desperate housewife

I talked to my mom today. She said that she almost named me “Weekendi”. See? Things could have been much worse. She also told me I was born with an extra thumb. But I couldn’t find any scars so I think she just threw that in for good measure.

So I tricked you guys. You thought that my black pants were jeans the last time I wore them, but they aren’t. They are basically really thick tights that are sturdy enough to wear as pants but too expensive to sleep in. (Did I just use the word sturdy to describe something in my wardrobe?) Anyways, I was channeling a little bit of 50s housewife for this look. Slutty 50s housewife — did you see that tummy peeking out? Scandalous.
In other news, we leave for Seattle in 1 week. Thank you all for the wonderful tips!! I don’t know if we saved up enough money for all of the restaurants you listed, but I’ve got an empty credit card and some elastic waist pants that I’ll be wearing for the duration of the trip. You know what they say…when in Rome (or Seattle) wear loose pants. That way you can eat more.
  • Morgan and Lua

    Really cute. Love the head scarf!
    Seattle's on my list of places to go! Let us know how great it is.

  • Diane

    so cute!!!

  • amanda

    this is such a great outfit! one of my very favorites. and i love how you always find the coolest places to take your photos and that they always compliment your outfit. i'm not adventurous enough for that. i just stick to my back deck. i know, lame. anyways, you look adorable!

  • Beryl

    Run, don't walk to Etta by the market. Tom Douglas is a genius and his coconut pie rocks my world. Had to add another to the list!

  • myedit

    You look like a lovely housewife… just what the doctor ordered. I'm tired and my house is a mess, can you be my sister wife?

  • Amber’s Notebook

    fabulous I love it, the humor I mean, the outfit is cute as well 😉

  • stefanietaylor

    love this outfit! probably one of my favorites so far.

  • What Would a Nerd Wear

    eeeee seattle is exciting! i'll be there at the end of may and i cannot wait for the ocean/mountains/coffee/general amazing-ness.
    those pants are incredible–they pretty much sound like magic.

  • closet365

    I dig the head scarf and the necklace. It's all too adorable.

    Have fun in Seattle!

  • e.

    Hi (new reader here)! This is such a great outfit, and I love your photos! If I could look that good in tights, I'd wear them as pants too. :)

  • teenfashionista

    Oh my goodness, those look like killer pants and I truly can't believe their just think leggings. Are they magic? Does Gap still have them?

    Such a cute outfit!

  • Kendi Everyday

    Yes! Gap does still have them although they used to be on sale….

  • emilypanda

    you're such a trickster! Love the headscarf! I do not know how to do that…

  • Lexie, Little Boat

    i was tying up my shirt yesterday in the mirror! but my love handles were like "ahhhh we're cold!" so i wore it the regular way.

  • Breanne at Bella Vita

    Before I even read through the post, I definitely thought 50s housewife. Very adorable!

  • A Nerd Like Me

    And when in Rome (really Rome, not Seattle), eat chinese. It costs less, isn't busy, and tastes better. Just sayin.'

  • Candid Phobic

    Yeah you really got me with that tights. I honestly thought of buying a black skinny pants. Such a good one! :-)


    Hi! I love your blog and that thign that you are doing with your clothes by 30 days! that's great and fun! I love the way you write!! and your style! so cute and romantic!


  • | Tex | Fashion Butter

    Looking cute.

  • Jamie

    the headband is wicked cute :) just wish i could pull those stinken things off.

    like how you tied the shirt – never really see that anymore :)

  • lady lee

    The scarf in your hair is very cute.
    Only 4 more looks! You're doing so great with this!

  • Lindsay

    Fabulous! You are inspiring me to rework my current wardrobe rather than thinking I NEED something new.

  • Melanie

    Adorable. I really like your accessories and I can not believe those are leggings. Nice find!

    Melanie @Unravelled Threads
    Don't forget to enter my custom elastic waistband skirt giveaway!

  • Work With What You’ve Got

    So adorable! I love those pants. And I love how you scrunched them up. Super sweet.

    And I even love the flash of tummy!

  • Emily Kennedy

    LOVE this look. I totally tried to do something similar recently, but the top didn't fit right. Mrrr. You look awesome.

  • DearBeatrice

    Really cute look! and I absolutely love your 30 in 30 challenge! ^,^

  • Sal

    Hah! I'm wearing my ankle-length black cigarette pants today, too. Must be something in the air …

  • Celine

    WeeKendi, you look so adorable in this retro-housewife look. Also, you are to forever on be known as weekendi.

  • Clare

    Woman, "slutty 50s housewife" TOTALLY works for you! I love the gingham blouse, and the scarf, and the sturdy tights. Wee Kendi for the win!

  • efi

    i just discovered your blog! pure awesomeness! your style is great! :)

  • Christina

    I don't know what Seattle suggestions you've already gotten, but as one who has recently tour-guided friends around the city, I suggest Molly Moon's lavender ice cream and the Fremont Troll.

  • shealennon

    I love the retro vibe of this look. And I kind of want to be a 50s housewife. It's working for you :)

  • God’s Favorite Shoes!

    Kendi, I Love this housewife look with all my heart! Omgosh! I am gonna have to pull this off this weekend!

  • God’s Favorite Shoes!

    And you totally look like RIZZO from Grease!

  • cellulite cream

    I admire people who can manage to pull off this kind of top. Looks good on you.. 😉