sisterhood of the traveling trench

(And then it started raining. So we ran inside the parking garage.)

I had a lot of things working against me today. First off I changed outfits 5 times. Five times! That is certainly unreasonable for anyone and especially a girl with only a handful of things to choose from. And that doesn’t count the different variations of belts, jewelry and shoes. Nor does it count the times that I yelled “I give up.” and threw myself down on the bed claiming I wasn’t going to school today, mom. Now get me a waffle. My husband assured me I was no longer 16 and for the last time he wasn’t my mother. I got my own waffle this morning, if you wondered.
And then, as nature would have it, an ungodly amount of fog and mist forced my hair to surrender to it’s natural state of sad and stringy. My noodle hair didn’t stand a chance so the half Minnie Mouse/half jenloveskev-inspired head scarf was the only option I had. Need I remind you, this was all before 9 am.
I left my trench coat at our friend’s house this weekend in Austin. She graciously mailed it back to me, as she knew that I had limited choices. Her kindness means only one thing: She doesn’t know that I’m a solid cheat and that I would have totally used that for leverage to wear another jacket. And she sent it priority mail. Now that’s a true friend.
So we leave for vacation in two weeks! We are heading up north to Seattle to visit friends and see the city for the first time. We are so excited! If you have any suggestions of places to go, see, or eat at — please share! We’re up for anything. And I do mean anything.*
*And by anything, I mean stay all day at H&M.

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  1. i love seattle! i lived there for several years.
    dicks milkshakes are a must, and may thai is the best thai food, and the shopping downtown is terrific.
    oohhh lucky girl! have so much fun.

    04.23.10 · Reply
  2. Liz says:

    Ooh Seattle for the first time?
    Here's my list
    Space Needle and EMP obvs
    Pike's Place (listen to the guys sing and throw fish and take a picture next to Rachel the pig)
    Starbucks (the first one!)
    You have to get bread at Le Panier and then little cheese curds next door
    There is a great little crepe place,crepes de france? mmmmmmm
    There is a little Indian restaurant across from the market, it's a little hidden and near some exotic shops…hmm can't recall the name…
    And yeah basically explore all around the market, oh and I wouldn't bother going to chinatown it isn't nearly as good as san fran
    have fun!

    04.23.10 · Reply
  3. Dip-tea says:

    Gorgeous as always. I am tired and sleepy after a long day, so I really don't have a funny comment to type. Please forgive me. Maybe I will come up with something tomorrow. And then you will have two comments by me on this same post! Two comments! Whoa! ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

    04.23.10 · Reply
  4. Liz says:

    forgot to tell you that your outfit is gorgeous! tomorrow will be sunny and you'll know exactly what to wear because anthropologie will probably send you a package full of beautiful things, or you'll just be a genius and put together another fantastic outfit as always and it won't rain πŸ™‚

    04.23.10 · Reply
  5. Kiki says:

    I live near Seattle, well, in the same state, anyway. Pike Place Market is a must see. It's on the water with little boutiques, fresh fish and flowers and food. They also have great shopping. It's been awhile, so I can't say what's best. The Seattle Art Museum and The Space Needle are great places to check out as well. The Pacific Science Center is fun too.

    04.23.10 · Reply
  6. Nikki says:

    Kingfish Cafe, 19th and Jefferson on Capital Hill.

    Fremont Sunday Market

    Senor Mooses and Cupcake Royal in Ballard

    Molly Moon's salted caramel icecream in Wallingford or on Pike street.

    Apparently I only know about food πŸ˜‰

    04.23.10 · Reply
  7. Kristi says:

    I live in a suburb near Seattle!

    In terms of food, you must must must go to a Tom Douglas restaurant. Dahlia Lounge, Lola, Serious Pie are all really great but my favorite is Etta's. It's right down by Pike Place Market, and has the BEST crabcakes.

    Let's see, in terms of shopping there's pretty much everything general in downtown. There's a really great Urban Outfitters downtown with a huge sale section. Let's see… at Westlake Center there's a really neat Japanese dollar store, haha! If you're up to venturing off from the main drag, head to the University District for some great thrifting.

    Hope you have fun!!

    04.23.10 · Reply
  8. I love the head scarf and the yellow blouse! Tres chic!

    04.23.10 · Reply
  9. I wonder if the conversations between you and husband are half as funny as you describe them. πŸ˜€ Congrats on getting the waffle for yourself! haha

    I love the colors set against the neutrally classic trench. The head scarf does wonders for the outfit!

    Toast with Charmalade

    04.23.10 · Reply
  10. I live in Vancouver (Canada, not Washington) and go down to Seattle quite a bit to shop. I don't know all the hidden treasures in the city but I love eating at Wild Ginger on Third Avenue.
    Just found your blog and I LOVE it!!! You are brilliant! Thank you for being such an inspiration πŸ™‚

    04.23.10 · Reply
  11. Shelby says:

    i love this challenge you are doing. my purse strings may "inspire" me to do the same!

    04.23.10 · Reply
  12. closet365 says:

    I'm in love with this one. The creativity challenge is totally, totally paying off.

    04.23.10 · Reply
  13. You look gorgeous. I love the clothes you wear – this outfit is inventive and pretty.
    Seattle…well, being a Nirvana fan from Australia, I recommend you go see something Kurt Cobainy…
    Look forward to seeing more outfits πŸ™‚

    04.23.10 · Reply
  14. JenRem says:

    Each and every time I read your posts I love you a little more. Really cute outfits today. Love the necklace with that shirt.

    Have fun in Seattle. I have always wanted to go there so I'm excited to see the photos you come back with πŸ˜‰

    04.23.10 · Reply
  15. Maresa says:

    I am seriously loving that necklace.

    And as for Seattle, I recommend everything mentioned above, in addition to my favourite bookstore: Elliot Bay Book Company. It's one of those old stores with creaky wooden floors and rooms that seem to go on forever.

    04.23.10 · Reply
  16. eek says:

    I love this look! You have been so creative with your 30 items…I don't think I would have know you were limiting your wardrobe choices if you hadn't blogged about it!

    Have a great time in Seattle!

    04.23.10 · Reply
  17. I have days like this too, where nothing seems to work and you get changed several times and still are never quite content. I love the outfit though. The trench is lovely.

    04.23.10 · Reply
  18. Kendra says:

    I love the trench and the big chunkie necklace!

    Your hair does not look noodley, but I love the solution of tucking it behind the pretty scarf.

    Have a great weekend away!!

    04.23.10 · Reply
  19. I love the trench! It's so nice that your friend sent it back to you so quickly. A friend of mine had one of my trenches for almost two years before giving it back….

    04.23.10 · Reply
  20. Taylor says:

    Sounds like a rough morning! I finally had to start picking my outfits for the week on Sunday night – otherwise, I agonize over everything in the morning and arrive to work late! Those jeans look so good on you! Are they the Gap "always skinny"? Odd question – do you dry them in the dryer or let them air dry? I have a pair of Gap jeans that stretch out to one size too big by the end of the day and I am contemplating a "dryer dry" but I don't want to ruin them. Haha – totally random.

    Love the head scarf!

    04.23.10 · Reply
  21. Melanie says:

    This outfit is adorable! Despite that you've been doing this for 18 days, I still am having a hard time believing you're working with a limited wardrobe. I'm so jealous of your creativity, even if you did get frustrated today.

    04.23.10 · Reply
  22. S + Y says:

    LOVE the bib necklace and how you tied the scarf as a headband.


    04.23.10 · Reply
  23. Katie says:

    The Museum of Glass (which is actually in Tacoma, not Seattle, but it's really close) is a must-see in my opinion. I love it! You can see lots of beautiful glass art, and watch a glass blowing demonstration. And don't miss the bridge of glass either.

    Experience Music Project in downtown Seattle (right next to the Space Needle, I believe) is also really cool. And I had a great time at the Seattle Art Museum too.

    Have a great trip!

    04.23.10 · Reply
  24. Ooh I love scarfs and I love minnie mouse so of course I think you look darling in this scarf!!

    Don't give up! You are doing great with this challenge. It's inspiring for us all!!

    04.23.10 · Reply
  25. Dip-tea says:

    Hey hie there, love the top! And the necklace and the jeans and the cute little scarf on your cute little head. Hope you have a great trip! Would love to see your Seattle pictures. πŸ™‚
    You are definitely an inspiration!
    I kept my promise, my second comment for this post! Loads of love!

    04.23.10 · Reply
  26. kristen says:

    I didn't read through your comments, so I apologize if someone mentioned this already…but the only place you REALLY have to go is University Village. They have everything you need…including H & M and Anthro. β™₯ Don't go home without a Glassy Baby! (a Seattle original and also at U Village) : ) Have fun!

    04.23.10 · Reply
  27. I hate those mornings, sometimes I just can't get my ass out the door! I love this color combo though, and it looks so effortless, glad to hear that it is not or I would be mad jealous!

    04.23.10 · Reply
  28. I live in Seattle and some of the hot spots that I would recommend have been named. For a "different" atmosphere try out Capital Hill. It's a bit crazy train, but has some good shops and some fun places to eat.. ANYTHING goes there, so feel free to dress like it's halloween. πŸ™‚ It's cheesy, but tourists riding the Duck tour always seem to have a good time. Hit Dicks for cheap/yummy fast food. If you're an animal lover, Woodland Park Zoo is pretty good. xoxo

    04.23.10 · Reply
  29. Ooooh, AND when you get to Seattle your 30 for 30 will be over and you'll be able to SHOP! WIN!

    You look adorable, even when you have had a tough morning. I had a very similar morning because I'm driving a bunch of faculty from my university out to a neighboring university to meet up with more faculty and for the love of pete, what was I supposed to wear for THAT??? Ugh. Still don't know that I made the right call, but onward and upward!

    04.23.10 · Reply
  30. All the outfit changing was worth it because you look cute!

    04.23.10 · Reply
  31. Ire A says:

    Very cute outfit!

    Visit my blog? Leave a comment? Follow? I'd be more than happy to reciprocate the blog love πŸ™‚

    04.23.10 · Reply
  32. Ashley J says:

    I am sorry you had such a crappy morning Kendi but the outfit turned out great!

    04.23.10 · Reply
  33. Clare says:

    LOVING this! All the little details and special touches make this such a successful look. It's very "you", and VERY chic.

    04.23.10 · Reply
  34. Though I have no suggestions to offer you about your trip to Seattle, I wanted to tell you how much I admire you! I read your blog everytime there is a new post! (Hope that doesnt sound creepy! πŸ™‚

    Have fun on your trip!!

    04.23.10 · Reply
  35. Caylie says:

    loveeee the outfit hun!


    04.23.10 · Reply
  36. Adele says:

    Oh you are adorable! Loving the uniqueness of your blog dear πŸ™‚ Im new on IFB how you finding it? I cant upload my profile photo πŸ™

    04.23.10 · Reply
  37. really love your blog and your atyle,thats so cute!! really love it.
    im follow and link you,so feel free to follow and link me back.
    thank you

    04.23.10 · Reply
  38. Anonymous says:

    I live in Seattle [specifically Ballard] and things that you must do:

    –Visit Red light on the UW Avenue for sweet vintage finds
    –Indian food to die for: Cedars on 50th and Brooklyn
    –Ballard Sunday market
    –Compline, at St Marks Cathedral on Sunday night at 9:30 pm
    –Chopstix, a dueling piano bar on lower Queen Anne

    04.23.10 · Reply
  39. I just found your blog and i like it very much!

    I like your style!

    Regards from Costa Rica.

    04.24.10 · Reply
  40. Monique says:

    I would recommend Pike Place Market- it's pretty much iconic these days, along with the Space Needle.

    I agree with others who recommended U Village for shopping- it's fantastic.

    Hope you have a great time! You're doing great with the 30 in 30 btw!

    04.24.10 · Reply
  41. Lenne says:

    I stumbled upon your blog from IFB, but wow! I'm definitely going to follow you now πŸ˜€

    04.24.10 · Reply
  42. Jessica says:

    Despite all the troubles, you look great. I love the green and yellow together.

    04.24.10 · Reply
  43. Hi Kendi
    Just discovered your blog from Carly Findlay's.

    I love what you're doing with trenches and dark skinny jeans.

    I'm inspired!

    SSG xxx

    04.24.10 · Reply
  44. Karen says:

    I'm very excited for you and your trip to Seattle in a few weeks!! I love Seattle — I've been there once (last year) to visit a friend and it left such an impact that I wish I could move there someday. (The hike from Philly to Seattle is a big one, so it might take some time..) I recommend many, many things…that I dont know where to start. This comes at a great time though because I'm going back to visit my friend in early June and I was thinking about making a post on my blog all about my trip last year since I never got to write about it. If you check it in about a week, I promise to post many photos and links to places you should drop by! I hope that helps!

    Also, I've been following your monthly challenge and I love it. I love your fresh take on labeling your photos. I'm a bit shy, so my photos are few right now and I'm trying to see how I can 'design' it into a more interesting manner. I'm writing a novel, so I'll stop now! Take care! :]

    04.24.10 · Reply
  45. Hannah says:

    My dad and I went to Seattle for a weekend last year. I was 17 and spent the entire day by myself downtown at Pike's Place at first then continued to walk uptown through all of the amazing shops and to the first Nordstroms πŸ™‚ Yum.

    It was very exciting for me. Then my dad and I went on a Ducks tour (corny but in all the right ways) around Seattle. And he called all day to get us reservations in the restaurant in the needle. It was beyond amazing!

    Have fun πŸ™‚

    04.24.10 · Reply
  46. jennifer says:

    Yay for visiting Seattle πŸ™‚ It's a great city! Obviously shopping is fun & I'm sure you have some ideas for places to go… but there are some amazing restaurants in the area as well! I was just at
    Barolo Ristorante and it was aaaaaammmmazzzinnng and the vibe is super chic & trendy πŸ™‚ … if you're down for a little bit of a drive the Glass Museum in Tacoma is worth checking out too! … oh yes, and Dicks for burgers!

    04.24.10 · Reply
  47. Jenava says:

    I second the Tom Douglas restaurant suggestion. Also, if the weather is good, you absolutely MUST come over to West Seattle and sit awhile on Alki beach. And get some fried seafood from Sunfish (avoid the other, more greasy, places further up). Alki is the birthplace of Seattle, you know. And to prove it we even have our own Statue of Liberty…hehe…Seriously, though, I think you would love West Seattle. If you have time, hit the Husky Deli and Bakery Nouveau and get a picnic together before heading down to Alki. Oh, and ya gotta go to Dick's, too. Totally Seattle. There are several, so just google map and pick one. I think the one in the U Dist. is pretty popular. Have fun and hope the weather is good for you. Seattle is gorgeous when the weather is good but sucky when it rains…yeah, and it rains a lot here…well, drizzles, really, but still…

    04.26.10 · Reply
  48. prentiss says:

    Hi Kendi,

    I'm a faithful reader of your blog. Love the combo of fashion and humor! Seattle is a great town, so much to do. Looks like you already have some great suggestions. If you are going to Pike's Place Market, you should check out Zig Zag Cafe. It's a cool little spot, kind of a hidden gem. They have great food and an awesome selection of classic cocktails. Hope you have a great time!

    04.26.10 · Reply
  49. Breanna says:

    Ah, Seattle – am so jealous! I only spent a couple of days there for a conference, but I've been yearning to go back ever since.

    Do you ever read the blog Orangette ( It's one of my favorite food blogs, AND the blogger is based in Seattle, AND she and her man opened up an amazing looking little restaurant that I've been DYING to go to. SO, if you get a chance, head over to Delancy ( and tell me what you think. Seriously. I'm DYING.

    04.26.10 · Reply
  50. Kate says:

    really love the colors here! so spring like and pretty!

    04.27.10 · Reply
  51. Alyssa says:

    Man, so when I first caught a glimpse of your necklace I thought, Hmm, I wonder if she got it at anthro and sure enough you did! LOVE it especially paired with that splash of red on your lovely head. πŸ™‚

    04.27.10 · Reply
  52. Those skinny jeans look AMAZING on you. Also, I'm enjoying the challenge. I think you look great, you really are coming up with endless combinations.

    04.27.10 · Reply
  53. sashyjane says:

    No kidding, this is seriously my favorite outfit so far!

    04.27.10 · Reply
  54. Jen says:

    Little late to the party, but man Kendi -you're making me miss my hometown. If I was home next week I would definitely go to the Japanese gardens
    eat sushi in wallingford have dessert at the essential baking company (one also in wallingford) and walk along the ballard locks
    homesickness in full force-okay now I'm going to go cry! Hope you have a fantastic time and I'll cross my fingers for good weather!

    04.29.10 · Reply
  55. Jenava says:

    Yes, I second the zig zag cafe! It is awesome! They have the best old-school drinks there. Love that place

    05.01.10 · Reply
  56. Jenava says:

    By the way, I think it's Pike Place Market, not Pike's Place Market. Not sure why out of towners feel the need to make it possessive. Pike is the street it's on, not the guy who owns it. (-:

    05.01.10 · Reply