taking all my willpower right now not to venture over to their website and buy it. Darn you and your tempting cuteness, Kendi!

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully it's going to get cold in Texas, so you can continue to inspire us here with nice outfits!

  • Melissa

    I have been wearing pants a lot too lately. Boots, jeans and then throwing on random accessories to look different.
    I really wish I had your long legs so I could pull off jeans the way you do.

    Side note: my sister bought me a necklace for Christmas from "Le Mode accessories". She was really excited when she told me she found the link on your site haha. Thought that was cute!

    Happy New Year xo

  • Kendi Lea

    @Jessica — Go to j.crew right now — they are having 50% off sale. I got this cardi for maybe $20, as it was marked down then an additional 40% off for me. Too good to pass up!

  • Carol

    Kendi, you look so effortlessly chic in this outfit! The colors! The shapes! The proportions! Sigh…I've been in my pjs for 3 days straight. I need to go get dressed now. Excuse me.

  • Betty Ray

    Love! This looks like one of the "looks" a store would post. Heck, I'd buy it!

  • The Wife of a Dairyman

    Love that navy blouse:) so cute! I'm with you on the cold…anything below 50 is cold to me, and living in northern CA, just north of San Francisco, it's a damp type of cold that goes right to the bones. Have a great day!

  • Amy Fashion Blog
  • DanielleisNesting

    I love the navy. It's a great color and the cardie is so cool. Homerun!

  • The Pantry Drawer

    i'm so lazy with my hair, i have to admit. and whenever i end up straightening it, It rains… so I hear you! I looove the necklace!! esp in contrast to the navy

  • Kinsey

    Haha effortless, good one B. I love the messy bun look, I'm rocking it today too. Somedays you just can't be bothered, especially if it is rainy!

  • What Would a Nerd Wear

    kendi, you look fabulous! this is a little different than your usual–i love the color palette especially and it's beautifully accessorized. win!

  • Genny

    Beautiful casual outfit. The necklace is great!

  • ilene @ muchloveilly

    i really love this outfit – and such a fun necklace! the color combo is great!!!!

  • myedit

    I would still run my fingers through your unwashed hair…
    And no, your cold is not like our cold. You couldn't handle our cold, I would have to cradle you to my bosom. I wouldn't complain. You might though… my hair isn't the only thing that is unwashed.
    Well, I hope I scared you off enough!

  • Lauren

    I have the same necklace! Well, sort of. Mine is simply on a silver chain and falls right below my collar bones. Boring. But I stole it from my BFF so I'm not complaining.

    But I like yours much better.

  • kristine

    My BFF has that cardigan. It is amazing. If she didn't have it, I would probably buy it… But I guess I'll just have to watch the two of you look amazing in it.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  • Iris

    I'm jealous of your "cold" it's 38 degrees and probably as warm as it's going to get! I like the hair, mine just looks flat and gross when I don't wash it.

  • Christina

    Love the colors here.

  • AM

    I like your hair in these pics :) And I'm loving the color combo of the shirt and sweater, great pick!

  • Renaissance Woman

    I really like this casual look, Kendi.


  • Amber’s Notebook

    Love that blue on you!

    Amber's Notebook

  • Jessica Marie

    Beautiful! I love those colors together.

  • Erika of Style Activist

    Haha you're a crack up. I love the look and the "effortless" hair looks, well, effortless πŸ˜‰

    No seriously, you look lovely :) And I understand your tendency for non-pants ensembles. This girl has that disease too.


  • JacciM

    I just love to see how you remix your most traditional/classic pieces. Trouser jeans from Talbots and a brown cardigan could have been Boring City, but you made them look very young, fresh, & stylish!

  • Ms_SyllyBee

    i love this color palette and the trouser pants look. Glad you're gonna do more with pants. Excited to see.


    i wander, i wonder

  • Jenni Wells

    while i am not normally a fan of fly away sweaters, you may have changed my opinion. it looks fantastic.

  • Sweet Laundry

    Personally, I love that you're wearing more pants these days, because while I like skirts and dresses alot too, I enjoy the odd pant day. Also, your hair looks amazing. Does it have a natural wave to it? Messy buns are definitely the way to go on cold and rainy days.


  • Feathers

    Isn't it funny that we tend to consider "effortless" a compliment, even though literally it means that you didn't try at all. Except it is a compliment, so I guess we all take it to mean "unfussy" or "I'm so cool/stylish I look much better than everyone else without making the slightest effort." So, in that context, your whole look today is effortless. (I especially love the top.)


  • emily//thelesserpanda

    I like the re-vamp of your site! It's more streamlined? Plus the photos seem way bigger too! Great job!


  • ginger

    Cute outfit! Love a trouser jean. I just made sparrow necklaces and charm bracelets for my sisters for Christmas.

  • Lydia Marie

    Pretty new header! And I understand about the weather and wanting to wear pants, if it gets to 40 degrees here in NM all I want to wear is jeans and boots. Love that necklace too!

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  • Rebecca

    This outfit is perfection. You always look so effortlessly chic. The color of that sweater and texture of the shirt are beautiful.

  • Eva Marie

    love the top – and like the previous poster said it looks effortlessly chic :)

  • The Sound of Lace

    great color combo. its always nice to push your limits and what your comfortable with. im the other way around. when i 1st started blogging…i felt like i really only wore pants. now i would much rather put on a skirt or a dress…i guess i was living a lie forever. ha!

    β™₯ β™₯

  • Rebecca

    I like the navy/olive combination. I tend to gravitate towards pants when it is cold outside, but cold here is really cold.

  • TrophyBoutique

    Below 50 is cold for me too. We're Texans! I just wore my puffer coat the other day when it was probably 54 out. When else am I gonna wear it? I'm not going to go anywhere actually cold if I can help it!

    You look cute in these colors and I'm pretty jealous of that bun.


  • Mrs Bossa

    Effortless and chic…and a lovely colour combination, too.

  • Katie

    Keep wearing the pants! They look good :)

  • Lexie, Little Boat

    you look beautiful, kendi! i love that cardigan.

    have you done a makeup/beauty post before? i'd love to know what you use…

  • Ethereal Soul

    Well on days of no sun our outfits need to pop and provide the shine; very cute choice =]

    BTW, Back from my brother-in-laws wedding… ready to start 30-for-30 this Monday the 10th…

    So excited! Thanx for the motivation in the email =]Hope you had a wonderful New Years.


  • Sist and Sist

    cute look! it's rainy here too :(

  • Macy Dawn

    OOoooh! I spotted that top during my last visit to the Loft and thought it was amazing. It is definitely amazing on you!!! I love the little drawstring around the waist- great shirt!

  • liz

    Something weird must be going on because I'm pretty sure this jean-loving gal wants to wear skirts and dresses like crazy in 2011! At least you look gorgeous in either, now go wash your hair Kendi…

  • Simply Bubblelicious

    Love the new layout! As always, loving the outfit…U always inspire.


  • Ramsey

    LOVE the new header!!! And that cardi, brown will always have my heart…for sure…forever. ok, now I'm done.

  • Justine

    how do you do it? this whole outfit your hair does look so effortless, i love it! i love the top, necklace and your hair

    Just Better Together

  • Rin

    Love that birdie necklace.

  • Sally

    I really dig these colors together. Cute necklace as well!

  • Jess

    Love the color of the sweater and the blouse together. Plus your necklace is adorable.

  • Mary @ stylefyles

    I have that exact same top from Loft!!!! I LOVE it!!! The cut is so flattering. It was one of those presents I opened on Christmas without having any idea what it was – a sweet surprise! My mother and sister have good taste!

  • Mary @ stylefyles

    awww, I do not know how to put a link in comments! As soon as I recognized that, I realize I've done that before…….also on your blog…..despite the fact that I rarely leave links. It just seemed to exciting to share. But now I've just left a sloppy-reading comment, like a newbie-blogger at a computer (zero seconds to think of. It's also not true. Not new, just incompetent).

  • tiny dancer

    Love that necklace! It looks fantastic with the navy shirt, stands out so well :)

  • Sarai and Nancy

    I love your trouser jeans! I just got trouser jeans and I've been trying to think of cute ways to wear them! This is a fantastic beyond fantastic idea!

  • Danielle C

    definitely love the blue and taupe contrast!

  • Mandy

    Your hair definitely looks pretty and effortless, and you can't tell it hasn't been washed. Very pretty sweater and blouse.

  • Katie W…

    You look great! I love the necklace and I have GOT to find a drop-waist top of my own!

  • Sweet Angeline

    Um actually! I love your hair very very much!

  • shealennon

    I can't make up my mind–some days I like pants more and others my skirts are crying out to be worn. I love being a girl–we can do both! Anyhoo, I love the navy blouse with that olive cardi, what a great combo of colors!

  • Abbie
  • Taylor Marie

    such a cute outfit and that necklace is so cute :)

  • Miss Bibliophile

    The new jcrew catalog is filled with models with equally effortless hair :)

  • Collette Osuna

    LOVE the tussled hair doll…and the great color of that cardi…you rock in pants….truly:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Come be a part of my new online fashion magazine!!β™₯

  • My Heart Blogged

    Your hair looks fine… I promise. I keep seeing all the j crew stuff on super sale on net-a-porter, and it makes me think of you. They should just make you a model, and pay you in clothes.
    My Heart Blogged

  • sarrasparky

    Love your outfit posts!! I found you through Pretty Shiny Sparkly and truly enjoy seeing the outfits you put together …. love your classy, elegant yet still original feminine style … keep up the great work and beautiful photos!!

  • stealthnerd

    Geeze, I wish my hair looked that good when it was unwashed!

  • http://(optional) Anonymous

    fiiiiinally getting chilly in texas! though i'm not going to complain about our faux-spring; wearing a silk sleeveless shirt to work today in houston was kind of fantastic. that said, i keep looking at the sartorialist and all the fotos from the yankee girls' blogs and i get very jealous and want to wear scarves and gloves and things that are highly impractical at 68 degrees.

    le sigh.

    & you do look effortless, in a lovely, undone sort of way (i read this: today and am feeling a bit obsessed with the idea of either au naturale or debbie-harry-level done up. such potential for contrast (and a huge need for beauty sleep, i should think.))

  • tory

    fiiiiinally getting chilly in texas! though i'm not going to complain about our faux-spring; wearing a silk sleeveless shirt to work today in houston was kind of fantastic. that said, i keep looking at the sartorialist and all the fotos from the yankee girls' blogs and i get very jealous and want to wear scarves and gloves and things that are highly impractical at 68 degrees.

    le sigh.

    & you do look effortless, in a lovely, undone sort of way (i read this: today and am feeling a bit obsessed with the idea of either au naturale or debbie-harry-level done up. such potential for contrast (and a huge need for beauty sleep, i should think.))

  • lyri

    To my surprise, there's already a comment about being "cold" in PR. I am cold right now and it's about 73 degrees.

  • Caro
  • Yours Truly

    Love the jeans! I work at NORDY's and they say skinny jeans will be phasing out here in the next 1-2 years and its all about the trouser/flare leg again!

    I always get inspiration from your outfits. Allows me to be a little more creative :)

  • http://(optional) Anonymous

    I've discovered that cold is just a relative state of being; when I left Montreal and stepped onto the Vancouver airport, I was boasting to my dad that I didn't need my stinking winter jacket because I was a tough easterner now and walked around in my sweater.

    Fast forward two weeks in Vancouver, and I am clutching my winter parka. Now my parents are the ones laughing as they anticipate my return to the actually cold Montreal. Sigh…

  • classiq

    You look lovely in navy.

  • Jessica

    Your style never ceases to amaze me, and it always seems so effortless. Lovely.

  • Possum

    Pants look great on you (does anything NOT look good on you??!!)
    πŸ˜‰ and i am desperate to know what lipstick you wear? I love that colour – not too red or orange! And yes the cold thing I get, Im in Ireland but am from Australia and the definition of "cold" is totally different!

  • Becca Jane

    I love the swallow necklace! So pretty.