here comes the sun


Today was a much better day. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but quickly rolled over to the right side. Thank you all for your nice words and understanding that emotional eating is in fact a form of therapy. Also, thank you for not calling me fatty to my face. I always prefer insults said behind my back.

Isn’t my dress precious? I can say that and still remain humble because I didn’t make it, I merely bought it. I got this little number at Target the other night for $20, but it totally feels like it could be from Urban or Anthropologie. Yes, my friends it’s another faux-thropologie purchase. And yes this is the same cardigan from Sunday. I may or may not have washed this before wearing it again. I’ll never tell.
I had a reader, Liz, who emailed me asking my advice on what color schemes I would suggest to wear with brown boots, like my Steve Madden ones here. I emailed her back and told her to stick with neutrals or darker colors like navy, grey, brown, etc. And here I am in purple tights. Liz — I’m a liar at my best and a lush at my worst. I just can’t help myself — I love colored tights. (Jentine, don’t hate me.)
Oh and the previously mentioned adult sized tutu that makes grey skies turn blue? It’s from Forever21 and it can be found here. Good luck with finding an eager 8-year old little girl who wants to sell you hope and a box of thin mints. They are so hard to come by these days.
*Check out a photoshoot of a photoshoot (confusing, right?) of my husband shooting one of my daily outfits on my friend Nathan’s blog. If you live in Austin and need a photographer, he is amazing and comes highly-recommended!

  • Clare

    These are beautiful photos, and an equally gorgeous outfit! You look stunning. I gotta find me some faux-thropologie dresses, stat!

  • amanda

    this is gorgeous! love all the colors together. i'm totally crushing on that cardigan and well, frankly your necklace too. glad today was a better day.

  • myedit

    1. Your tights are dark purple, I'll let it slide…
    2. Do you have an entourage of great photographers following your every stylish move? Where do I sign up? Those pics are amazing!

  • Melanie

    GORGEOUS dress. I'm going to run to my nearest Target to see if i can find it too! not to be a total copycat or anything…

  • Krameymartin

    This is so pretty! I love the colors and the floral mixed with the rich cognac boots + belt!

  • Jessica

    Ok, I always comment on your outfits but I have to take the time to say that I absolutely love your blog. It is by far my new favorite. These photos are stunning and this outfit goes together so perfectly. You always have beautiful photos (and outfits!). You are so darn lucky to have a husband who can take such amazing photos. And your style is so inspirational to me. Your outfits are always so lovely, yet practical – which is the perfect inspiration for me. Sorry for rambling…this is probably more appropriate for an e-mail. But, what can I say…I have a girl crush on you and your style.

  • Sher

    I've been following your blog via bloglovin for a week now but have yet to leave a comment:)

    Anyway, I would like to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog, looking through your beautiful pictures and I also love your flair of writing as well!

    The dress is gorgeous, I'm beginning to think you're an expert in finding faux-thropologie items:)


  • DarlingMegan

    oh my god. I've been following you for awhile and this is by far my favorite outfit of yours! It looks gorgeousssss on you!!! The scene is perfect for what you are wearing too. I checked out your friend's photography page as well he has amazing work! Overall, great post!


  • The Sound of Lace

    that dress totally looks like its from anthropologie! i love it!!

  • Katie, Tinda Keelie

    I ALMOST bought that dress from Target the other week. I just might have to now that I've seen how well it can be styled :)

  • Melanie

    Nothing beats a good deal – and this dress looks amazing! The pics are so great!! Here's to happy, sunny days!!

  • Amy

    I may be stealing this look for this weekend! Gorgeous as always!

  • Liz

    Another great outfit! I will be making a trip to Target this weekend!

  • Diane

    you got the dress at target? GREAT FIND! it is sooooo pretty!

  • Fabulocity in Amish Country

    Wow… you look gorgeous!! I LOVE this outfit! The photographs came out great… the lighting is so beautiful! :) And I am in love with that necklace!

  • Allison

    I really love this! I adore those boots, too, but the whole look is so pretty!

  • Sal

    I have GOT to start scouring Target for florals – that dress is divine!


    your blog is awesome & you are hysterical. i love this look from top to bottom. that dress is gorgeous and the necklace looks like something you might find in your great-aunt's jewelry box–in the best possibly way, of course!

  • princesspolitico

    absolutely stunning photo location… the pattern of your dress and your cardigan accent simply leap from your photos. you look absolutely radiant. fantastic post :)


  • crowdedcloset

    really love this dress. Im ready for spring time!!

    xo, Kim

  • Midwest Mayhem

    Very pretty, makes me long for spring! I think your purple tights look really nice with your brown boots. The purple pulls out the yellow hues in the brown and reflects the color of the cardigan.

  • noel

    oh my, i just found your blog and love it! i love how you mix all of your colors and even though the tights are purple they completely work so well with everything else. now i'm off to spend the next few hours perusing your site! -noel

  • cadencesmama

    Gorgeous outfit. Love everything about it.

    QUESTION: Do you curl your hair or is it just naturally wavy? I'm thinking of cutting mine and I am loving your hair!

  • shealennon

    I just discovered your blog and I'm wondering how it's possible I found it just now. I love your style–the way you mix colors, textures and prints is simply gorgeous! And I, too, am a fan of therapy by way of Girl Scout Cookies (or ice cream).

  • M.

    I just found your blog and I adore it, you're gorgeous! And your sense of style is amazing! I'm your newest follower :)

    lovelove, M.

  • emilypanda

    I was eyeing that dress the other day! Target is a great places to find pieces for your wardrobe. I'm also looking forward to John Paul Gaultier's collection that debuts this Sunday!

  • Kiley

    i tried to steal your look by buying this dress at target today. serves me right for not trying it on though, it runs so big for target stuff :( ah well, maybe tomorrow.

  • Kristel

    This outfit is gorgeous!

  • athenista

    of course i love the dress here. it's gorge. but what i'm loving more is the tights! most of your outfits are almost exactly how i would wear them if i were left to style them myself but you almost always add one extra thing that just makes it perfection!

  • Emily Kennedy

    I love this outfit. It's warm, and I love dark florals. Really cute.

  • FashioNatalie

    I love this outfit and the necklace in particular. And great behind-the-scenes photos, so gorgeous!

  • Rhianne

    this might be the most perfect outfit ever, I love everything about it :)