Road Trip + Outfit 26

This weekend we went on a roadtrip to visit in the in-laws in west Texas. This is what we saw.
And this is what I wore:
8.08.10bAlthough I’ve worn a different variation of this outfit before, I am much like George Washington in the fact that I’ve cut down a few cherry trees. Oh and I will not tell a lie. I almost didn’t post it for fear of boring you guys, but it’s true I wore this. Although I bought this shirt with full intention to wear it to the office, I’ve been wearing almost exclusively on the weekends. Here is Pete and this version is Repeat.
How was your weekend, sweetie pies?

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  1. Keira says:

    Kendi, what kind of camera are you holding in the third photo? Did you use it to take any of these shots? I really need to upgrade the old Kodak point-and-shoot 😉

    08.09.10 · Reply
  2. kskeen27 says:

    Keira —

    It's a Fuji Instax Camera and I did take a few shots! I'll post them up later 🙂

    08.09.10 · Reply
  3. Archives says:

    oh i LOVE the beautiful colors in the landscape images!

    08.09.10 · Reply
  4. amber says:

    I love the photos. It's always fun to visit places with that old town feel 🙂


    08.09.10 · Reply
  5. Clare says:

    Looks like a lovely weekend, and you got some great shots. Oh, and I'm ALL about re-pete-ing. This one is great. I have those same shoes, but in black, and I just haven't figured out a way to wear them yet. I'll have to take inspiration from your outfits. 🙂

    08.09.10 · Reply
  6. These photos are amazing! I've never been to Texas but I would love to go.

    Stacey Kay
    "Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration"

    08.09.10 · Reply
  7. Lauren says:

    Beautiful photos! And I love the shirt! I have a couple of menswear-inspired shirts myself, (from J Crew!) and I love pairing them with shorts and a statement necklace or tucking them into a belted skirt. Your look is so cute!

    08.09.10 · Reply
  8. Lauren says:

    Where is the tank from in the 3rd pic?

    08.09.10 · Reply
  9. Anna says:

    I love the striped garage door picture! And the shirt is very cute with the sleeves rolled up. <3

    Love Anna From Fireflies etc.

    08.09.10 · Reply
  10. ainikki says:

    Beautiful colours and landscape. I spent the weekend on the most beautiful lake in my country (more on my blog) – it is an amazing place and I love it more an more. I am just planing a visit there gaain this week – I woul liek to go alone to have peace ant to be able to read a book on the shore:-)

    08.09.10 · Reply
  11. I repeat outfits all the time…and I figure it's good to let us know you repeat things too otherwise we might think you were super human with a super human sized wardrobe…and besides, if the outfit is cute, then why not?

    08.09.10 · Reply
  12. Sarah B. says:

    Great photos! I love West Texas… Looking forward to moving back to Texas soon, so I can see it again.

    08.09.10 · Reply
  13. Becky says:

    That is a lovely sunset! I'm terrible about repeating outfits – I fall into a rut wearing the same familiar things again and again. I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

    08.09.10 · Reply
  14. The photos are really cool, very atmospheric. Oh and I love your cute shoes 🙂

    08.09.10 · Reply
  15. OH snap, call me slow, but it did not hit me until I saw the hay and the pumpjack that Kendi is a country girl! I also might be totally ignorant about Texans, but I think from now on when I read your posts I'm going to give the voice in my head a little Southern accent..

    08.09.10 · Reply
  16. Sally says:

    This reminds me of my hometown (especially the fancy windmills)!


    08.09.10 · Reply
  17. Those photos are so beautiful! And your outfit is definitely not boring. Repeat outfits just show that this is your real life!

    08.09.10 · Reply
  18. KT says:

    Kendi, I'm loving the pictures of your trip West. Lovely!! Thanks for sharing.

    08.09.10 · Reply
  19. dot says:

    Love wind farms (and the outfit, of course)! Just did cross-country drive for moving, and saw a whole bunch in Iowa or Illinois.

    08.10.10 · Reply
  20. ~Chelsea says:

    no worries- your outfit isn't boring at all 🙂 it's reality! i really like the shorts and blouse!
    the first picture of the post looks like a ghost town!

    08.10.10 · Reply
  21. These are amazing pictures!

    08.10.10 · Reply
  22. You couldn't be boring if you tried! Road trip chic darling 🙂

    08.10.10 · Reply
  23. My favourite part of this is that the first two sentences kind of rhyme!

    …also, you look cute.

    08.10.10 · Reply
  24. Hannah says:

    Great photos! West texas looks so beautiful an I love the blue button down men's wear look paired with those shorts.

    08.13.10 · Reply
  25. I'm blogging the picture of you on the rock…because I want those shoes sooooo effing bad and they aren't on the website!!! AAAAHHHH!!!

    08.16.10 · Reply
  26. I was totally kidding. I found them. They were disguised as black sandals. Silly shoes.

    But this just makes matters worse, because my new year's resolution simply forbids me from buying any new clothes or shoes ALL YEAR LONG (its a matter of eco-friendly-ness). I've made it work, buying only used clothing, but I'm in desperate need of these sandals. Damn you and your cute shoes!!!

    08.16.10 · Reply