Truth Be Told

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Full disclosure — I almost didn’t blog this outfit. But my husband nagged me about it  (he was saying something how I told the world that I was going to blog what I wore everyday, something crazy like that) and here I am, blogging the outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a cute outfit, especially when I had it on and all, I just think it lacked a belt and some jewels. Lesson learned — more accessories. But Bryan has made an honest woman out of me, so in other words I wore this yesterday. 
Now since I’m being honest, you must too. Do you blog outfits that aren’t your favorites or do you hide those outfits like your high school senior pictures? Sometimes I want to run and hide after I see an outfit on the computer screen. Please tell me you guys are the same way. I’m begging you here. So ‘fess up ladies — do you blog all of your outfits, the good, the bad, and the ugly? 

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  1. Between Laundry Days says:

    Dang, woman, look atchu! I love this '70s vibe!

    I pretty much post every outfit. Very few slip through the cracks, and it's more out of laziness than anything else.

    10.29.10 · Reply
  2. Liz says:

    I try to blog most of them but sometimes I'm too busy for photo-ops. Even if it's super lame but I had time, I'll blog it, liker earlier this week just for a real sense of what I wear. I'm not putting on a show!
    I love this outfit but agree it would be a bit more "Kendi" with a necklace πŸ™‚

    10.29.10 · Reply
  3. Abbey says:

    I love this outfit, so I don't know why you didn't want to post it! Very 70s, and I adore those shoes! I'm new to blogging, and so far I definitely don't post every outfit. But that may partly be because I'm in college and half of my "outfits" would be better suited to my bedroom, or the couch.

    10.29.10 · Reply
  4. Tanvi says:

    I absolutely DO! Sometimes due to the effort that had gone into clicking the pictures. I put them up for the sake of that! πŸ™‚ You look GREAT btw!

    10.29.10 · Reply
  5. Emily says:

    I love this outfit! I would totally wear it. I'm not a fashion blogger so I don't post what awesome and non awesome outfits I wear.

    10.29.10 · Reply
  6. Faith J. says:

    Nope, the bad ones never make it on the internet. It has helped me learn what works and what doesn't! The camera doesn't lie.

    I like your outfit, glad you posted it!

    10.29.10 · Reply
  7. amber says:

    ummm i love this outfit! i am so glad you decided to be honest πŸ™‚ that top is fabulous!!

    10.29.10 · Reply
  8. Melissa says:

    I'm worse than you. I only take pictures of outfits I love.. and sometimes I don't even post those pics πŸ˜‰


    10.29.10 · Reply
  9. I like to call it "editing" – you know… take the good, leave the bad. But then sometimes I slap something up on the blog and fear radio silence or worse and I get the exact opposite. I always think this: everyone has a unique opinion. This outfit that I like, not love… may be JUST someones style. You never know!

    Any way… you look fab. I agree on the belt and jewels, but I'll take it just the way it is too. Love the top!

    10.29.10 · Reply
  10. Jameil says:

    I love the outfit! BUT there is no way I blog the ones I wear and hate. Not a chance. Okay if someone says they like it, I let the bloggers decide but if I can't stand it? Nope. But I'm a sporadic fashion blogger anyway so don't listen to me!

    10.29.10 · Reply
  11. I saw that blouse in J Crew this week and was so tempted to get it because I'm having a polka dot moment. This outfit is really cute even if you think it lacks accessories.

    I try to post all of the outfits I take pictures of, but there have been a few that slipped through the cracks due to lack of enthusiam about what I was wearing that day. I hate to do that though because then I have a lapse in posting.

    10.29.10 · Reply
  12. Kristin says:

    There are many outfits that I put off because I'm less than thrilled about them. Then I post them when I'm running behind on pictures. It's a good incentive to stay on top of taking shots though, to keep the weak ones hidden!

    Love this look, though. Those platforms are divine!

    10.29.10 · Reply
  13. Nope – just the decent ones. Oddly enough though…I've posted outfits that I thought were pretty mediocre and they turned out to be popular with readers.

    Your shirt is fab. No jewels required.

    10.29.10 · Reply
  14. Ife' says:

    haha! I definitely hide outfits, but this outfit need not be hidden. It's fab. I adore your top. If my off days were this good, I'd be in good shape!

    10.29.10 · Reply
  15. H says:

    Your outfit's super cute, and I love the top! I know you frequently have outfits with more accessories, but I think it's still adorable, well photographed, and worthy of an outfit post. I just recently started taking pictures of what I wear, and realistically things that I'm more excited about will have less of a lag time between when I take the pictures and when I post them, but I'm not sure what I'll do when faced with an outfit I can't stand to look at in pictures. I'm doing this for myself really, so my responsibility is to myself.

    10.29.10 · Reply
  16. Only post what I think is a goodie.

    Love the shoes… I have been eyeing those for a while, glad to see they are now on sale. Thanks for that!


    10.29.10 · Reply
  17. Clare says:

    It's definitely tempting to skip on days when the photos don't turn out great– or I wake up late and have 10 min to get ready! (I mean, not everyone has a live-in professional photographer! haha) But I try to blog most of them- even the bad ones!

    10.29.10 · Reply
  18. I don't take pictures of every outfit I wear but I post all the outfit pictures I take. Good, meh, or unflattering.


    10.29.10 · Reply
  19. I totally post sometimes even if I hate my outfit. In my post for today I posted the Halloween costume I wore to work, but I hate it! It isn't creative at all and the pictures didn't turn out well. I did it anyway, I don't know why!
    Kendi, this outfit is cute even without a belt or accessories. Sometimes simple can be beautiful. I love it. I want that top!

    10.29.10 · Reply
  20. Angela says:

    I like the simplicity of the look. The polka dots and neck detail give it uniqueness, I think leaving it to those elements gives them more oomph. And I think you're rocking this outfit.

    10.29.10 · Reply
  21. Katie says:

    If I blogged my outfits everyday, there would be a lot of sweatpants. Yep.

    10.29.10 · Reply
  22. daer0n says:

    I love this outfit! Totally my style, I especially love the pants and the shirt. You look great!

    I never blog my outfits, on rare occasions I will but I never do because it takes too much work since my kids are continuously chasing me around and I can't do anything lol.

    10.29.10 · Reply
  23. Hi Kendi:) I love your outfit….truly:) Im a polka dot Im all about this one!!!

    I post all of my outfits. The good, the bad and the ugly lol..I just look back as you have, and take a peek at what I could have done better…you doll? nothing:)

    Stop by and say Hello β™₯
    Statements in Fashion Blog

    10.29.10 · Reply
  24. dcresider says:

    I try not to post the bad because then you know how bad it really looks. Granted, the day I wear a "bad" outfit is usually a day when everyone compliments me. Hmmm, I'll have to rethink everything.

    10.29.10 · Reply
  25. Fer says:

    I do. the good, the bad, the ugly, even the horrendous sometimes. there's only been one time when the combination "terribly unflatering outfit + face of someone who's just been shredded to pieces by angry squirrels" won me over and I deleted all pictures from existence.

    10.29.10 · Reply
  26. heidikins says:

    I have a crush on those shoes. Love!


    10.29.10 · Reply
  27. Lucky for me I don't have a camera that works and I have to rely on my friends to take my pictures until I can get one.

    So if I don't like an outfit, I don't ask a friend to take my picture. But that also means that if I really like my outfit, I have to ask a friend to take a picture.

    I really need a camera.

    10.29.10 · Reply
  28. I have a rule that if I take outfit pictures, I post them. Don't be so hard on yourself…this outfit looks like something I would wear on one of my good days! And looooove those shoes!

    10.29.10 · Reply
  29. Katz NYC says:

    Love the blouse! I kind of stopped taking photos of outfits little while ago because I came to the conclusion that I'm not a fashion blogger, more like a lifestyle blogger. But I might post occasional outfit photos if I really like what I'm wearing (and the lighting is right). πŸ™‚ Happy Halloween!

    10.29.10 · Reply
  30. I think this is a great outfit. Some days less is more and jeans and polka-dots are just right!

    10.29.10 · Reply
  31. I've definitely left off posting a couple of outfits. I try to post the bad with the good; but sometimes my vanity gets the best of me. ~Serene

    10.29.10 · Reply
  32. i try to post them even if I don't think they're glam. case in point, yesterday's "wake-up-super-late" post. My friend Sarah, who takes my pictures pushes me to post them all. But there are definitely some casual outfits that in my opinion, just don't deserve a post.

    Your look is super cute here! I've been dreaming of wide-leg seven jeans just like those. This is definitely an outfit worth posting.

    i wander, i wonder

    10.29.10 · Reply
  33. Sarah S says:

    I don't ever blog outfits because, I am apparently still learning how to dress myself. But you always look darling and in a way that seems attainable. I love other fashion bloggers but they are either too out there with their clothing or rely too much on one of a kind vintage stuff which is great and all, but not practical for me.

    So thanks for all the great ideas!

    10.29.10 · Reply
  34. Those shoes are so cute! And your hair is flawless in these photos.

    10.29.10 · Reply
  35. Are those shoes comfortable? As in can I wear them to work where I'm on my feet for like 5 hours? It's inevitable that feet ache after that long but will these shoes aid in the hurt?

    10.29.10 · Reply
  36. Cynthia says:

    I pretty much blog every outfit, unless I'm so busy with work that day that I don't get a chance. I haven't hidden anything from y'all yet!

    10.29.10 · Reply
  37. I take all of my outfit pictures on the weekend – but I purposely share my "failures" with readers so we can all learn! πŸ™‚ Last week I showed how jeans that are too long for you can look frumpy. Nobody is perfect and we're all learning together!

    ps. I just found your blog and I love it! I die for that J.Crew shirt, you look great!

    10.29.10 · Reply
  38. Linda says:

    Um yeah, I have put up a few that were not my best, and I really have only nixed one. But it was pretty bad. You, however, look fabulous. Even without the bling.

    10.29.10 · Reply
  39. LOVE your jeans! and that blouse is gorgeous xx

    10.29.10 · Reply
  40. I blog every day (and have done since 14th January) so there is definitely the good, the bad and the ugly. Today's was a bad. And I hate it when I hate a look – although it's a good way to learn.

    I wish my off-days looked as good as yours. In fact, I wish my good days looked as good as your off-days. I really like today's – you look very cute.

    10.30.10 · Reply
  41. I don't blog my outfits at all actually! πŸ™‚
    I LOVE this shirt! I think the only thing missing is a light brown/tan belt. The ruffles and polka dots are accesories all on their own!

    10.30.10 · Reply
  42. J.S. says:

    I must admit, I don't post outfits that come out not so cute digitally as I thought they would….ekkkkk


    10.30.10 · Reply
  43. Desiree says:

    Normally, the only way I don't blog an outfit is if the photo quality sucks. So, yes, I suppose I blog the good, the bad, and the ugly. I like hearing when bloggers are comfy or confident in an outfit because it makes them more real. Not everything loves their clothes every second of every day. I'm digging this outfit thought! And kudos to the hubby for making you stick to your guns, hehe πŸ˜‰

    10.30.10 · Reply
  44. Louise says:

    I totally post every outfit, even if I hate it! It's kind of a humility thing with me. I'm a real person with real flaws… and some bad sartorial choices.

    10.30.10 · Reply
  45. Yes, I blog what I wear everyday. Enough about me, this outfit it wonderful. Such copycat potential!

    10.30.10 · Reply
  46. Justine says:

    Great outfit Kendi! What is there not to like? You look like such a cool cat in the first picture!

    No, I don't blog about every outfit since I don't get a picture of every outfit.

    Just Better Together

    10.30.10 · Reply
  47. I definitely don't blog all my outfits. I only blog what I deem "blog worthy" πŸ˜‰ I really should just start getting more creative with what I wear or just wear fabulous outfits everyday! But, in real life that just hardly ever happens!

    I'm glad you posted this one, I love it.

    10.30.10 · Reply
  48. Rebeccak says:

    I can't believe you wanted to hide this!! The spots are awesome!!

    You know its funny, I have blogged outfits I didn't really like, then seen the pictures and decided I like them more! Other outfits I wear all the time, I have photographed and realised they were quite as hot as I had them in my head. πŸ™‚

    10.30.10 · Reply
  49. I would say that I probably put up 90% of the outfits I photograph. I like documenting my everyday style, it was a big part of the appeal of starting a blog. It's really disappointing when I hate a set of pictures. Sometimes I sit on a set of photos too, and then when i look back at them a few days/weeks later, sometimes I see them differently.

    You and your husband must be hilarious together! I would totally watch your reality show. If it existed, I mean.

    xoxo, Ashley

    10.30.10 · Reply
  50. What are you talking about, I love this!!
    And I post all my weekday outfits, but the weekends I don't normally look good or get dressed at all, so I hide those πŸ˜‰

    10.30.10 · Reply
  51. Kayley says:

    I think is outfit is great! I love the classic simplicity – it'd be cute with accessories too but I definitely think it's blog worthy. πŸ™‚

    I've only had my blog for about a month now and I have blogged every outfit … except for one. Just because it was boring though. I was tailgating and I didn't think a football team tee would make the cut.

    Your blog is one of my favorites!

    10.30.10 · Reply
  52. A.Co says:

    If I shoot it, I post it. HOWEVER, there have certainly been times I haven't been feeling the outfit on the screen (but was lovin' it in real life). I figure though, I did the leg work, SOMEONE might like it πŸ˜‰

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

    PS – what a great birthday you had! I saw Jentine's post before you blogged about it – SO SWEET!

    10.30.10 · Reply
  53. Uhm, yeah. The pants + the shoes = Trendi Everyday? Looooove.

    10.30.10 · Reply
  54. Sara. says:

    I love this entire look so cute and comfy. I'm glad your husband made you post it:)

    10.30.10 · Reply
  55. i love this post. yeaaaa, we ha have to be honest πŸ™‚
    happy birthday kendi, btw.

    10.30.10 · Reply
  56. I post all of them. your outfit was cute.

    10.30.10 · Reply
  57. Colleen says:

    I really like the outfit. That shirt is amazing.

    I post ( all outfits but I don't blog them all unless I'm doing a challenge and then you see me in my PJs if I don't get dressed.


    10.30.10 · Reply
  58. Erin says:

    I definitely skip some outfits here and there! If I feel like it's too boring, combined with a bad picture then I pretend it never happened. Haha.
    This outfit though, is definitely blog worthy! So cute.

    10.30.10 · Reply
  59. Carrie says:

    Well, I've only shared a few outfits over the life of my blog, but yes, I share the good, the bad, and the "seriously? she wore THAT?" outfits.

    In other news, I think that shirt is adorable and those shoes…be still my beating heart.

    10.30.10 · Reply
  60. I think your outfit is CUTE just the way it is! Somedays simple is better!

    10.30.10 · Reply
  61. Jenifer says:

    I blog the good =) but then again I didn't promise to share everyday lol

    Beside that outfit is adorable. Sometimes simple is inspirational too

    10.30.10 · Reply
  62. Charlie says:

    I post most of my outfits, but I don't always have the time to take pictures when there's still enough light to do it, or then my boyfriend is busy… But if there's time, every outfit gets posted πŸ™‚

    10.30.10 · Reply
  63. Kelly says:

    Great shirt! Yes – I blog it all – the good the bad and the fat days!

    10.30.10 · Reply
  64. Molly says:

    Funny you should ask, I JUST posted an outfit today that I'm not 100% sold on…
    I really like your blouse a lot and think you look great today. I'm surprised your underwhelmed. Actually, I'm secretly (well not so secretly anymore) hoping that even though I don't like my outfit, others will. Kinda like what's happening HERE!!

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

    10.30.10 · Reply
  65. angie says:

    It's a great outfit! And yes I don't blog all my outfits.And not all the outfits I blog come out right. But hey! that's the real world not some glossy magazines.All in all it's better for me to blog than feel insecure.

    10.30.10 · Reply
  66. Just discovered your blog through makeundermylife. It's lovely:)

    10.30.10 · Reply
  67. Personally, I'm with Brian. I really like the outfit as is. I'll also admit to you that I've been guilty of gussying up an outfit for a blog post. You know, throwing on some bling or a different pair of shoes. Kinda how I'd wear the outfit in fantasy land, but maybe not in my real life.

    10.30.10 · Reply
  68. Cee says:

    The J.Crew top is so cute! I've been eyeing it ever since I saw it in their ad campaign. I agree, some sparkle or blingy accessories would take this outfit up a notch =)

    I post pretty much every single outfit. I will admit that I will space a bad one right before a good one so people with short-term memory will forget about it lol.

    10.30.10 · Reply
  69. I really love this outfit. The shape of the jeans makes it quite special. I try to blog every outfit, but sometimes I forget to get the pics. That usually happens when I'm not really loving the look anyway though.

    10.30.10 · Reply
  70. Amanda says:

    This shirt is so cute! I think the whole outfit is adorable, although it might look even better with a colorful belt- maybe red?


    10.30.10 · Reply
  71. Em-Jae says:

    Kendi, this outfit IS cute. I can see how you feel it needs some flair (I'm totes an accessories fanatic).
    A big, obnoxious pearl necklace? A cute pair of red earrings? What will she do next?! ;]

    10.30.10 · Reply
  72. Meagan says:

    I blog my outfit everyday, and I'm always honest about what I wore. But that doesn't mean I don't ever wear multiple outfits in a day. Sometimes I'll wear jeans and a flannel shirt during the day and then change before going out in the evening. Somedays I'll blog the flannel shirt ensemble and somedays I'll blog the evening look. It just depends on how I feel.

    10.30.10 · Reply
  73. Looks great πŸ™‚

    I don't blog daily so I leave a lot of outfits off my blog, still there are a number of outfits on there I'd style a lot different now and ehem.. I've sneakily deleted a few πŸ˜‰

    10.30.10 · Reply
  74. I'm totally with you! Though I must confess it's more often the pictures, jot the outfit, that I'm iffy on. Alas. I love this look! The short is so cute and busy (in a good way!) that I think it works nicely without too many accessories. LOVE the shoes! Also, happy (belated) birthday! I hope your day was amazing. I'm totally crushing on those boots you got!

    10.30.10 · Reply
  75. LYNNIELOU says:

    I absolutely do not! That's my honnest answer. I over think each outfit and if Im not happy with it, I will omit it. One day I will debut the outtakes.

    10.30.10 · Reply
  76. Bridget says:

    i only blog the beautiful parts of my life.

    hahaha, no, thats not entirely true. but its mooooostly true. terrible.

    10.30.10 · Reply
  77. Heidi says:

    Oh yes, I definitely look at some of the (few, as yet) outfi pictures I've taken & think, "hmm, the picture doesnt lie!" What I like about that though, is that what I seem to be blind to while looking in the mirror, my camera catches. It's like having a new set of peepers. Maybe this set can be green, since my original are blue. Yes?

    Anyway, I love the look of this outfit. I'm bonkers about the polka dots. & maybe you could have added something else to it, but even without those additions, this little diddy stands on it's own. xo

    10.31.10 · Reply
  78. Shelby says:

    i really like this outfit!

    10.31.10 · Reply
  79. Rocio says:

    Those jeans are fabulous! No, I don't blog outfits… but you do a great job doing it, besides ALL your outfits are awesome=)

    10.31.10 · Reply
  80. kelsey says:

    this is cute! thanks for the honesty πŸ™‚ i've blogged all my photographed outfits so far – but i definitely haven't been impressed with a couple of them after seeing them online. it's crazy how some of my least favorite outfits seem to other people's favorites, though!

    10.31.10 · Reply
  81. I definitely hear you about not wanting to post some of the outfits! Sometimes I look at them and think that their not my best, but i blog them anyways because thats what i said i would do. Everyone has outfit slip-ups, so it wouldnt be realisitic to not show the 'bad and the ugly':) We cant always look like we came out of the j.crew catalogue even though we might want to!

    10.31.10 · Reply
  82. maggie. says:

    Love the cute outfit! And I am being totally honest when I say I don't blog everything, just the lovely ones.

    10.31.10 · Reply
  83. Samantha says:

    That blouse is beautiful!! Sure it could have used a belt or jewelry for a more important event, but just for a random's lovely!!


    10.31.10 · Reply
  84. Love the blouse kendi, very cute

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

    10.31.10 · Reply
  85. Kathleen says:

    I love this outfit! I'm glad you decided to blog it!

    I tend to blog every outfit just because if I gave myself the option of not, I'd probably get lazy and never wear anything cute again! I am finally at the point where I have a bit of a backlog of outfits so I can take a sick day and not have to post a picture of my jammies! LOL

    10.31.10 · Reply
  86. Heck no! I've completely trashed several outfit posts before they ever saw the light of day. As I write this, I have 2 outfit posts sitting as drafts that, let's be honest, will never get posted. πŸ™‚

    11.01.10 · Reply
  87. Delane says:

    I'm working on a project this year, so yes. Almost everything gets blogged. But come the end of my little project. I think I'll in the direction of best of. Nobody wants to see me when I just wake up and have not time to get ready. Or do they?

    11.01.10 · Reply
  88. I usually only do outfit post 4-5 days out of the week, so that leaves me with a little wiggle room. Occasionally, I'll skip posting if the photo quality is poor.

    BTW, I think this outfit rocks. Love the blouse. I have a similar that ties up in the front.


    11.01.10 · Reply
  89. Lauren says:

    I feel you! There are definitely some outfits that I look at in the pictures and I'm like, what was I thinking walking out of the door? I do end up posting some of them, but I will admit, some just live on my hard drive πŸ™‚

    Small Time Style

    11.01.10 · Reply
  90. Vanessa says:

    Here's proof that I do blog all of them, or all of them that aren't visible stained, pajama-ed, torn or muddied:

    The very worst:

    Your polka dot shirt is absolutely darling! And, I don't mind the minimal accessories. It's simple and elegant.

    11.01.10 · Reply
  91. annie says:

    That shirt is precious! And I like the look… But I'm a girl who often plays it safe with accessories. Still, the polka dots speak for themselves, don't they?

    11.01.10 · Reply
  92. Love the shirt and the shoes! I think it looks cute as is.

    I definitely don't blog every outfit. In fact i only take pictures if I'm feeling super cute and sassy, for the most part. Sometimes I'll blog my not-so-favorites and write about what I would change to make the outfit better. Usually it's "Wow that shirt is not at all flattering. Next time I will put that shirt in the Goodwill pile and wear something completely different."

    What can you do? Sometimes bad outfits happen.

    xx, Katrina

    11.01.10 · Reply
  93. Jamie says:

    99% of the time, I post the outfit. If i don't post an outfit its usualy because i took the pictures too late in the day and the quality is just awful.
    but if you felt comfortable and little corky, post'em! you'll most likely to inspire somebody πŸ™‚

    love this one.

    11.01.10 · Reply
  94. Katelyn says:

    Funny you post this now because over the weekend, I met up with a few other fashion bloggers in Michigan, was running late, and had to skip out on properly accessorizing my outfit.

    I will still post the look but definitely have ideas of how I would have liked to spice it up more for next time.


    P.S. Your name actually came up during our lunch…something about how we loved that Kendi Everday girl…

    11.01.10 · Reply
  95. Katie W says:

    I'm not a fashion blogger because I lack the closet and taste that you have, but I can assure you that I would not be posting everything!

    However, I think this minimal outfit makes you look all kinds of tall and thin. I love it!

    11.01.10 · Reply
  96. Heck no I don;t blog all my outfits. Most of the time I look all tired and disheveled. I wish I always looked chic like you. I only blog outfits twice a week. I can;t keep up.

    11.01.10 · Reply
  97. Lori says:

    I think this outfit is cute
    And yes, I do blog it all. The good, the bad, and the ugly πŸ™‚

    11.01.10 · Reply
  98. C. says:

    Yes! I confess. I'm a newb but I'm already embarrassed by outfits and still learning. Though you shouldn't be meah-ing this outfit, it's adorbs. And finally provides me the inspiration needed to post jeans that AREN'T skinny (groan).

    11.01.10 · Reply
  99. I had never read your google profile before now and i love love love the opening line. i couldn't relate to this more.

    11.01.10 · Reply
  100. Loving this look! And your 30 for 30 challenge is awesome! xoxo

    11.01.10 · Reply
  101. I definitely don't blog them all! What a terrible thought. I like to think I look reasonable most of the time, but I also repeat outfits a lot (shock! horror! but why not)?

    If I do photograph an outfit, it usually goes up, unless the pictures are bad or I save them for so long that the season changes!

    11.01.10 · Reply
  102. I have been following your blog for sometime now, and i must say yours in one of my favorite! i love the down to earth tone of your blog. we just started our own blog so you should check it out!

    11.02.10 · Reply
  103. Lorena says:

    I post everything.
    That way I can truly analyze what works and what doesnt.
    I got to make mistakes before I get it right.

    11.02.10 · Reply
  104. I love these flares, your legs look amazing.

    11.02.10 · Reply
  105. This is a lovely outfit! πŸ™‚ And yes, I blog outfits I'm not super excited. Sometimes I style outfits a couple days in advance and get photographed, only to look back and think "that looked stupid. I'm not wearing that." Yet, I'll post the photos and let people know what I switched out if I thought something would go better when I actually wore it out. Sometimes I'll redo photos, but only if it's completely changed!

    11.03.10 · Reply
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