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6.28.10aWhen I put my outfit on this morning I thought to myself “if I were a cool mom, I would wear this outfit” and then I congratulated myself on being able to not only wake up 10 minutes late but stop by Starbucks and get myself a coffee before getting myself to work all in one piece.
So all day I’ve been thinking what a great mom I would be in my fashionable mom outfit. I thought about how cool I would look picking up my kid at school or going to a PTO meeting. I can do this, I can be a mom. So I think to myself, since I’m kind of a mom now, this week I will blog outfits that mom’s can wear while still being functional and fashionable. Feeling robust, I call my sister (mother of two — a 4 year old and a 21-month old) and I ask her what she wears and what she never wears as a mom. Here are her answers:
1. No white, ever. 2. No belts. 3. No heels. 4. No chunky jewelry — unless you have a death wish or you want it broken in 5 minutes of putting it on.
I looked down at my outfit and everything she mentioned, I was wearing. Then she ended with this: “But other than that, you can just about wear anything.” Anything? Is there anything good left?
So with my “mom outfit” shot to hell, I have nothing to offer you mom’s out there. In fact, I have absolutely no idea what it means to be a mom, so stop with the emails asking child rearing advice. I’ve been making it up all along.

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  1. LOL! Too freakin funny! I LOVE this outfit. I don't think it's Mom, but more….just plain chic and gorgeous πŸ™‚

    06.29.10 · Reply
  2. Peggy says:

    I love it! So pretty! You could keep your baby entertained for hours with that necklace!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  3. hahahaha!!!

    I'm a mom, you know…and much to my 13 year old son's dismay, I refuse to dress like one…

    06.29.10 · Reply
  4. amanda says:

    well i am a mom and i think you totally pass for one of us πŸ™‚ i love your top and all the chunky jewelry. gorgeous!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  5. Jennifer says:

    Mom outfit or not, I love this.

    06.29.10 · Reply
  6. Moms in Japan dress like this! I think this could be worn by moms (probably just not ones with smaller kids). In generally this is just great style for anyone, not just mommys. πŸ™‚

    06.29.10 · Reply
  7. Sonya says:

    Hahaha! This is a pretty hilarious post. To say the least, if I were a mom (which I won't be in at least another 6 years), I would totally wear this outfit.

    06.29.10 · Reply
  8. Dip-tea says:

    I love reading your stories Kendi. They are always great! Love the outfit, mom friendly or not. πŸ™‚

    P.S.: You can write a book!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  9. Vanessa says:

    Haha, I think all mothers are very different – some of my mom friends are super fashionable while also being functional. P.S. it says that top is gifted – any idea where? So cute!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  10. I'm a Mommy and I'd TOTALLY wear that!!!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  11. Haha that looks like something my mom would wear… but she's rather fashionable and both of her children are now technically adults so there's really no fear we'll get baby food on her white pants, or yank on her chunky jewelry.

    06.29.10 · Reply
  12. I think white pants are cool so lucky your not a mum yet.

    06.29.10 · Reply
  13. Elaine says:

    I love it! You'll be one fashionable mom, that'sf or sure. Love the white jeans with the floral top!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

    06.29.10 · Reply
  14. I'm a mom of 4 including a messy 15 month old and I love white, heels and especially belts!!! I totally would wear that!! You will be a beautiful and fashionable mom!! Don't be discouraged, keep the mom outfits coming!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  15. Eva Scott says:

    Thanks for doing this series! I'm a mom to a 15 month old and for a long time I only wanted to wear big shirts and flip flops. I am just now getting to wear I actually feel pretty again. πŸ™‚

    If you have time, watch this video. It's hilarious and your post made me think of it.

    06.29.10 · Reply
  16. celine says:

    Those pants look amazing on you. Wear them often.

    06.29.10 · Reply
  17. Well you look like a pretty sassy wife at least, so that counts for something!
    Really like the floral in the necklace echoed in the floral of the shirt. Pretty sneaky fashionista stuff going on there.

    06.29.10 · Reply
  18. Hehe you're too funny!! Don't worry it's not all that bad. I have a 23 mth old and 4th old, and I wear white, belts, heels and chunky jewelery πŸ™‚ Often all at once! Meanwhile, your outfit is awesome!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  19. Jenni says:

    I'm a mom and I still wear white pants, belts, heels and jewelry of all sorts. You can't ditch all the cute stuff just cause you're a mom! You look adorable by the way! I love your blog…I've stalked it for months now actually!! It's blogs like yours that convinced me to start my own…come check it out! Thanks for your fun inspiration!!!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  20. I love this outfit! … I have three kids – 2,4, and 7 and I LIVE in heels. And I wear white (wearing a white dress today) and chunky jewelry, have had my hair dyed fire engine red for 11 years now, and do everything else that isn't "functional." Only because I am trying to salvage and keep ME amidst the craziness of my life πŸ™‚ And I want my husband to, you know, stay hot for me! Ha!


    06.29.10 · Reply
  21. breenah says:

    It'd totes work for a mom who had slightly older kids. I can't imagine wearing it with babies, but it's cute no matter what.

    06.29.10 · Reply
  22. Rachel says:

    Being a mom of three, I have to say your sister has it down. But- this is exactly the kind of thing we moms would love to wear and do, when we get a sitter and go out without the kids.
    I'd say you look more like a mom on one of those Housewives of _____ County shows. You know, they don't have to worry about the baby chocking on her necklace or getting poo on her white pants because the nanny takes care of little what's his name all day!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  23. heidi says:

    i have a 5 year old and a 3 year old. and i just bought white skinny jeans. yikes. sometimes i torture myself.

    06.29.10 · Reply
  24. That has got to be one of the best outfits on this blog, or in the blogosphere, for that matter! I love the classy white pants mixed with the eclectic and colorful top.

    p.s. who needs to have good mom advice when you look like this!?

    06.29.10 · Reply
  25. Justine says:

    I think your outfit is great. I'm sure if you really wanted to, you can wear that as a mom too.

    06.29.10 · Reply
  26. K says:

    Well, I have to say, as the mom of a 2-year-old, I wear white, belts, and heels regularly. Chunky jewelry not so much, though. And I haven't worn earrings in two years.

    ps. Beautiful outfit!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  27. anna says:

    it's funny, before you mentioned the conversation with your sister i thought you had a perfect mom outfit on. i even considered those pants last weekend and now i'm thinking i need them…and by the way, i'm a mom!

    some moms have rules with their clothes. like, don't touch the jewelry. and i'm now a master at running in heels (mostly wedges though). and also, the good thing about white pants is that you can bleach them.

    your outfit passes my mommy tests. keep up the good work and i would love to see more mommy outfits this week!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  28. Lori says:

    I have two boys, 2 and 4, and aside for the white pants, I would wear it. Especially the necklace, my 4 year old would love it.

    Check out my mom-style blog πŸ™‚

    06.29.10 · Reply
  29. LOL! I love your stories. So honest and I swear we all have those "awesome mom" day dreams.
    You can wear white. you may have to bleach it, but I get away with it quite often. And I tell my kid I will judo chop her if she touches my blingy things! She doesn't really know what it means, but she knows I mean business πŸ™‚

    06.29.10 · Reply
  30. myedit says:

    I was going to ask you parenting advice… there goes that idea.
    I always say I will be practical next year, this year I will wear white denim (actually I am making that shit up b/c white jeans always give me weird lumps on my legs…).
    ps. you would be a hot mom.

    06.29.10 · Reply
  31. Kiki says:

    Adorable outfit. I love it all. I'm not a mom, yet, but I was a preschool teacher for a time. I did not wear heels, but I did wear white (it can be bleached) and the little girls loved when I wore jewelry. I believe it can be done!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  32. your "mom" outfit rocks, and i have those heels from Target as well. i love them! and when i become a mom, i will wear it all, and i'm sure you will too! πŸ™‚

    06.29.10 · Reply
  33. aimee says:

    I'm a mom to a 3 year old girl and a 4 month old boy. I wear cotton tops, skirts, shorts, or jeans usually. Dresses are reserved for going outside the home only. Flats are a must for me. I wouldn't be able to keep up with anything in heels. And jewelry is fine – especially when the kids are napping! Also, hair up in a ponytail or bun. If it's worn down, usually the baby will grab a huge chunk and pull or i'll get spit-up or drool in it. ick!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  34. Taylor says:

    I love this! I am a mom to two boys – 5 and a half and 2 and a half and I wear all of those things on your sister's no list. So there.

    06.29.10 · Reply
  35. Love the combo of white pants and the bold floral print–to hell with the playground!

    Looks & Books

    06.29.10 · Reply
  36. Anonymous says:

    Fab outfit. You're totally rocking those white pants.
    p.s. it's "moms" – not "mom's."

    06.29.10 · Reply
  37. ^^Grammar-critique, the last refuge of the un-original.

    Anyways, you're totally a Mom in this outfit. You're just a mom at a benefit lunch. You're a mom who can afford an au pair!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  38. I'm a mom and I would totally wear that. I wear white pants, belts and jewelry all the time. πŸ™‚ As for shoes I have found that wedges, as opposed to heels are more convenient for height and ease at the same time. And white pants get stain treated at the end of the day with the rest of the wash!

    LOVE this outfit!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  39. Love the top and the necklace. Love them even more together.

    06.29.10 · Reply
  40. LOL, your posts always make me smile Kendi πŸ™‚ I think you are less mom-to-a-couple-of-toddlers, and more fashionable-whose-children-are-at-least-teens! Then you can wear whatever you want. You look awesome. And I have that top! (Is that a surprise, I think I purchase 50% of things Anthropologie manufactures.)

    06.29.10 · Reply
  41. jenny says:

    LOL! So cute. I think you should totally still do a week of fashion mom outfits – I'd be fun to see! πŸ˜€

    06.29.10 · Reply
  42. Ashley says:

    Cute outfit! This looks like something MY mom would wear (but now). When I was growing up my mom wore typical "mom" clothes – ugly jeans, t-shirts to big, etc. But then once I got to high school, she realized she's a real person and now she's pretty stylish! She usually wears white chinos or jeans and a colorful top in the summer – and she's even taken to buying necklaces at Forever 21. It's so cute!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  43. Jamie says:

    this is too funny. the white thing i would probably agree but i'm childless (what do i know!?)

    you look adorable thought. love the necklace!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  44. Bridget says:

    i'm a mom of 4 (but i didnt birth them, does it matter?) and i would most definitely wear that. and i do wear white skinny jeans quite often. and maybe even feel like a milf when i do? are you allowed to say that about yourself?

    06.29.10 · Reply
  45. Kristin says:

    eh, I think every mom has to find their own groove … at least that's what I'm telling myself since I want to be a chic Mom myself someday :o)

    Mom outfit or not, your legs look MILES long in these pants! Love it!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  46. Melissa says:

    As a mom, I would absolutely wear that entire outfit! I love it! And while we're at it, today I'm wearing white pants, heels, a belt AND chunky jewelry. (

    To each mom, her own. πŸ™‚

    You look gorgeous and I covet every single item of your outfit!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  47. Elle Sees says:

    I thought this was adorable. But yeah, no white with little ones and their messy hands. But cute outfit. A fave of mine.

    06.29.10 · Reply
  48. kristen says:

    I LOVE this outfit! So pretty! This post was timely, b/c yesterday as I was sitting at my daughter's tennis lesson, on a fairly dusty outdoor bleacher, it occured to me that I could never, ever wear white to my kids' lessons, that is, unless I didn't mind having a dusty rear end!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  49. closet365 says:

    I'd hire a nanny just so I could wear that outfit. Yep. That's what I would do.

    06.29.10 · Reply
  50. Anonymous says:

    Aw, man. I have a 17-month old, and I wear all those things! Today I am wearing a belt AND a white shirt AND heels, as a matter of fact. Of course, I'm at work, but all but the heels I do on my days home too. My son did pull on and break a chunky necklace a few weeks ago, but that's why I mostly wear jewelry from H&M and Forever 21 – CHEAP. But still cute!

    Anyway, love your blog – you are adorable and a great style inspiration, for moms and non-moms alike!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  51. Stephanie says:

    Too funny. I will say as a mom of a 7yo and a 2yo I never wear white pants and rarely wear jewelry of any kid. I love the shirt though. My big rule is it most be washable and if possible tumble dry low as well. I also like cheap or on sale so if it gets ruined I won't be as upset.

    06.29.10 · Reply
  52. As a mom of a 13-month old, I wear white pants and skirts all the time. Belts, too. But chunky jewelery, actually, ANY jewelery is hard to wear.

    06.29.10 · Reply
  53. Hi. I just started a blog. I don't have a lot of interesting things to say, not to mention my pictures are very crappy, but follow me, please!? I need followers. As of now, I only have…umm…zero. Thanks. =)

    06.29.10 · Reply
  54. hahahahah i feel the same way. aND LOVE ur gifted top. so perfect.

    xo, Kim

    06.29.10 · Reply
  55. Jenni says:

    i laughed so hard at your post. so funny. This outfit is fantastic, mom outfit or not!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  56. Lin says:

    You look way too nice for your backdrop! I've been wondering how much you like your shoes from Target. I've never had much luck with the shoes I've bought from there, usually not very comfy and can't wear them all day…Love the white pants too! Not many people can wear white pants and look so good!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  57. Natasha says:

    Well as a Mom I wear all 4 of those things…but maybe as my child gets older…and we have more I might be removing some things from the list….
    I don't understand why no belts tho??
    As for no white…there's Tide-To-Go…for heels…there's comfortable options with more of a platform under the toes..or the new Low heel shoes…and chunky jewlery…there is always the word "No" (As in "No don't pull on that"…"No don't put that in your mouth")
    I LOVE this bright top..infact I love everything about this outfit…

    06.29.10 · Reply
  58. Sal says:

    Mom or not, it's a dynamite combination of pieces, Kendi.

    06.29.10 · Reply
  59. i'm a mom and i would wear this! granted, my son is 9, so if he were to start pulling on or gnawing the beads of a great chunky necklace, i would say i have some issues as a parent. i think if you have a 1, 2, 3, or 4 year…some accessories are best left for date nights with the hubby. πŸ˜‰

    06.29.10 · Reply
  60. Clare says:

    Maybe you could be a mom who hired someone to do all that kid stuff for you. Then you could just pick them up and look awesome!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  61. Carrie says:

    Well I have to chime in here. I'm a mom and I wear white…as long as you can wash it that's all that matters to me! As a matter of fact I wear heels (not everyday but sometimes) and belts too. So it is possible to be a mom and wear that outfit…so Kendi…you CAN be a sassy dressed mom…it really is possible. Maybe it's just the fact that my kids aren't that messy…I lucked out that way.

    In fact one of my blogs is devoted to being a fashionable mom…it really is possible!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  62. Rlutz says:

    I am a mom of two messy little boys and I love your outfit.
    I try to be a stylish and cool mom. I cannot wear white pants because I, along with the kids, are prone to spills. But, I love to wear accessories, belts, necklaces, even when I am with them. I also wear small wedges, since I am short. I do admit, that on some days with my kids I wear my workout gym clothes, if we are not going anywhere special, all day!

    06.29.10 · Reply
  63. Becca says:

    Awwww! Well maybe you can be the cool mom of some well mannered children who don't spill or pull jewelry (wishful thinking!). Either way the outfit is great whether it's mom appropriate or not!

    06.29.10 · Reply

    your blog has really blown up lately! i'm number 65! will you even read this?!?! WAHH WAHH


    this outfit definitely reminds me of something stacey and clinton would pick out for a chic mama out to her PTO meeting. then she gets ketchup all over her pants after stopping thru mcdonalds for emergency french fries.

    06.29.10 · Reply
  65. Meek says:

    you look a mum out of a movie or a TV show! i am a mum and aspire to look like that, but kids or not I don't think i would be able to keep clean in white pants πŸ™‚

    06.29.10 · Reply
  66. Abby says:

    I loved this post. It made me laugh because I actually do know a cool Mom who dresses like this allllll the time. Then again, most of the cool Moms (aka Mom 2.0s) dress like this where I live (Santa Barbara, CA).

    06.30.10 · Reply
  67. Kathleen says:

    Part of being a mom is you're doing life triage, and fashion-y stuff takes a back seat to Making It Through the Day. At least when your kids are little. All mine are school age now, though, and I wear heels Every Single Day, Thank You. And white pants. Of course, I'm also bringing out the Oxy-Clean quite a bit!

    I started dressing better a couple of years ago (after a weight loss made all new clothes a necessity), and I get a lot fewer comments now than I did at first — unless I meet someone new and she's all "Wow, wearing those shoes to the park!"

    06.30.10 · Reply
  68. katie says:

    had to chime in on this one! your sister's mom rules are funny. i think the only one I really follow is no white pants, but that's because I'd be the one spilling chocolate on myself, not the kid. I find that chunky jewelry is a great distraction for a little kid; i really hope all my necklaces are non-toxic because they do double duty as teethers or playthings at church or in line at the grocery store or whatever.

    anyway,you look fab!

    06.30.10 · Reply
  69. I think this outfit would be awesome for a mom to wear! I have a lot of friends who are still very pulled together even though their kids are young. That's what husbands are for! Put their butts to work and take time for yourself πŸ˜‰ At least that's what I'll be doing, mwahahaha.

    06.30.10 · Reply
  70. Bahaha.

    Ok I must tell you that I really love your blog!

    You are so hilarious and incredibly witty.

    Love it~

    And your clothes. great.

    06.30.10 · Reply
  71. You are so funny and have great style! I love your blog.

    I'm a mom of two, and I would totally wear what you wore today, if I had cute pants like that! I wear white, belts, heels (not all the time, but that's just me… not because of the kids), and even jewelry sometimes. I have a good stain remover and I try to be prepared to distract from the jewelry and always have wet wipes for stains. Seriously, I just think it's worth a little extra effort.

    I love your style! Keep up the good work!


    06.30.10 · Reply
  72. Jenava says:

    OK, the mom thing I have no opinion about – I try not to think about having kids. BUT – those jeans have GOT to be the Gap Long & Lean, right? Did you know they are on sale online? Maybe sold out by now, but FWIW I went to the local Gap store and they were marked down even further! I bought my first pair online a few month back at full price, and my second pair (hemming for flats) for $35 in the store! They make even my stubby legs look long and on you they are incredible!

    07.01.10 · Reply
  73. Anonymous says:

    I am a mom of three and have three pairs of white pants I rotate often. My kids are 6, 4 and 3. The nice thing about white is that you can bleach it…my wide leg linen white pants, a boat neck red tee shirt, a couple long gold chains and brown wedges…Its a staple. And I stay home.

    09.06.10 · Reply
  74. I just read this post and it really made me smile!

    10.25.10 · Reply