“I can do anything good.”

Yes, I’m relying on cute kid videos to keep your readership due to the lack of outfit posts this week. I’ll be back tomorrow, I swear!!
Now, let’s all repeat after Jessica… “I can do anything good, better than anyone.”

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  1. amy says:

    Blog besties for life! Can you believe we both posted this today? It's like we're supposed to drop whatever we're doing and drive to meet in the middle where we have champagne and make up cheers for each other. We can do anything good!

    05.28.10 · Reply
  2. Dee says:

    Oh dear. What a cutie. Not sure it surpasses Charlie Bit My Finger, but only one video can. And that's Lady GaGa.

    05.28.10 · Reply
  3. says:

    Hi!!! Cute video!
    I just post an inspirational special about you in my blog,it is about your style and your funny blog… It is for thank to you for all the inspiration that you blog has been for me and how much fun it is to read it every night.

    Take a look:



    05.28.10 · Reply
  4. I just saw this video a few minutes ago on an old Jimmy Kimmel Live on my DVR from last week. So lovely, funny and inspiring. (Not unlike you, hon! Looking forward to outfits when you're able 🙂 )

    05.28.10 · Reply
  5. I saw this a few days ago. Such a cute video! Love it!

    Just came across your blog. It is lovely!


    05.28.10 · Reply
  6. Breenuh says:

    Just what I needed today! Thanks Kendi :.)


    05.28.10 · Reply
  7. aimee says:

    hahaha! so cute! this started my day off on a happy note 🙂

    05.28.10 · Reply
  8. Love this! Thanks for sharing and starting my day off with a smile! 🙂

    05.28.10 · Reply
  9. I love that little girl! I saw that last week and when things get me down, I really do say, "I can do anything good!" Is it sad that I take my motivational cues from a four year old?

    05.28.10 · Reply
  10. SO CUTE! Thanks so much for posting this video. I really needed that today.


    05.28.10 · Reply
  11. HAHAHA, this is just pure amazing.
    "I like my house!"

    05.28.10 · Reply
  12. Em-Jae says:

    I am waiting with bated breath for "Jessica: The Musical."

    05.28.10 · Reply
  13. Sara says:

    I must be the only stick-in-the-mud whose first thought upon seeing that video is "she's going to fall and get hurt!". Maybe I am inching closer to being ready for motherhood after all.

    05.29.10 · Reply
  14. Kate says:

    Ahh, I love this, I posted it on my twitter not too long ago as well! we should all start our days this way!!

    06.02.10 · Reply
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