there is nothing cool about the number 14

7.22.10cI feel like I should be singing “the touch, the feel of cotton” in this outfit while dancing around in my huge closet and throwing my beautiful dresses everywhere. Just kidding, my closet’s tiny and last time I did this my husband locked me in there for an hour. I’ve since learned my lesson.
So today was the first day that I wanted to shop. I don’t know if its the weather, or just the way this week has gone, but today I just wanted to shop. I didn’t. I’m just being honest. Also, my husband ate a whole pizza last night, all by himself. Just trying to keep things honest here.

Normally I love a good summer rain, but ever since I got these suede shoes the rain has become my enemy. I loathe the rain. In the game of rock, water, suede, water kills suede every time. (Suede actually loses to the rock too, so I have been avoiding rock climbing as well)

Alright, friends. The time has come to vote for the Outtake of The Week.

Outtake 1: She’s Got Bette Davis Eyes

Outtake 2: The Best Pose Ever
Make the right choice.

*I forgot to label my purse! To those of you who asked, it’s from Gap circa 2007. Originally priced at $225 and I got it for $40. It has a stain on one side so they discounted it 50%, then there was a sale on the sale items AND I had a coupon. It was basically the best deal I’ve ever run into. Now that is a steal of a deal, right?

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  1. Great outfit, I love the all white look πŸ™‚ Also, I love your hair!

    07.23.10 · Reply
  2. Sabrina says:

    not many women can pull off all white, but you sure can! fabulous!

    07.23.10 · Reply
  3. Cindy says:

    I've never worn a pair of white pants in my life! I think it's the fact that I spill everything, and because I feel so exposed in it. But you look great and this makes me want to try it sometime too!

    07.23.10 · Reply
  4. Elaine says:

    Hahahaha, even in your outtakes, you still look good! Jealous.

    Love the all white with the pop of color from the necklace and shoes.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

    07.23.10 · Reply
  5. Rebecca says:

    There's something so simple and chic about all white. And you've added the perfect amount of interest with the necklace/belt/shoes combo. Wish I wasn't so prone to getting things dirty or I'd definitely try the white-pants thing. Great outfit!

    07.23.10 · Reply
  6. aimee says:

    i love your confessions and how totally hilarious you are. your posts never disappoint. sorry you got locked in your closet for an hour. sounds like something my husband would do to me if things went haywire like that.

    07.23.10 · Reply
  7. Bette Davis Eyes ftw. πŸ˜€
    ADORE the necklace by the way.

    07.23.10 · Reply
  8. Andi says:

    That necklace is really cool – it looks like part of the shirt from a distance.

    I'm up to outfit #10, finally. I with I chose more colors…I'm getting sick of black and gray!

    Come check out my current headband giveaway πŸ™‚

    07.23.10 · Reply
  9. Melissa says:

    Hahaha you are way too cute. You can always make me laugh.

    Btw, thanks to this 30 for 30 challenge i'm getting really creative with my clothes. My budget thanks you


    07.23.10 · Reply
  10. Love the necklace!…and outtake #1 πŸ™‚

    07.23.10 · Reply
  11. Jasmine says:

    i love love love white in the summer! it's just so crisp and fresh πŸ™‚ i love your necklace too and i am still in love with those heels!

    i vote for outtake #1!

    07.23.10 · Reply
  12. Kelley L. says:

    14 days = 2 weeks, is there anything cool about that?

    Love the outfit and your "voice!"

    07.23.10 · Reply
  13. angeline says:

    That is definitely the best. pose. ever.

    07.23.10 · Reply
  14. jenny says:

    LOL. Appreciate the honesty, hehe.

    07.23.10 · Reply
  15. Gosh I'm torn! I don't think #2 should have been an outtake. It's awesome! πŸ˜‰

    07.23.10 · Reply
  16. I love love love all white but fear that it would be grey and blotchy within about 10 second of me putting it on.

    (and outtake 2 – sexy! πŸ™‚ )

    07.23.10 · Reply
  17. I wish I had the guts to wear head to toe white. You look great in this outfit.

    07.23.10 · Reply
  18. Super cute! I LOVE your bag – but it's the only thing not attributed! Where is it from?

    07.23.10 · Reply
  19. The cool thing about 14 is this outfit. You look so amazing in white jeans. Seriously, I don't know how you do it. But I'm taking notes.

    07.23.10 · Reply
  20. I wish i could look that good in all white! You look adorable!

    07.23.10 · Reply
  21. Rachel says:

    I had to pick the first photo because I too suffer from the same problem. When ever someone tries to take my picture I either have my eyes closed or look drunk as you do here. Nice to know I'm not the only one.

    07.23.10 · Reply
  22. Love that outfit! It's hot!! And you cracked me up with that "The touch, the feel of cotton…" song. I totally remember singing that all the time after the commercial.

    07.23.10 · Reply
  23. I love the all white outfit with the pops of color. Super cute!

    07.23.10 · Reply
  24. Bahaha! Love the outtakes!

    ..but definitely love your outfit more! πŸ™‚

    07.23.10 · Reply
  25. celine says:

    hahahahahahaa the outtakes. oh wow, the outtakes. Amazing.

    Also, I have to say, you are doing SO well with this go-around's 30/30. Every single one of your outfits rocks and it doesn't seem like you're limited at all. Nice job.

    07.23.10 · Reply
  26. aj says:

    I wanted to shop sooo badly yesterday too. It was a crappy day and nothing makes me feel better like shopping. I restrained myself, but Old Navy is having a killer sale this weekend for teachers (like me) and I have to keep convincing myself that it's impossible for me to go…

    07.23.10 · Reply
  27. I mentioned you and your mad anthropologie-sales-rack-skills yesterday in my post! And I'm loving this all white outfit. Everytime you wear those jeans, I want to go out and buy a pair for myself!

    07.23.10 · Reply
  28. Sal says:

    Yes, but how BIG was the pizza?

    Head-to-toe white is a favorite look of mine this summer, and you look fab in it.

    Also, I feel ya about suede+rain. Annoying.

    07.23.10 · Reply
  29. DWJ says:

    Wait, I'm not the only one who has a husband that eats entire pizzas too? LOL I love the all white look but I know within 5 minutes of wearing all white I'd have spilled something on myself. I attract dirt.

    07.23.10 · Reply
  30. There is something so cool and fresh and classic about an all-white outfit. I love how you styled yours with those brilliant red shoes and that necklace. Watch out for those rocks! I love suede but also fear it.

    07.23.10 · Reply
  31. Linda says:

    I've never figured out how to do all white, but love it!

    PS: Your hair looks really cute like this too!

    07.23.10 · Reply
  32. ahhhhhh. this is soooo summerrtimee. all the light color is fabulous my dear. and i WANT that necklacce!!! i vote for the THE BEST POSE EVER!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!

    xo, Kim

    07.23.10 · Reply
  33. Leah says:

    I do not think I have ever commented before on your blog, but can I just say that I love reading your post everyday. I am guarenteed a laugh and I love your style! This outfit is great on you!

    07.23.10 · Reply
  34. I love outtakes! It's so nice to be reminded how everyone is human and even those who have normally amazing pics aren't always photo ready. I love the all white outfit…you're so brave. I would have ketchup on that in a second.

    07.23.10 · Reply
  35. Clare says:

    Dude, YOU are what's cool about the number 14. You.

    07.23.10 · Reply
  36. Great outfit and great outtakes! I voted for number one, though I think it would be more appropriately named, "She's got Bette Davis EYE."

    Keep the fashion and laughs coming!

    07.23.10 · Reply
  37. You have got me lusting for some white pants. And thanks for the out takes!

    07.24.10 · Reply
  38. Ohhh Kendi, you always make me smile. I really like this outfit, even if your shoes do lose to rocks and water! Have a wonderful weekend xoxo

    07.24.10 · Reply
  39. Don't you just love how a simple white tee-shirt can look simply amazing with the right outfit?

    07.24.10 · Reply
  40. Anonymous says:

    Love the outfit and your always hilarious commentary πŸ™‚
    could you please tell us where your lovely bag is from?

    07.24.10 · Reply
  41. jayde says:

    so cool in white":)

    07.25.10 · Reply