love in the time of reality tv

5.30.10You guys, can you believe that Heidi and Spencer broke up? I am just beside myself. I mean if they can’t make it, who can? Does love even exist? I honestly can’t even answer that question anymore.

On a side note, I hope they get back together or I’m going to really regret getting this tattoo.
Yes, it’s the orange skirt again. I think that this skirt has become the bottom half of my weekendi uniform. It’s a bit too short to wear to work, so I’ve reserved it for the weekends and after-hours. I don’t mind though, it’s perfect for looking cute while doing nothing. Well, I guess I can wear it to work then.
Speaking of doing nothing, I hope everyone is having a good, long weekend. It has taken me two and a half days to clean my house. Not because it’s that messy, but because I’m that lazy. Cheers to three day weekends.
*For those of you who are concerned with the correct spelling of “Speidi” — I wish now more than ever that you would have been there when I got the tattoo. I was just trying to use the old “i before e except after c” rule. I guess no rules — not even grammar rules — apply in Hollywood.

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  1. Melissa says:

    BAHAHAHAHA! I actually burst out laughing at the Speidi tattoo. Amazing.
    You're my hero.


    05.31.10 · Reply
  2. dot says:

    Oh how I love this outfit. And post. And phat tatt. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    05.31.10 · Reply
  3. Shelby says:

    I love reading your blog. You are the funniest blogger alive.

    05.31.10 · Reply
  4. Jessica says:

    Gaaah, I love you, hilarious lady!

    Love this outfit too. That color + stripes = hells yeah.

    05.31.10 · Reply
  5. Dee says:

    LOL she's going for Transformers 3 huh? Oh my.

    05.31.10 · Reply
  6. Phuong says:

    If Speidi can't make it, then there is no such thing as love.

    Lol, you crack me up. The outfit is great, too ๐Ÿ™‚

    05.31.10 · Reply
  7. LOL Spencer and Heidi…. I hate reality celebrities. On a lighter note I love those stripes with that color skirt! I would absolutely wear something like that!

    05.31.10 · Reply
  8. kolsgm says:

    wait wait please tell me that tattoo is fake!!

    05.31.10 · Reply
  9. sharonlei says:

    Kendi, you freakin' crack me up… and look fab doing so as well! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you're having a great three day weekend.

    xx Love & Aloha
    ***Stop by to enter my InezDesigns giveaway!

    05.31.10 · Reply
  10. haha your tattoo is so funny! stripes is so in right now, but I can't get sick of seeing them!

    05.31.10 · Reply
  11. HAHA that tattoo is hilarious! I didn't actually know about them breaking up until I read this but after watching some of the new season of the hills, who can be surprised? Guilty pleasure, what can I say?

    Love this outfit though, the orange really makes it pop and takes it away from what everyone else is doing.

    05.31.10 · Reply
  12. How awesome is it that I first heard about the Spiedi breakup HERE on your blog? Way to scoop the dish. ๐Ÿ˜€ Also, way to get the classiest, totally-real tattoo ever. I diggggg it!

    The orange is cute, I feel like you don't see too much of that color in wardrobes. Or maybe it's just me?

    Toast with Charmalade

    05.31.10 · Reply
  13. ha!!! that tat pic made me choke on the water I was drinking.

    05.31.10 · Reply
  14. Oh, these are two of my favorite things ever. Mustard yellow and stripes! I love everything here. ๐Ÿ™‚ You're so lovely. Hope you have an amazing week! x

    05.31.10 · Reply
  15. Bridget says:

    hahahaha hilarious.

    05.31.10 · Reply
  16. you look great! I am in love with that orange skirt of yours so I'm glad you keep wearing it.

    05.31.10 · Reply
  17. Speidi forever… ha! I just heard the "news" this morning… it's a cruel, cruel world.

    05.31.10 · Reply
  18. "I don't mind though, it's perfect for looking cute while doing nothing. Well, I guess I can wear it to work then."

    Best. line. ever. You are so funny… and your outfit is fab, too!

    05.31.10 · Reply
  19. Beverly says:

    Sit-com funny again.
    I have the same tee…brillant minds think alike, or so "they" say.

    05.31.10 · Reply
  20. Ahahah you're hilarious. I almost thought "oh god I hope she's not serious" and then I saw the tattoo and realized you were SOOOO SERIOUS! lol I love the colors together – that black and white top and burnt orange skirt. Looks so pretty next to the bricks

    05.31.10 · Reply
  21. Haha they are probably only broken up for publicity! It'd be great if someone out there would actually get that tat!

    05.31.10 · Reply
  22. Carolyn says:

    I only recently discovered your blog and just have to say how much I love reading it. Your style is wonderful and you make me laugh every time. Thanks! Keep it up.

    05.31.10 · Reply
  23. Eve says:

    Love the tatoo, but i hpe its not real because Speidi is spelt wrong

    05.31.10 · Reply
  24. Elle Sees says:

    Stripes! ftw, always!b

    06.01.10 · Reply
  25. Alison says:

    laughed out loud when i read this!
    just found your blog; i love it, and i'll definitely be following!

    06.01.10 · Reply
  26. closet365 says:

    At least your tattoo is in a really cute font. If you had gotten in in olde English, I'd be worried. Cuteness is really all that counts in Hollywood.

    Also cute? That outfit. I love the muted skirt with the bold stripes. Awesome.

    06.01.10 · Reply
  27. Made my day – imagine if someone actually had a tatt like that!! No rules apply in Hollywood, certainly not grammar rules.

    06.01.10 · Reply
  28. Rachael says:

    Man, those pictures can hardly contain your spunk today (or whenever they were taken…)!

    06.01.10 · Reply
  29. Jjajajajajajaja you are always so funny!!!

    I love how you can make orange and black look chic rather than halloween-ish btw! good job!

    06.01.10 · Reply
  30. JenRem says:

    Laughing out loud at your Heidi and Spencer comment. Those two are the biggest crazies I ever did see! Love that they broke up.

    06.01.10 · Reply
  31. Girl, you are hilarious. Love the tattoo. And as for your outfit, somehow black and white stripes always seem so Parisian to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    06.01.10 · Reply
  32. Dip-tea says:

    ROFLMAO. Period.


    06.01.10 · Reply
  33. that "tat" is HILAR. I have suffered via my non cable existance and am not caught up on my hills. boo. BUT i hope to catch up soon. i was team lauren though… lol!

    now, to the skirt. ITS FAB. its color, its cut! and, it makes me want to have it. there, i said it.

    I want your skirt. and u look precious! xo, Kim

    06.01.10 · Reply
  34. Hahah yes! I love the tattoo, even though it's too late now I always wanted Spiedi on my upper back lower neck. Oh well. Maybe when they get back together?
    And I love the orange skirt, if you wore it again next weekend I wouldn't even mind!

    06.01.10 · Reply
  35. L says:

    love the striped shirt!
    i tagged you in an interview post seen here:
    hope you can answer the questions!


    06.01.10 · Reply
  36. Becky says:

    I'm obsessed with your skirt! This whole outfit is perfect.

    06.01.10 · Reply
  37. Anonymous says:

    you are so fucking hilarious

    i think that every time i read your blog

    but today, i had to let you know

    06.02.10 · Reply
  38. Clare says:

    And once again, I'm laughing out loud while reading your blog. At work. I'm gonna get fired. And then get a "weekendi forever" tattoo.

    06.02.10 · Reply
  39. Cara-Mia says:

    I think this is my favorite outfit! Too cute!

    06.02.10 · Reply
  40. Hahahahha!! You kill ME! Seriously!

    06.04.10 · Reply
  41. Hi Kendi! Just found your blog via Jinah and I love – following now! Love love love this outfit and the erm… tattoo. heheeh/ ope you'll visit and folow back!

    xx Vivian @

    06.06.10 · Reply